What is a Contributor Post?

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A contributor post is typically written by an outside expert, freelancer, or guest writer who is knowledgeable in a particular field. These contributors are not permanent members of the publication or media outlet but are invited to share their insights, expertise, or opinions on specific topics. Contributor posts are often diverse and can bring fresh perspectives to the platform.

The key differences between a contributor post, an article, and a press release are as follows:


An article is a piece of written content that is generally authored by staff writers or journalists who are part of the publication’s editorial team. Articles can cover a wide range of subjects, including news, features, analysis, opinion pieces, and more. They are intended to provide information or entertainment to the publication’s readership and are typically produced by in-house experts.

Press Release

A press release is an official statement used to announce news, events, or updates to the media and the public. It should be clear, and concise, and include contact information for further inquiries. Press releases are written in a specific format and are intended to provide journalists with the necessary information to write news articles about the announcement. While press releases are not articles themselves, they often serve as a source of information for journalists who may write articles based on the release.

Paid News

When a press release is a promotional document that aims to generate interest and attention for a brand, product, event, or announcement, Paid News is almost the same but just provides factual and timely information to the media and the public. The difference is minor: a press release is prepared for the press while a Paid News is prepared for all audiences directly.

Native Ads

Native ads are a form of advertising designed to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding content on a website or platform. These ads match the appearance and style of the site’s editorial content, making them look less like traditional advertisements. The aim of native ads is to improve user experience by offering relevant and non-disruptive promotional content. Native ads are usually labeled as “sponsored” or “advertising” to indicate that they are paid promotions.


A mention occurs when website owners include hyperlinks from their web page to your site, or when they refer to your company within an already-existing article on their own website.

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In summary, a contributor post is a piece of content submitted by an external writer or expert, an article is typically written by an in-house journalist, and a press release is an official statement for media distribution. Each type of content serves a different purpose in the realm of publishing and media.

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