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The world’s first sponsored content online store with fixed prices for publications.

It’s an all-in-one service for creating and sharing news and stories with the whole world on your own terms.

PRNEWS.IO is a user-friendly PR platform created to share your news in just a few simple steps.

Why choose

It’s the perfect tool to target your audience in the right way and at the right time

Monitor your online presence and choose the perfect moments for publishing news releases, advertorials and sponsored posts about your business via your custom online pressroom.

A step-by-step process for creating, publishing and distributing your PR content

We provide a user-friendly interface that will let you create your drafts and upload images and videos so that you can share and distribute your press releases online in a simple and efficient manner.

An all-in-one convenient pressroom

Customize your pressroom to match your brand identity; add a press kit with your logo, images and PR materials to give journalists easy access to your brand media; add your PR contact lists and your company information for any feedback.

Online chat support

Our online support staff will assist you in making your press release distribution process flow with ease.

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The whole process is as easy as ABC

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose a publisher
  3. Place an order
  4. Submit your texts
  5. Get published
  6. Done!

Businesses can directly purchase spots for their native format articles in 100,000 well-regarded news websites. Using automation, PRNEWS.IO has removed the need for a middleman, simplified the process, and improved responsiveness when compared with traditional news distribution methodologies. A wealth of audience metrics from across its marketplace of news websites is built into its automated system. Accordingly, while it is not a traditional PR consulting or management firm, PRNEWS.IO can suggest media options to customers based on analysis of this data, who can opt for longer term campaigns or one-off spots.

Hannah Brown, Head of Content at e-Residency in Estonia

Hannah Brown

One of the most useful automation tools for content marketers is PRNEWS. It helps automatically place your company’s sponsored content with the best price/quality ratio. It takes a lot of time and effort to find resources for placement, to negotiate with each site, coordinate materials, prepare them for publication, and track outputs.

Danny Wesley, Journalist & Tech Entrepreneur

Danny Wesley

PRNEWS.IO helps me determine whether a sponsored post is justified, and if so, the marketplace allows me to do it with just one click. This means I don't need to waste time on communication with the editors of those sites. Also, the tool offers a 100% money back guarantee, allowing me to backup all business risks that might be associated with purchasing sponsored content directly from a site I've never worked with before.

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Tachalova
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A Few Clicks Away From Any Location Worldwide

Distance is no longer a problem in reaching your customers and partners overseas. Share your news with multiple media contacts from any spot on the map with just a few clicks. No matter where you are and where your target audience is — your press release will be distributed instantly with just a few easy steps.

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