Crypto Press Release Tips: Placement of Press Releases on the Topic of Cryptocurrency

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Placement of Press Releases on the Topic of Cryptocurrency

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become very popular around the world. Many economists and IT specialists are already earning real money on this.

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Experts of our agency are ready to share with readers the most current information about the types of crypto-currencies, the reason for their popularity, advantages, and disadvantages.

Crypto Press Release Example

The press release for the crypto theme is no different from the standard press release template. It includes the following elements:

  • Headline
  • Lead
  • Date & Location
  • Body
  • Quote
  • Media Contact
press release format.

Where to Publish Crypto Press Release

Looking for reliable platforms where they can learn more about digital money and be confident in their investments. And really, how to figure out bitcoins, blockchain, coins, etc.?

A website without any backlinks will not rank on the search engines. To date, backlinks remain a very important search engine ranking factor. However, a common problem for most budding crypto entrepreneurs is getting quality backlinks from the cryptocurrency niche. Guest posting is probably one of the best “white hat” link-building techniques but it is very time-consuming, costly, and simply not effective enough for instant results. This is not to say that you should not conduct a guest post outreach, you should. However, you should use many different strategies for building links to your cryptocurrency website.

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The Term “Cryptocurrensy”

This term became known to the public in 2011, appearing in one of the most popular world publications – Forbes. A cryptocurrency is understood as a non-standard form of electronic payment means. With the turnover of such currency, the element of cryptography (digital signature) is applied. This type of money exists exclusively in electronic form, where “coins” are “coins”.

Digital units related to such a currency do not require replenishment of a current account or electronic wallet with real money. Their education is possible due to:

  • ICO investment system;
  • Mining;
  • forking.

Simply put, this money “comes from the Internet”, namely through the generation of mathematical codes with digital signatures.

The main feature of such money is the possibility of their formation (release) by any individual. It is also worth noting that to perform any operations with them there is no need for contact with third-party companies (banks). The only exception can be considered only specialized exchanges that allow you to monetize the digital currency in the traditional one.

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Types of Cryptocurrency and Their Popularity

Today, experts have thousands of varieties of digital money. Among the most common and popular there are the following:

  • Bitcoin (bitcoin) is considered the first and most expensive digital currency, which was taken as a basis for the development of all subsequent. To date, the equivalent of one bitcoin is more than $ 5,500.
  • Etherium appeared in 2015 and managed to take second place in popularity after bitcoins.
  • Litecoin is produced in 2011 and is an analog of silver among virtual monetary units (bitcoin is analogous to gold). Today, one light coat is equivalent to 65 US dollars.
  • Z-cash (z-cache).
  • Dash.
  • Ripple (ripple).

You can also meet in the virtual appeal of Darkoins, Primecoins, Pirkos, Dodgcoins, and the like.

The popularity of such monetary units is determined by modern trends and requirements for life. All digital payment operations with cryptocurrency are completely safe since virtual money is protected by a cryptographic code, which increases their level of reliability in comparison with traditional money.

It is worth noting that bitcoins are of particular interest to people who want to remain anonymous. When carrying out any transaction with electronic means, the data of the payee and the payer remain unknown, except for the electronic wallet number.

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Coins

All characteristics of virtual money have a number of advantages and imperfections. Among the obvious advantages are:

  • Mining is available to anyone who wants due to the absence of emission centers and controlling bodies;
  • Absolute anonymity of transactions;
  • Decentralization of output;
  • The complete absence of the possibility of inflation, since for each type of cryptocurrency there is an output limit;
  • Maximum protection against counterfeits and copies, conditioned by the original code (signature).

Disadvantages also have a place:

  • The loss of the password from the electronic wallet entails the loss of all funds stored on the balance sheet;
  • Cryptocurrency is characterized by high volatility (frequent change of value);
  • Loss of profitability of mining due to complications in the process of creating and extracting virtual coins.

If you want to inform the public about the provision of services related to cryptocurrency, it’s time to contact the representatives of the agency. You can contact the company’s specialists through an online chat and learn more about all the options for cooperation. We are ready to provide high-quality thematic press releases and launch publications in your chosen media in a short time. Let’s build the future together!

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Crypto Press Release Tips: Placement of Press Releases on the Topic of Cryptocurrency

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