PRNEWS.IO’s “+1000 Views” Service – An Effective Way to Boost Your Content Visibility

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The “+1000 views” service from PRNEWS.IO is designed to boost the visibility and impact of your published materials. PRNEWS.IO utilizes affiliate networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, MediaBrama, and other partners to attract additional readers to your articles.

The title of your article or a banner will appear in a native format on popular news sites. The campaign will be directed to the same country where your article was published, or can be targeted to another country of your choice.

You can monitor the campaign’s progress in your account, where a daily report is provided. The campaign lasts until your article achieves the desired number of views.

How to Order

You can request the “+1000 views” service while adding a publication to your cart. Or you can order it post-publication in your dashboard for a published article you want to promote this way. In this case, you can also choose your desired number of views up to 10,000.

The Perfect Recipe for Effective Publications

  1. Right Media: Choose the appropriate media outlet for your content.
  2. Quality Content: Ensure your content is high-quality, SEO-optimized, with a compelling headline and relevant topic.
  3. Optimal Publication Conditions: Aim for the best possible publication conditions, such as featuring an announcement on the main page, social media reposts by the media outlet, and their promotional efforts if available.
  4. Self-Promotion: Share and promote your article yourself using the +1000 views service or other methods.

By following these steps, you’ll achieve the desired views, reach, engagement, and overall maximum impact, beyond what the media outlet alone can provide. This approach is especially useful if your material had limited success initially in a specific region, like Bulgaria. Publishing it on one site is just the start; maximize its reach by promoting it on other sites through banners and additional methods.

Additional Information

This service is particularly helpful when targeting specific countries or when you want to extend the lifespan of an already published article. Remember, this service not only boosts your initial views but also brings long-term benefits such as improved brand awareness. By increasing brand awareness and engagement, you not only enhance your online presence but also pave the way for sustained growth and success.

If you need to order not +1000, but, for example, +5000 views – simply add this service to your cart 5 times and pay with one order.

The main advantage of this service is the ability to significantly expand the reach of your article and attract additional targeted traffic through natural native promotion on news sites. This allows your content to reach a wider audience than by publishing on a single site. At the same time, regular creation of quality content and proper distribution of materials are also important to achieve maximum impact.

Key Points:

  • Natural promotion of your article on news sites
  • Additional views beyond organic reach
  • Promotion in selected countries
  • Daily campaign status reports
  • Flexible choice of number of views
  • Increased brand awareness and further reach

Another important aspect is that some clients want to understand the numbers and estimate the results. We explain it to them as follows:

Site Audience:

  • Expected and average views of the site.
  • Add your +1000/2000 views.
  • Total: 3000 views of the article.

Click-Through Rate (CTR):

  • Assume a 5% click-through rate to your website.

Conversion Rate:

  • Then, your website’s conversion rate comes into play.

For example, if someone asks how many clients an article can theoretically bring:

  1. Article Views: Let’s say your article gets 3000 views.
  2. Website Visits: With a 5% CTR, this translates to 150 visits to your site.
  3. Conversions: If your website conversion rate is 2%, you can expect around 3 new clients.

This is a common question, and while we don’t guarantee specific outcomes, we explain how the process works and how to calculate potential results.

Dispelling Myths About Media Publications

In the realm of articles in media, misconceptions often abound. PRNEWS.IO’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander Nigmatulin, sheds light on common myths surrounding content placement and promotion. From debunking the notion of instant sales to emphasizing the importance of consistent and strategic efforts, Nigmatulin emphasizes the value of a systematic approach to media outreach.

How to Spend $500 on Articles in Media and Sell $500,000 Worth of Goods?

Typically, this question comes from company representatives who have not previously used content marketing for promotion but understand that the time has come. The possibility of selling all goods from a single article exists, but it happens very rarely.

Achieving significant sales results from content requires a systematic approach. Firstly, you need to publish not just once but regularly (for a minimum of three months) before evaluating the results. Secondly, it is crucial to allocate the budget evenly, avoiding spending 90% in one month and stretching the remaining 10% over two months. Instead, divide the budget into three parts and spend evenly on online media publications.

Before launching a media campaign, ensure your website, telephony, staff, and logistics are prepared for high traffic. If a top-tier media outlet mentions you and 100 people visit your site simultaneously, it could cause problems. So, consider where your site is hosted and whether automatic channel expansion is configured.

Also, remember that publication is only half the battle. After the content is published, allocate resources to promote it. Due to competition for readers’ attention, promoting the article can sometimes cost ten times more than the publication itself. Promotion can be done commercially through email newsletters, social media, online advertising, and client retargeting. Free options also work well: gather a base of thematic groups on Facebook and Viber, Telegram channel chats, and post there.

Using all these methods, targeting the right audience, and spending $500 on placement, you can achieve significant sales. However, the chance is very slim. Nonetheless, ensure that your company has enough resources to meet customer demands. Selling a lot at once is not always good. It is better to sell consistently and continuously.

How Many Clients Will One Media Publication Bring Me?

Let me answer with a question: what is your website’s client conversion rate? Experience shows that most people asking how many clients a publication will bring cannot answer because they do not know their own sales funnel.

For example, 100 people visiting the company’s website turn into 4 clients, meaning the conversion rate is 4%. Let’s calculate further: if we know that 4 out of 100 readers of the article will visit the site (also 4%), then to get 4 clients, you need to bring 100 visitors from one publication. Therefore, for 4 clients, your material needs to be read by 2,500 people – this is a workable formula.

If only 1 out of 1,000 visitors becomes your client, your conversion rate is 0.1%. Then, the calculation follows the same principle.

It is important to understand that conversion rates in website visits vary: you can increase the number of visits by increasing article views. You can also influence the conversion rate. For instance, if the publication mentions that visitors to your site today will receive a $10 gift, the conversion rate will increase sharply. Or, if you have a new product never before offered (such as a unique fabric shaver), conversion will also be higher.

However, much depends not only on the article’s content but also on the publication site. You might buy an article on a site with only 1,000 monthly visits, so don’t expect 10,000 views unless you actively promote and drive traffic to it.


The “+1000 views” service is an effective tool as part of a comprehensive effort to distribute your content and attract your target audience. Use it to take your materials to a new level of visibility!

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