Top PR Agencies in Los Angeles: Launch an Efficient Campaign

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1 The List of the Best PR Agencies in Los Angeles

Many successful businessmen consider public relations to be one of the most critical tools in our highly competitive business environment. When you plan your budget for a new product release or project launch, make sure you have enough for a professional public relations campaign. Hiring a professional PR expert is the smartest decision ever! Continue to read the article to find the most reliable PR agencies in Los Angeles.

Finding the right PR agency is not easy. The following list will help you make the right choice and get stunning results at a cost that other methods are not able to match. A successful PR campaign can reach the target audience and touch people’s hearts. It is a way to create credibility for your brand, get a lot of people talking about your brand and services, and share their interests online via social media platforms. 

The List of the Best PR Agencies in Los Angeles

Choosing the right agency is essential if you do not want to waste time and money. Embrace your opportunity to create a strong link and bond between your business and potential clients. Check out the best PR agencies in Los Angeles below:

Milea Marketing

Milea Marketing is a PR agency specializing in Google Maps optimization and digital marketing for small businesses. They translate complex digital trends into actionable strategies, ensuring clear communication and measurable results. Their commitment to affordable pricing and rapid turnaround times allows businesses of all sizes to achieve their SEO goals. Built on authentic relationships and a shared drive for success, Milea Marketing empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive Los Angeles market.


EWM NOW is a digital marketing agency exceeding the capabilities of in-house teams. They manage over $5 million annually in ad spend across diverse clients, ensuring industry-specific expertise you won’t find elsewhere. Their global talent pool fosters unparalleled creativity and multicultural perspectives. They prioritize transparency and clear communication – with weekly check-in calls and a comprehensive project management platform. They also offer month-to-month contracts and à la carte services to cater to clients’ specific needs and budgets. 

L.A. Design Studio

L.A. Design Studio is a one-stop shop for all things web.  They don’t just create websites – they become an invested partner in a client’s business success.  From crafting creative concepts to meticulous design, development, and marketing, their comprehensive services encompass everything needed to thrive online. Photography, video, e-commerce, analytics, SEO, and even interactive advertising – they handle it all. But what truly sets them apart is their dedication to the client’s vision.  They treat every business like their own, ensuring a collaborative and results-oriented approach to every project.

Hyder Media

Hyder Media is an all-encompassing Digital Growth Partner. They’re growth strategists who go beyond basic advertising. From social media to Google, YouTube, and beyond, Hyder Media crafts data-driven paid advertising campaigns that maximize traffic for clients’ business. Hyder Media helps you navigate the options,  optimizing your existing tech stack or building a new one from scratch. They proactively manage clients online reputation, ensuring a positive brand image and mitigating potential issues before they arise. Hyder Media specializes in lead generation and partnerships, helping you scale your cost-per-lead and cost-per-call campaigns.

Intrepid Digital

Intrepid Digital, a leading PR agency, specializes in crafting powerful digital marketing strategies for small and medium enterprises. With a global team boasting over a century of combined experience across North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, they serve industries that drive the world economy. Intrepid Digital’s strength lies in building flexible partnerships and creating bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. For every project, they assemble a dedicated team of experts with deep, sector-specific knowledge who integrate seamlessly into the client’s processes, adapting to their unique business ecosystem. This personalized approach ensures powerful, targeted results.

TLG Marketing

TLG Marketing, a premier PR agency, was founded on a singular principle: to boost clients’ bottom lines. They blend cutting-edge digital marketing trends with strategic, goal-oriented consulting, ensuring each client receives a unique, tailor-made campaign. In an era where many businesses struggle due to stagnation, TLG Marketing stands out by generating high-quality leads that drive revenue growth. Their combination of technical prowess and seasoned experience allows them to craft innovative strategies that not only meet clients’ specific needs but also propel them towards massive industry success. TLG’s commitment to client prosperity is evident in every campaign they design.


imFORZA, a standout PR agency, specializes in designing and building engaging WordPress websites that convert visitors into customers. They understand that before investing in online marketing, it’s critical to have a website that’s memorable, user-friendly, and effectively communicates the benefits of your products and services to your audience. This is where imFORZA’s expertise shines. They craft websites that not only captivate visitors with stunning design but also guide them seamlessly through the user journey, clearly articulating how your company’s offerings solve their problems. With imFORZA, your website becomes a powerful tool for conversion, setting a strong foundation for all clients’ digital marketing efforts.


Radcrafters, a unique PR agency, operates on a simple yet powerful ethos: “Give more than you take; do more good than harm.” They believe in enhancing the quality of life for all living beings, dedicating their work to kindness and empowerment for the planet and its inhabitants. More than just a PR firm, Radcrafters is a collective of human beings committed to a conscious existence, both personally and professionally. Their mission is to eliminate barriers and clear pathways for change agents, allowing them to focus on spreading kindness and doing good in the world. If you’re a visionary seeking to make a positive impact, Radcrafters invites you to join them as co-conspirators in your quest for global betterment.


