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Clever PR is one of the most effective mechanisms of promoting your products and services whatever the industry. Experienced PR specialists long ago mastered the best marketing and sales tools. And they are now using such services in bulk for successful interaction with social media and journalists.

Being an all-in-one sales prospecting and cold outreach solution, offers a reliable toolset to help you optimize your PR campaigns and build regular meaningful communication with the right people. 

But what makes a real value for PR specialists? The main advantage of this service is the well-arranged, fast, and accurate work of all its tools that enable you to:

  • Look for email addresses of journalists by domains and their social media profiles;
  • Verify the found emails and work with only valid addresses;
  • Create highly personalized messages with a big number of variables;
  • Build triggered email drip campaigns that would boast of a high open-rate.

What is more, the flexibility of allows integrating this service with other PR tools, CRMs, workspaces, calendars, and whatnot.

Features of triggered PR campaigns

Professional PR tools are overall similar to marketing tools. The criteria of their effectiveness are also the same:

  • Recipient’s responsiveness;
  • Email campaign regularity;
  • Contact search effectiveness.

What, however, makes PR campaigns riskier than traditional B2B ones is the contacts turnover. The explanation here is simple. The contact base of any PR specialist isn’t restricted to official mass media reps but also contains journalists who tend to change interests, jobs, and email addresses more often.

The responsibility of a PR manager is to find existing emails of recipients and constantly check their validity to avoid the growing bounce rate of their campaigns. Therefore, all email drip campaigns should start from a thorough email lookup and verification, followed by a quality email list building.

How to collect a list of active mass media contacts Email Finder is the best solution for automating the lookup of your target prospects. This is a genuinely powerful tool that will help you find emails in the blink of an eye. You can use such search options:

  • By domain or a domain list of any media platforms;
  • By name or list of names, as well as company domains;
  • By professional profiles on social media;
  • By boolean filters, including or excluding skills, job position, or location of a potential recipient.

Tailored for email marketing, the versatile Email Finder is also a good fit for those PR specialists who wish to get access to more media platforms for their press releases.

After you’ve gathered a list of verified email addresses with Email Finder, you may import them to your account or export the list in a CSV, XLSX, or Google Sheets format to be ready to start your PR email campaigns at once. Besides, you may customize the prospect list, creating additional fields and optimizing the lookup of important email addresses.

On top of that, you may make your search even more convenient with the Email Finder extension for Google Chrome. With the same features and functionality, this tool also allows you to get email addresses from professional social networks and any web pages opened in your browser.

The secret of a successful PR campaign: double verification first

Sending emails in bulk often leads to a high bounce rate and zeroes all PR specialist’s efforts. Why does it happen? As a rule, lots of email lists need double verification before the beginning of the campaign. Unlike fresh contacts, old email lists may abound in invalid addresses. Sending your emails to them will cost you undesired bounces and a bad sender reputation.

With Email Verifier at hand, you can swiftly double-verify the email addresses of journalists or mass media reps you are about to reach. Even more, as soon as you wish to send them follow-ups, you’ll be able to exclude invalid and unverifiable (risky) email addresses from the list and be sure you won’t waste your time on those recipients who are not interested in your offer.

Email drip campaigns to editorial offices and big media companies

Email automation allows a PR specialist to spare a good deal of time. Yet, sending bulk email follow-ups from a cooperative account may result in you getting blocked by mail providers. And that’s not a joke. Emails landing in a recipient’s spam folder is an unfortunate sign of PR campaign failure.

The Inbox of editorial offices and big media companies is often overcrowded with tons of messages, which arrive with such jet speed that spam-filters are triggered to react to the vast majority of emails.

The outcome is well-known: it poses a risk to the sender’s reputation. That’s why experienced PR professionals choose to contact particular journalists and media specialists directly. Email Drip Campaigns feature allows you to send your target email campaign to the right contacts out of your chosen prospect list. With this tool in your pocket, you may create a single personalized campaign or even an automated email sequence with follow-ups sent during a certain period of time or depending on the specific recipient’s actions.

As soon as you launch your follow-up campaign, the tool will display the statistics, such as delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate. All this helps automate the engagement with your contacts, saving much of your time and workforce.

How to prevent emails from going to spam

Apart from using company emails, there are other reasons letters go to spam and spoil all your metrics. Among the main factors that trigger spam-filters are:

  • Weak email subject line;
  • An abundance of spam trigger words;
  • A sudden change of communication strategy;
  • Filters set up by recipients to catch undesired mails.

But how to avoid spam filters and reach the prospect’s Inbox? To be precise with email subject lines and avoid unnecessary triggers, you may use email templates and custom variables for a more complex personalization in emails.

Special attention should be paid to the nature of communication with journalists and editors. A PR manager must choose the correct tactic and follow it in their emails, avoiding any abrupt stylistic changes (e.g., shifting to informal language to sound friendlier, etc.). Otherwise, emails will simply rest in the spam folder.

By contrast, if a recipient has set email filters manually, the battle is lost from the start. The only thing you can do about it is to send a highly personalized individual email in an attempt to build contact with the recipient. In case of a positive user engagement, you may further ask the subscriber to change their filter parameters.

The key to an effective PR campaign

For a PR specialist, every cold email is a separate campaign the results of which should be properly analyzed to add necessary corrections to forthcoming emails. Successful tights with the right journalists and media companies are the fruit of the well-planned strategy. And it’s impossible to implement it without professional tools.

Automating your PR email campaign, you have a chance to regulate it stage by stage: starting from the search of media platforms up to the analysis of its results. And in this context, stands out as an ideal solution for boosting your PR team productivity and promoting your products and services.

Author: Natalie Sydorenko

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