Leading Boston Media Outlets To Discover

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We have prepared a list of the leading Boston Media outlets & Boston magazines, including magazines, to keep you well-informed about what’s happening in your favorite city. Explore the most widely read media outlets in Boston, where you’ll find articles covering a variety of topics, such as local news, international politics, parenting advice, economics, lifestyle, and more.

This listing is the result of in-depth research, taking into account various parameters, including popularity, the number of subscribers, regular updates, and more. The list is also based on the highest circulation in 2023.

Most Popular Boston Magazines

Here are the Top Boston Magazines you should start following in 2023:


DigBoston is among the most widely-read magazines in Boston. It’s a highly popular weekly publication that keeps you informed about both local and international news. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including local events, arts, sports, music, relationships, food, cinema, and shopping. You’ll appreciate its lively, candid, and humorous style of delivering information to a diverse audience.


Boston.com is the ideal media outlet for gaining access to breaking news, sports events, and weather forecasts. It serves as a dependable source of information on entertainment, travel, culture, politics, and more. The website covers all U.S. sports teams, international players, and significant sporting events. Its writing style is easy to follow, making it a relaxing experience to read Boston.com.

Boston Art Review

Boston Art Review was established in October 2017. BAR is recognized as an independent publication dedicated entirely to contemporary art in the Boston area. Boston Art Review collaborates with both local and international art experts, providing a creative environment that offers ample space for young artists with critical perspectives. Explore detailed interviews with talented artists, peruse exhibition reviews, engage in artistic projects, and participate in collective initiatives.

Edible Boston

We recommend that all Boston residents begin following Edible Boston, an excellent resource for staying updated on the latest news in the local area and on an international scale. This Boston-based media outlet also extends its coverage to include Essex, Middlesex, Worcester, Suffolk, and Norfolk counties, as they play significant roles in shaping the food and drink culture of the Boston region. This publication will inspire you to become part of the local community and savor the local food and entertainment offerings.

Boston Parents Magazine

Boston Parents Magazine is the perfect choice for families. It serves as a comprehensive guide to help you explore your area time and time again. Whether you’re looking for new places to discover with your children, interesting dining options, or advice on getting better acquainted with the neighborhood after a recent move to Boston, this media outlet has you covered. With a focus on children and parents, it’s dedicated to making your time together enjoyable and fun. You’ll discover articles on home decoration and childproofing, along with plenty of tips and the opportunity to join a warm and welcoming parent’s community.

Boston Magazine

Boston Magazine focuses on one of the most sophisticated, charming, and intellectual cities in the USA. You’ll find comprehensive coverage of the higher education system, medicine, politics, finance, and biotechnology in Boston. This media outlet provides information about the top cultural institutions, restaurants, shopping centers, universities, and the brightest minds residing in this region. With a history spanning over 40 years, Boston Magazine boasts an experienced team of writers, editors, and web designers who expertly capture the multifaceted aspects of Boston with insightful writing, detailed reporting, and eye-catching design.

Boston Herald
The Boston Herald is a reliable daily newspaper catering to the Boston area. Established in 1846, it is among the oldest daily media outlets in the United States. The Boston Herald has garnered a dedicated readership due to its status as a top source for local and international breaking news, sports events, politics, weather, entertainment, celebrity interviews, and more.

Boston Design Guide Magazine

Boston Design Guide Magazine is the perfect choice for individuals seeking to transform their living spaces into modern, comfortable, and exquisitely beautiful environments. This annual guide is entirely devoted to the interior design industry. You’ll appreciate its informative content enriched with captivating visual details. The stunning photography within will leave a lasting impression. Boston Design Guide Magazine is available in both printed and online versions, making it a valuable addition to your home collection.

BostonMan Magazine

BostonMan Magazine is a renowned local lifestyle magazine that caters to a diverse audience of both women and men. It provides content tailored to the interests of successful individuals in Boston. The magazine’s well-structured content covers a wide range of topics, including NGOs, charities, business, education, sports, cinema, music, fashion, food and beverages, travel, technology, design, and leisure activities. With BostonMan Magazine, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into all aspects of Boston life.

Boston Agent Magazine

Boston Agent magazine is the premier source of local news in the Boston area, with a primary focus on real estate professionals. You’ll appreciate its website design and newsletters. Real estate experts rely on this media outlet to access the latest news in their field, empowering them to build successful careers and establish connections with new business partners and potential clients.

Conclusion: Boston’s Magazines

We’ve outlined some of the most informative and trustworthy media outlets in Boston, each of which plays a significant role in the U.S. media landscape. Thousands of readers appreciate having convenient access to credible sources of information, free from the intrusion of fake online news

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