Here’s What You Can Do to Help People in Ukraine Right Now

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As you know our roots are coming from Ukraine. It’s the native country of our founder and a huge part of the team. And today is the day when we ask you all for support.

Please help our native country that was attacked by Russia to stand for its independence! We have collected the trusted charity and volunteer organizations that effectively support Ukrainian troops. Even one dollar from you can save the lives of our families, friends, and our heroic troops standing against the crazy bear. Please make a donation to one of the following:

✅ The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

✅ The charity fund Come Back Alive –

✅ Charitable Foundation Voices of Children –

✅ Crowdfunding platform The People’s Project –

✅ List of resources and organizations to donate @RazomForUkraine –

✅ Russia-Ukraine War: Info and ways to help –

Please share this message with your friends and colleagues!

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