How to conduct a pre-ICO advertising campaign in the media

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Customers of often announce the pre-sale of their tokens in the media. We analyzed several successful pre-ICO and ICO launches and highlighted the main trends.

Why companies launch an ICO

The rapid growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies, in general, has spurred interest in the cryptocurrency market and started the search for new business opportunities. To attract investments, companies sell a fixed volume of their own cryptocurrency. The method was named ICO (Initial Coin Offering) by analogy with the Initial Public Offering of stocks (IPO).

An ICO can be considered an analog of an IPO, with the only difference being that the initial offering of coins or tokens does not impose obligations on the parties and does not imply the conclusion of contracts.

The number of offers of new cryptocurrencies in 2017 has almost doubled compared to 2016 and has reached 2.75 campaigns per week. In parallel with the increase in the number of ICOs, the cost of the projects is also increasing. More and more companies are appearing that could attract hundreds of millions of dollars from the preliminary sale of their own tokens.

One of the most significant projects of 2017 is the planned ICO of the Telegram messenger, offering the Gram cryptocurrency. Initially, the campaign planned to raise 850 million dollars, but the limit had to be raised, as investors announced their intention to invest around 3.8 billion in the project.

The launch of an ICO will not achieve anything without the dissemination of information about the project. The most effective way to notify the audience quickly is by publications in the media. We studied our clients’ campaigns for launching ICOs and we identified several key factors that affect the effectiveness of PR campaigns in the media.

When to advertise an ICO in the media

There is no well-established timetable for the start of a PR campaign about an ICO. Some wait for at least a month between the first publication and the start of the pre-sale of tokens, while others already begin to spread information about the launch of the ICO during the campaign.

Everything depends on potential investors:

  • what they know about the company that issues tokens;
  • how interested they are in the new cryptocurrency;
  • what relation they have to the industry in which the initiator of the ICO is working.

If a company issues a limited number of tokens and the goal of the project is to attract people who are interested in the development of the industry and can influence this process, companies release a limited number of coins. The main share of such a cryptocurrency is distributed among employees, and the cost of entry for investors is considerable. It makes no sense to disseminate information about such ICOs in the national mass media. Press releases, as a rule, appear in industry publications and in the pages of websites dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The number of publications ranges from three to ten. Such a PR campaign can be launched a couple of weeks before the ICO, but sometimes even after the preliminary sale of the tokens.

Projects that want to make their product large-scale and maximally promote the topic of cryptocurrencies – cryptocurrency exchanges, Forex brokers – are seeking to reach a large audience. They choose to publish in the popular mass media that writes about cryptocurrencies, national publications, and sites dedicated to IT. The threshold of access to the ICO for such companies is low – starting from a few dollars. This allows anyone to become an investor, regardless of how much they have in their bank account. Therefore, companies speak about their ICO to a large number of users.

A massive scale requires good PR, therefore publications about such ICOs appear one or two months before the start of the sale, in the pages of several dozen publications – from specialized ones, writing about cryptocurrencies, to national news media.

How often articles about the ICO should be published

This indicator depends on the scale of the company and the audience coverage. Global PR campaigns can include dozens of publications, starting two months before the launch of the ICO and ending after its launch.

How the topic of the sites influences the effectiveness of the PR campaign

The majority of press releases about the launch of an ICO are published in the media that writes about cryptocurrency. Users who are searching for information about electronic money or want to invest in one of the promising projects will first of all search for information on specialized sites. Global information platforms are good for projects designed for the largest mass audience. will help you choose a list of sites and place the necessary number of press releases or articles – and, moreover, do so without going over your budget.

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