Thanksgiving PR Campaigns and Tips for Expressing Gratitude in Your PR Efforts

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Thanksgiving PR. It’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is one of the big-spending days open up the winter holiday season. This time of year is intense, exciting, stressful, and wonderful all at the same time. 

If five to 10 years ago, businesses would not have had as wide an ability to service people digitally; today, it’s no longer acceptable to be offline. When we try to embrace a new normal, one thing is strong and keeps growing – online sales. 

The bargain hunters are ready to shop. For that, your Thanksgiving PR always requires advanced preparation. And like anything in our life, it all starts with a good plan in place. Check out the following Thanksgiving PR ideas to take advantage of to boost sales this season.

Give Thanks to Your Audience

Your audience is beneficial to your business in many ways. And not only your customers, of course. People who find the content you provide might think it’s useful or entertaining, or both. Some of them are a little on the intangible side, and that’s okay. Even better, they may not need your products or services. But still, they stick around anyway. And one day, they can be your best advertisers. When they do not need what you sell, you can still be the first company they’ll think of.

And the best way to respect their feelings is to:

  • reach out to your audience on social media;
  • ask to participate;
  • retweet their content/like it/comment it;
  • follow them – no matter the platform, make it a two-way street;
  • and simply say Thank You.

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Conversational Media Campaign

People are once again joyous about the thought of celebrating the holiday season. And that might bring an increase in traffic to your social media profiles. The reason is obvious. Before the turkey is carved, people discuss holiday plans and gift-giving. Your best bet is to start Conversational Thanksgiving campaigns. As a result, you can reach more consumers where they’re most active – in messaging.

Years ago, brands weren’t a part of those conversations. But things have changed. Today brands can reach consumers with a hyper-targeted approach. No matter the platforms, relevant and useful content will do the trick. It all starts with the right Conversational Media strategy in place. 

Who said that your customers are not wondering about your plans for the future? Tell them what you intend to do your part as recovery efforts. Times like these demand messaging that’s sensitive, empathetic and very carefully worded. Create a personal connection with your customers in a way that seems natural. Now more than ever, people are looking for trustworthy content. A genuine value that points the way forward is a way to go. 

Team up with Micro-Influencers in your Niche

Trust is the key reason that makes this marketing approach effective. Like it or not, but salespeople are the last ones to trust. We tend to try people we feel we know more, feel like they are our friends. People are more likely to take recommendations from familiar social media personalities with fewer than 10K followers. Bloggers, podcasters, and nontraditional media outlets should also be high on your media list. They are reaching your customers, and your customers listen to them.

Micro-influencers and regular people who actively engage with their followers daily. Doing so will help you generate positive word-of-mouth and acquire new customers. Of course, you can work with big-name influencers, but if you want to get a more engaged audience, smaller ones are your best ally.

Show Some Heart

Showcase that you are a business that cares. Identify charities that are relevant to your business and mention them across your social media channels. Don’t be afraid to let your customers and potential customers know about the special cause to your company. You may end up doing business with a customer who shares your love for that same cause.

Spice up your Website and Social Identity with Festive Spirit

A good Thanksgiving PR strategy deals with a festive vibe. Give your website and social media profiles a mini-makeover. This strategy works great for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. It is also a great option to update. It might be an update of your profile picture, header, page elements, or font colors. Forget not about your CTA button. 

Take a Poll

Polls are a fun way to interact with your target audience. They can capture and maintain interest. Asking questions is a great way to engage your online audience. It is an excellent way to generate buzz on social media. 

Ask questions like: 

  • What’s your must-have Thanksgiving side dish?
  • Who cooks your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Or create something fun and interactive.

Don’t Stop Pitching | Thanksgiving PR

Feel tempting to stop your PR activities over the holidays? Bad idea. Instead, it could be a great time to gain media coverage and reach your target audience. Discover great new ideas for your Thanksgiving PR strategy. 

Mistake yourself not that festive season puts media publications on stop. Sure, the choice for news to write about for journalists is not so wide. That’s why they are looking for newsworthy stories. So pitch your story to gain media coverage for your business. It’s your hot opportunity to get ahead of your competitors who might be on holiday.

Rise Above Uncertainty with the Right Thanksgiving PR

Many of the tried-and-trusted methods that worked once are no longer appropriate for current times. No wonder we live in turbulent times. Yet, it’s a perfect time to offer some stability to your customers. 

It is tough to generate sales and keep your business afloat, but PRNEWS.IO can help you walk it. We can help you distribute your Thanksgiving news and stories to the entire world. With simple steps, you can get your content shared through 214 countries. By gaining media coverage in the right publications over this period, you can increase your chances of getting seen by your target audience.

Get in touch with us to position your brand as a leading voice in your industry. A reliable, pitch-worthy trend story makes a difference in the Thanksgiving PR campaign in 2023.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Thanksgiving PR

The sooner you start planning your Thanksgiving PR campaign, the better your chances of success. Whatever you do, don’t let this tremendous opportunity to engage customers. 

Is your brand planning to do something unique this Thanksgiving? Sound off in the comments below.

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