LawRank is a premier legal marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, LSA, and web design. With a proven track record of securing first-page results in highly competitive markets, LawRank excels in both organic and local SEO. They serve personal injury, criminal law, and divorce lawyers across the U.S., helping firms grow and succeed. LawRank’s expertise and commitment to delivering top results make them a trusted partner for attorneys seeking to enhance their online presence and attract more clients.


HawkSEM helps companies significantly enhance their marketing results through ROI-driven strategies, paving the way for better revenue and growth. As a premier digital agency, HawkSEM partners with businesses to deliver exceptional outcomes that elevate them above the competition. Their proven methods and dedicated approach ensure that clients achieve remarkable success in their marketing endeavors.

Falcon Marketing

Falcon Marketing specializes in building scalable websites that perform seamlessly across tablets, smartphones, and all other devices. The website is a storefront, and Falcon Marketing’s experts ensure it stands out. Their process begins with strategic planning to define long-term goals and marketing possibilities. Using wireframe models, they outline the website design and provide a detailed proposal covering design, development, and launch stages.

The Alfam

The Alfam is a creative agency specializing in branding, UX/UI, and Web & App design and development. They use design and strategic thinking to help clients acquire and delight customers, focusing on the end-to-end interaction individuals have with a brand or product to foster loyalty. The Alfam aligns clients with their users through data-driven analysis and intuitive feedback structuring, delivering purposeful results. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, The Alfam effectively communicates across cultures, ensuring relevance for today’s and future generations.


GR0 was founded by SEO veterans Jon Zacharias and Kevin Miller, who leverage their extensive experience with D2C and B2B brands to propel clients’ businesses to the top of Google searches. They offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions, meticulously tailored to clients’ unique needs. Helping the client to unlock brands’ full potential and deliver exceptional value to customers is their ultimate goal.

Bliss Drive

Bliss Drive, a Los Angeles-based SEO agency, which use data-driven approach that delivers measurable results. As Chris Aaron, Director of Marketing and Sales at D&H, can attest, Bliss Drive’s strategies have led to “dramatically improved” qualified leads and site traffic, with positive effects lasting for years. They walk clients through every step of the process, demystifying SEO and ensuring they understand how investment translates into real ROI. With over a decade of experience helping businesses grow and scale, Bliss Drive can take companies to the next level.

Hennessey Digital

Hennessey Digital, is an innovative agency,  specializing in law firms, known for its remote team of digital marketing experts, sets itself apart with a deep understanding of the ever-evolving Google algorithm. Their forward-thinking approach ensures clients’ law firms’ digital strategy remains constantly optimized, keeping them ahead of the curve. They also offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions, including PPC advertising, conversion rate optimization, public relations, content marketing, and creative services. This holistic approach guarantees a cohesive and impactful online presence for clients.

Shoreline Digital Marketing Web & SEO Agency

Shoreline Digital Marketing empowers businesses with data-driven strategies and exceptional service. Clients can expect a personalized touch. Their homegrown team builds long-term partnerships, offering 24/7 concierge service. They prioritize client satisfaction and deliver strategic results. From web development to social media, they’ll tell the brand’s story and propel it forward.


180Fusion, a top-tier PR agency, is a nationally acclaimed digital marketing powerhouse that helps companies boost sales, generate qualified leads, and expand market share. Their comprehensive suite includes National and Local SEO, PPC Management, Mobile Search, and Social Media Marketing, enabling thousands of businesses — from SMEs to Fortune 1000 companies—to thrive online through a metric-driven approach.

Vizion Interactive

Vizion Interactive, a distinguished PR agency, offers a unique blend: the process and tools of large agencies, the specialized skills of a boutique, and the care of an independent contractor. They deliver expert digital marketing services across SEO, PPC, Local listing Management, Social Media, Web Design, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, CRO/UX, and Enterprise Analytics to B2B, B2C, eCommerce, and Franchise clients. With over 500 SEO/SEM projects completed, few agencies match their breadth and depth of experience. What sets Vizion apart is their commitment to assigning experts, not interns, to each project they undertake.

Single Grain

Single Grain, a premier PR agency, is a full-service digital marketing powerhouse dedicated to propelling great companies toward substantial growth. Their team is a handpicked group of passionate digital marketers, all united by an obsession: maximizing client return on investment. Single Grain’s expertise spans a comprehensive array of digital channels, including SEO, search engine marketing, PPC advertising, and paid social across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. They also excel in emerging areas like podcasts and Amazon advertising. Furthermore, their prowess in marketing funnel and conversion rate optimization ensures that every click translates into tangible business growth, making Single Grain a trusted partner for digital success.

