The Internet Is Not a Place for Boring Companies: Content Planning for Business Profiles and Blogs

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The Internet has been created for bright, extraordinary people and companies. Everyone loves glossy photos of models, big success stories, and kitties. But how to build communication with clients in social networks for companies that have only models of an investment project, burning deadlines for the supply of raw materials and they don’t even have kitties?

An effective and reliable pillar of any Internet promotion is a pre-compiled content plan. When it comes to promoting a business account, you shouldn’t rely on inspiration or sudden epiphany. You have to realize a simple axiom: there is no inspiration. It’s better to spend a whole day brainstorming to stock up content ideas for a month.

Any promotion should be built systematically, with a clear understanding of the business goals and objectives, the audience interests, the topics, and the type of content.

Before you create a business account in social networks or a blog, you need to define the goals and the timing for their achievement clearly. Likes, reposts, and comments are not goals.

The only purpose of a business account is to increase sales. Brand reputation, customer loyalty, image are the accompanying elements that are aimed at one thing – sales increase.

Social network accounts and a blog should be created if the target audience of business is using these very resources.

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Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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