What Is a Parasite SEO Strategy and How to Use It to Your Advantage?

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Picture this – you have a brand new website with updated information and catchy looks. So, now it’s time to bring online visitors and tell them all about the solutions you’re offering as quickly as possible. 

You see that this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you rank high on Google and bring more relevant visitors to your field. 

So, you ask yourself – how should you approach the strategy to optimize your website in a way that improves the position on search engines?  

Well, Parasite SEO can help you efficiently boost your website’s rankings, and in this article, we will tell you all about the approach you can take to properly execute this strategy. 

What Is Parasite SEO?

Simply put, Parasite SEO refers to the strategy that involves publishing pieces of content on high-authority websites with your links to boost your rankings on search engines. 

The way it works is simple – if the host website you are publishing content on has high traffic, your linked website takes advantage of that traffic, helping you to increase your chances of getting more leads and conversions. 

This happens because websites with big traffic have a high domain authority in the eyes of search engines, and when they link to your website, your authority immediately increases as well. 

So basically, it’s all about posting high-quality articles on different websites to insert your links and take advantage of their Domain Authority to boost yours. 

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Parasite SEO strategy requires different elements to be successful. Firstly, you must take the time to select and reach out to high-authority platforms to make content placements. Keep in mind that these platforms have to be relevant to your field. 

After that, you should make sure that the content you create for those websites is relevant to their audience as well. Setting processes and getting these elements right will determine your success in implementing the Parasite SEO strategy on a high level. 

Benefits of Parasite SEO

Utilizing the parasite SEO strategy comes with lots of benefits for your website. Firstly, it helps you to boost your website’s visibility on search engines, which can be the ultimate goal of incorporating various SEO practices. 

More specifically, it helps with ranking higher on your target keywords, because the Parasite SEO strategy leverages the authority of other websites that already have high rankings in their respective fields. 

At the same time, this strategy eventually leads you to increase Domain Authority for your website, skyrocketing your relevance and trustworthiness for the likes of Google and Being and bringing more relevant traffic for the business. 

Lastly, the Parasite SEO strategy has proved to be a cost-effective solution to get relatively quicker results to rank for competitive keywords and capture your position on the market. 

How to Implement Parasite SEO Strategy?

In order to successfully implement the Parasite SEO strategy into your processes, you must go through a couple of steps to ensure that your efforts put into this strategy pay off and give you actual results. 

The essential steps for this strategy include: 

Step 1: Search for High-Authority Websites That Would Accept Your Content Contribution

The first step to successfully execute the Parasite SEO strategy is to find high-authority websites in your field that would accept your guest-post articles as contributions to their content. 

These websites are mostly publications that share stories within your field, but they can also be affiliate sites, individual blogs, or media outlets that accept external contributions to make their content more diverse. 

Typically, when you reach out to them you should pitch your article ideas straight away – tell them what you would like to write about and how it will be beneficial for their platform. They always appreciate unique insights and industry expertise in their content. 

Some of these publications offer free placements, and some come with a price. Make sure to keep that in mind when budgeting as well. 

Step 2: Create Content for Those Websites

After you speak to the editor and finalize details, such as topic, article length, and price, you are free to start working on the content piece itself. 

An important aspect to keep in mind in this step is the reader of this article – make sure you understand the audience of the website you are writing for and create content that is valuable and insightful for them. 

At the same time, you must carefully follow the host website’s guidelines. Usually, these guidelines include style of writing, the average length of the articles, what to avoid, and what to emphasize in your content piece. 

Generally, the originality and uniqueness of the content piece is what determines if you get a placement in a certain publication or not. 

The article should not have any plagiarism and the factual information must be backed up with relevant sources. 

Step 3: Optimize Your Article and Apply SEO Fundamentals to It

Now that you have a content piece that you would like to send for publishing make sure you have applied all of the on-page SEO fundamentals to it. 

Here we are talking about optimizing the article for the main keyword, including relevant supporting keywords, creating the table of contents, and incorporating Meta Tags, such as meta description, title tags, meta robots, links, etc. 

This step is important because the whole point of the Parasite SEO strategy is to provide high-value SEO content to other websites that rank well using their authority. 

Step 4: Insert Your Links in Relevant Places

One of the most important parts of executing the Parasite SEO strategy includes inserting your links in the content you provide. You must insert them in the relevant places within the article to back up the factual information you provide or talk about your unique expertise. 

You have to be mindful of how many of your links the publication allows you to insert in the content piece – everyone has a different approach to that. Some websites don’t even allow you to insert links within the content, but they only allow you to do so in the Author Bio. 

However, in the paid placements, you most certainly get precious backlinks to your website that help your SEO efforts. 

On a more technical note, make sure that the links you include from your website have a “do-follow” tag, increasing your credibility in the eyes of search engines and giving you more boost in rankings. 

Step 5: Measure Success

The final step of setting the process of a successful Parasite SEO strategy is monitoring your performance and checking what value these activities bring to your website. 

For that, you can use tools like Google Search Console or Google Analytics to monitor activities and track the success. This way, you can adjust the strategy in a way that is beneficial to you and get results quickly and cost-effectively. 

What Are the Challenges of Executing the Parasite SEO Strategy?

Despite being a noteworthy strategy to boost your website’s SEO rankings, implementing Parasite SEO comes with several challenges to consider. 

Firstly, writing articles for other publications to get visibility limits the control you have over your content. Third-party websites have their policies and terms in place, which you must comply with in order to get quality placements. 

At the same time, this strategy heavily relies on the authority and popularity of the website you are publishing for, which may decline over time, giving you temporary gains for your efforts. 

This doesn’t mean that the Parasite SEO strategy is always considered Black Hat SEO, but you should be aware of the strategy and approach you use to get those placements and boost your traffic. 

For example, if you take the right approach and dive deep into the numbers and analytics of your strategy, it can certainly help you bring impressive results and take your SEO game to the next level

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