10 Best PR Agencies in Boston: Creative Ideas Nearby

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PR agency Boston. PR is a strategic communication process that creates a relationship between an organization and its target audience. Such a connection is beneficial to both parties that work that way. Now the world is developing very fast. New businesses appear every day, and they need development and the appropriate approach to spreading the word about themselves. To do it on your own is very difficult. In such cases, PR agencies are involved, where specialists create unique strategies to popularize the brand and the company’s messages. 

PR services, in the broad sense, are aimed at creating the desired public image. It is a complex of professional actions on forming and managing information, which appears to result from the interaction.

There are a huge number of PR agencies in the world, which have long ago reached an international level and have hundreds of successful works in their portfolio. Today we offer you to focus on companies in Boston and see how they came to such success. 

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10 Best PR Agencies in Boston

Matter Communications

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Matter Communications PR Agencie in Boston.

Matter Communications is a well-known PR agency in Boston that currently combines many brand development services. The company began its work as a small PR agency. Over the years, they have learned that the full development of companies is done by combining different strategies, including marketing. Now Matter Communications offers creative services and digital marketing. Besides that, they run successful advertising campaigns. All of this helps their clients increase revenue levels and engage more audiences. The agency’s team comprises young marketers, PR specialists, and journalists who believe creativity is the main approach to work. Matter Communications deals with different directions. These are primarily technology, medicine, energy, cybersecurity.

Racepoint Global

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Racepoint Global Best PR Agencies in Boston.

Before you, there is a company that for more than 15 years has been engaged in the PR of startups, brands, and experienced companies. Racepoint Global helps clients to achieve success and all their goals. They do this through creative campaigns and a unique approach to each client. The team believes that there are no unsuccessful businesses but rather poor methods that simply do not work. RPG works by focusing on communication strategies. The company believes this is the way to achieve audience growth. This approach increases the effectiveness of any business. The main services of Racepoint Global are content development, event management, design, social media, and building a strong and trustworthy reputation. This Boston-based PR agency is making a significant impact in the public relations field through its creativity and original solutions.

V2 Communications

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V2 Communications  PR Agencies in Boston.

V2 Communications is a professional branding agency. The company has clear goals of developing the businesses and telling everyone about them. With clear and creative strategies, V2 has already helped many clients worldwide to achieve success in the company’s development. This agency believes that there is no difficulty in communication. They prove it by using innovative approaches in their work. They focus on real partnerships to achieve real results. V2 Communications is a team of highly experienced specialists who have creative minds and breakthrough ideas. The firm works with technology startups, institutions of higher education, and non-profit organizations. According to PRNEWS.IO, the V2 agency was also honored as the best place to work in PR in 2019. The team is not stopping there and continues to surprise the PR world with its unique offerings.

East Coast Catalyst

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East Coast Catalyst

This is a company that is engaged in full-fledged business growth. East Coast Catalyst mainly specializes in digital strategy. The team has years of experience in different areas of brand building. They develop the design, advertising strategies, branding, etc. In the development field, the team successfully creates websites from scratch, web and mobile apps, and digital products. East Coast Catalyst is also active in SEO marketing and analytics. It is where they see the keys to successfully achieving their clients’ goals. The company also claims that digital media and marketing is a key combination that, when done right, can popularize any business idea. The team successfully deals with clients all over the world. East Coast Catalyst helps clients grow and have more of an edge over the competition.

PAN Communications

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It is another Boston-based PR agency that helps young brands become known. PAN Communications believes that great results come from great ideas. That’s why they have gathered a team of experienced professionals who provide creative solutions to grow any business. Their main focus is on integrated marketing. PAN provides services to the technology and health care industries. They approach each client as an individual unique concept that has its own pros and cons. Analyzing the competitors and the advantages of a particular business, the PAN team produces powerful development strategies. The company has been awarded the best agency of the year more than once. This PR agency has offices in America and Great Britain. PAN Communications is about scaling, increasing profits, and promoting bold ideas.

MullenLowe U.S.


The MullenLowe U.S. is an award-winning global public relations agency with more than 50 years of experience. The firm is a comprehensive agency that operates in various areas of business promotion and brand growth. It combines mobile and digital marketing, PR, media planning, design, social impact, analytics, and more. MullenLowe is all about creativity. With this statement, the team of professionals is sure that it is possible to create a world-renowned company even from a seemingly ineffective startup. Experts in various fields generate unique ideas that strengthen businesses in online and offline spaces. The agency is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies and has offices in New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles, and Winston-Salem.


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Before you, a powerful PR agency has been creating extraordinary approaches to brand distribution for more than 25 years. CHEN PR is a professional team that analyzes the complex world of media and eliminates unnecessary content. Thus, they come up with effective strategies that work with incredible force. The main focus of the agency is the result of clients. They operate in various directions and with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. CHEN PR is better known in telecommunications and security. It also works in the corporate software sector. CHEN PR is first and foremost an expert consultancy that ends with an extensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of businesses. It is what they consider the best way to figure out what works and how to demonstrate all the advantages of their clients correctly.

Beantown Media Ventures

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Beantown Media Ventures is a Boston-based PR agency that helps brands develop their full potential. The team works in content marketing, PR, and social media development. The company experts have a deep understanding of the essence of startups. This knowledge helps to develop unique and working approaches, which quickly bring the desired results. BMV focuses specifically on startups and high-potential brands. They engage influencers to promote growing businesses. The expert team believes that only innovative ideas can help bring products to market and expand. Beantown Media Ventures guarantees its clients that their success will be taken to the next level. Customer orientation, creativity, and a personalized approach are the three ways that the company follows.

Pirozzolo Company Public Relations


Here is a successful company based in Boston. The Pirozzolo Public Relations Company has been in the business development market for more than 50 years. Their primary lines of work are public relations and marketing. Already in these areas, the agency goes deep for the knowledge of the essence of strategies. Pirozzolo is engaged in creating eye-catching advertising, media placement, content writing and management, speechwriting, corporate communication, and social media management. The team of experts works in technology, financial services, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. The company’s clients include businesses all over the world. They are mainly the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Germany. Pirozzolo also does media training.


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Denterlein is an experienced PR agency from Boston, which is actively involved in popularizing young brands. This firm is dedicated to finding innovative approaches to achieving its clients’ goals. Denterlein analyzes a client’s area of work to find the main sources of influence. The campaigns created by the team help achieve customer user loyalty, increase engagement and engage more audiences. Their main emphasis is on developing customized influencer strategies. They capture different ways – from traditional press to digital development. Also, the main advantage of the Denterlein PR agency is the preparation of businesses for crises. The company concentrates its forces to work on governmental, financial, technological, and other projects. 

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