New Hire Press Release: What’s it and How to Create One?

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A new hire press release is a formal document that announces changes in your business’ leadership. It’s a formal way to inform the clients, investors, stakeholders and other leading team members about a new executive. The document can be published in the press, news websites or internal portals for the company. There are specific standards and requirements for a new hire press release’s format.

You will find a thousand tips and tricks on how to write a concise press release. The best advice is to use an elaborate new hire press release template. It was developed by people with vast experience in the PR sphere, who know how to present the information firsthand. All you should do is download the template from this page, customize it and launch it.

In case you would love to know more about the subject, keep reading.

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Press release for the new hire

So, a press release for the new hire is focused on executives of the high level, for example, C-suite employees. 

In addition to the name of the new executive and the new position, a press release for the new hire  includes information about his or her professional background. A document should cover former professional experience, skills and achievements. It can also shed light on future responsibilities and priorities. This information will give a general idea of what to expect from the newbie and how he or she can be useful to the company.

A press release announcing a new hire can include quotes that add a human element to the formal document. The quote from the new hire can express excitement about the new position and explain what attracted him or her to the job. In the press, these quotes will add some value to your brand. Other valuable elements are the CEO’s quote, the company’s logo and the new hire’s headshot.

A new hire press release is also relevant when an employee is changing a position inside the company.

To write a clear-cut document, you need to:

  1. Gather information about the new hire’s professional experience and achievements.
  2. Get a few quotes about the new position, responsibilities and expectations about the new professional environment.
  3. Ask for a good headshot.
  4. Get a few quotes from the highest-level executive to whom the newbie will report.
  5. Use our template and collate information.

What about an AP-style press release?

The Associated Press-style press release is a statement for the press written according to the AP guidelines. It’s used to announce any kind of event, release or hire of a new executive. Its goal lies in increasing the brand’s visibility with the help of the mass media. It also helps increase consumer awareness about the brand.

A well-developed format helps attract the attention of the press.

Among the main formatting rules of an AP-style press release are:

  • Proper punctuation (e.g. one space after a period instead of double-space).
  • Each word in a heading and a subheading must be capitalized.
  • The text must be written in the third person.
  • Spelled out numbers between one and nine. Use of numerals after 10.
  • Use of abbreviation for months that have more than 5 letters.
  • Use of fonts that are already used on the news website.

In general, an associated press-style press release is trickier to write but you will succeed if you follow all the requirements.

New hire press release example

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New hire press release FAQ 

How to write a press release for a new hire?

A good press release for new hire is informative. Gather information about the previous positions and the companies the newbie worked in. List his or her duties and responsibilities, as well as achievements. Talk to the new hire and use a few quotes about his/her expectations from the new position. Fix expectations of the immediate supervisor on the paper and use them in the text. Ask for a good headshot of the new executive and add the company’s logo.

Why does a new hire press release work?  

A press release announcing a new hire presents information about important changes in your company. It includes information about high-level executives, who can make decisive changes to the company’s development. If an organization carries weight, shedding light on the shifts in the headship is important. It’s a part of reputation management and it contributes to the brand’s visibility and consumer awareness.

How to write a press release about a new hire?  

Before writing a press release, it’s crucial to gather needed information about the new executive, check out new hire press release examples written by competent people. Otherwise, it makes sense to use an elaborate template to save time and be sure of the outcome!

How to write a new hire press release

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