LAD Solutions

LAD Solutions is a full-service digital powerhouse specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, and Web Design & Development. Their mission is to “Convert Their Dreams Into Reality One Click at a Time,” a testament to their commitment to transforming clients’ visions into tangible online success. Beyond their core services, LAD Solutions offers a comprehensive suite, including Social Media Management, Google Penalty Removal, Online Reputation Management, and Small Business Consulting. This Los Angeles-based agency’s broad expertise ensures that whether clients are boosting visibility, managing reputation, or seeking strategic guidance, LAD Solutions has the tools to help.

Bananas Marketing Agency

Bananas Marketing Agency helps clients get discovered online and become the obvious choice for customers. Their comprehensive services include local SEO, review management, link building, PPC, conversion rate optimization, and website design. With a focus on enhancing clients’ online presence and driving customer engagement, Bananas Marketing Agency ensures businesses stand out in a competitive market.

Small Biz Web Design Studio

Small Biz Web Design Studio offers cutting-edge solutions in custom web design, website development, search engine marketing, reputation management, and more, specifically tailored for small businesses. They create an online brand from a business name to generate leads and grow revenues. Small Biz Web Design Studio focuses on creating a positive online presence rather than just building a website, helping small businesses stand out and succeed in a competitive market. 

JourneyEngine Inc

JourneyEngine Inc. is the B2B and SaaS SEO agency that guarantees organic traffic converting into MQLs, sales, and top-line revenue. With extensive experience working with hundreds of B2B, SaaS, and tech businesses, JourneyEngine has streamlined a process to diagnose clients’ needs, deliver repeatable results, and manage SEO, content strategy, and analytics entirely. They provide the highest quality service, ensuring that their businesses achieve significant growth and success.

405 Ads

405 Ads is a full-service digital marketing and SEO company in Los Angeles, dedicated to boosting clients’ bottom-line growth online. Their SEO and paid internet marketing experts understand the power of online marketing to connect people and ideas globally. 405 Ads creates driven marketing solutions designed to help clients’ businesses surpass the competition. As innovators and marketers, they offer comprehensive services to handle all clients’ online marketing needs.


BOMME STUDIO is a one-stop shop for building a thriving fashion brand. From crafting a captivating website and stunning product photography to optimizing clients’ online presence and social media strategy, they empower emerging labels to tell their story and reach their target audience. Their collaborative approach ensures client visions come to life, transforming their fashion dreams into successful e-commerce realities.


Smalby isn’t a typical web design agency. They’re revolutionizing the game with their ROI-driven approach, combining stunning design, rapid development, and SEO expertise to launch websites that get results. They specialize in empowering local businesses and innovative startups to establish a powerful online presence. Smalby’s agile process delivers. Clients can get a free website prototype within 48 hours and enjoy unlimited revisions throughout the design phase. Their focus on affordability makes them the perfect alternative to large, expensive agencies.

Rook SEO

Rook SEO is an LA-based consultancy that provides comprehensive training and guidance in on-page SEO, link building, and content marketing. They help clients to optimize their website, attract backlinks, and craft engaging content – all the ingredients for SEO success. 

Emet Digital

Emet Digital, founded in 2014, thrives on genuine growth and building customized solutions for each client. Their expert team works hand-in-hand with the client to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. From lead generation and SEO to web design, content marketing, and social media, they cover all bases. Their success is measured by their clients’ success.

Smart SEO People

Smart SEO People is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive suite of services, including SEO, Web Development, and Local SEO. They guarantee top rankings for local businesses in just a few months, helping them dominate the local market and attract new customers.

Visible Factors

Visible Factors, a top-tier PR agency, is a Data-Driven Digital Marketing powerhouse. Founded on the premise of assembling only the best talent and sharpest minds, they provide top-notch services to amazing companies. Their impressive track record speaks volumes: some clients have seen yearly revenue increases exceeding $2 million, while others have experienced a staggering 30% monthly growth—around $50,000 per month—from SEO alone. This high-caliber team, having collaborated with over 120 diverse and distinct companies, brings a wealth of experience to each project. 


LaV1, Inc., a standout agency, is a well-consolidated Internet marketing company dedicated to empowering small and mid-size business owners. Their comprehensive suite of services covers every digital need, from digital marketing and web development to mobile websites with responsive design, app development, and SEO. What sets LaV1 apart is their commitment to client communication – their clients are guaranteed to stay informed every step of the way. This transparency, coupled with their promise to get clients websites done right and fast, makes LaV1 the go-to partner for businesses seeking efficient, effective digital solutions.

