The Cornerstones of Brand Identity

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You might be keenly aware of how important it is to have a recognisable identity or personality for your brand. If you think about the biggest brands in any industry, there are likely connotations that immediately spring to mind. Sometimes, these associations can feel random – or like something that you might have developed yourself. While that could be true, the amount of money that these giant brands have put into marketing might just be paying off more than you think.

It’s not all about money, though; it’s about being precise and effective. To do that, you might need to identify the areas that are most worth your attention.

Identifying Your Audience

You need to know what kind of crowd you’re playing to. While you might also hope to expand your audience beyond your initial target and be as accessible as possible to many, that generalised approach might initially result in a lack of discernible personality. The old adage of how ‘something for everyone is something for no one’ might pop to mind here. Instead, identifying your target audience can help you to build yourself around their expectations and what they want out of a brand like yours.

This isn’t to say that you should completely base the direction you take off of their demands – you want to show them what they didn’t know they wanted, after all – but it means understanding them thoroughly. This is also about your industry; how you market betting promotions if you’re an online sports betting platform is going to be different from how you offer an interior decoration promotion, for example, even if the core of these two opportunities is similar.

Your Tone of Voice

Developing your entire brand personality around a tone of voice can be ill-advised due to how forced it can sometimes feel. Brands like Wendy’s, for example, can become known for how they interact with customers on social media, which feels like a way of making the most of those platforms. However, it’s not a strategy that’s going to automatically work for everyone. With brands like that already popular in the minds of audiences, attempting the same might feel derivative.

Developing a tone of voice should feel authentic and natural. It should be something that functions as a natural extension of your brand and the image you’re trying to cultivate for yourself.

Logo and Aesthetic

As surface-level as this can feel, it’s another instance of how looking to other iconic brands can showcase just how important it is to get this down. There’s undoubtedly a pressure that you might feel early on in business to nail your logo and aesthetic – perhaps keen to avoid confusing audiences with a sudden shift further down the line. However, there have been many successful rebranding campaigns in the history of business, and when done well, it’s something that can function as a re-debut for your business – a chance to tell your audiences that everything before this was simply a prelude to the best version of your brand.

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