Gravity Global

Gravity Global is an ambitious, independent marketing firm that brings together diverse thinkers committed to creating enduring impact for clients. Known for unearthing hidden marketing opportunities, they craft special campaigns that stand the test of time, focusing not just on short-term gains but on long-lasting success. With their international synergy, Gravity Global offers a unique, multicultural perspective that resonates across borders, ensuring your message not only reaches but truly connects with audiences worldwide.

Citizen Relations

Citizen Relations is a global communications agency built by and for the Modern Citizen. Every day, they strive to make every conversation count, partnering with clients to grow their brands and positively impact culture. With a presence across various offices and disciplines, their single-minded mission is to create meaningful dialogue. Citizen Relations embraces the values of courage, equity, and positive impact, fostering conversations that inform, educate, and simplify life for everyone. They believe in the power of conversation to drive action and create lasting impact. 

Brenton Way

Brenton Way’s motto is “5X Growth.” They help brands rapidly scale their digital marketing with unique strategies to expand their presence, revenue, and traffic. By bringing in leaders from successful companies who share their vision, Brenton Way provides innovative growth strategies. They embrace technology and harmonize it with their in-house team, specializing in SEO, PPC, social media, brand identity, graphic design, web design, digital PR, and content creation.

Taylor and Co.

Taylor & Company is a results-oriented boutique public relations, marketing, and communications firm specializing in architecture, design, landscape, furnishings, and the betterment of the built environment. Founded in 1994 by Julie D. Taylor, Hon. AIA/LA, the firm has successfully provided PR, media relations, marketing advice, and communications services to over 70 clients, with many partnerships spanning over a decade. Taylor & Company excels at positioning architecture and design firms advantageously in various markets. Their mission is to connect good design to the public through effective communications, driven by creativity, quality, tenacity, and expertise.

Jones Social & PR

Jones Social & PR, founded in 2012, emerged in response to the digital and media landscape’s evolutionary shift due to the rise of social platforms. Anticipating the fusion of publicity and social paradigms, Jones Social & PR pioneered one of the first integrated PR and social media houses. Now a leader in publicity and crisis communications, the agency has expanded into a full-service marketing company, offering content creation, digital advertising, influencer procurement, and strategic branding. Co-Owners Lauren Jones, a photographer, filmmaker, and social media expert, and Nicole Wool, an attorney and veteran LA publicist, lead a team of creative executives and artists who deliver custom-tailored, 360-degree visual and literary approaches for each client. Their philosophy is to sign unique talents, brands, campaigns, and causes they wholeheartedly believe in and find inspiring.

The Reputation MD

The Reputation MD is a Los Angeles-based firm founded by Todd Lewis. They specialize in restoring online image and driving business growth. They work to resolve negative reviews and customer complaints. The Reputation MD goes beyond just fixing problems. They help clients build a positive online presence that attracts new customers and fosters trust, utilizing legal and ethical strategies to populate positive reviews and interactions across various platforms.

In House PR

In House PR, led by Alexandra Villa, a PR veteran with nearly two decades of experience, offers a personalized approach with big results. Deep connections with top media and a proven track record with prestigious brands ensure impactful campaigns that elevate the client’s brand. They are a strategic partner that leverages its network and expertise to amplify your brand’s voice.


MikeWorldWide, a dynamic, independent PR agency, breaks free from the mold. Their 250+ person team offers a data-driven approach to integrated communications, encompassing everything from brand marketing and reputation management to digital strategy. They’re platform-agnostic, tailoring campaigns to where clients’ audience lives. Whether it’s influencer marketing, social media, or live events, MikeWorldWide delivers. They handle it all, including CRM, celebrity relations, and SEO, for maximum brand impact.

Dynamo PR

Independent agency Dynamo PR (Clarity Group, 2011) ignites early-stage startups with bold creativity and deep B2B/B2C experience. They craft strategic communication for every stage, from launch to sustained growth. Their integrated services as strategy, media relations, launches, influencer marketing, digital marketing, social media  and global network (LA, London, San Francisco, New York) empower startups to take flight.


VenturePR, a unique Los Angeles PR agency, is a boutique firm founded by entrepreneurs who’ve navigated the rollercoaster of building companies—from the exhilarating highs to the challenging lows, from wearing multiple hats to grinding from dawn to dusk. This first-hand experience sets them apart. They believe in providing personalized service, collaborating with clients to tailor a plan that not only boosts brand recognition but also supports fundraising and business growth. Unlike larger agencies, VenturePR doesn’t bait-and-switch; they won’t pitch their top talent only to assign a junior publicist. With VenturePR, clients work directly with seasoned entrepreneurs who understand the journey intimately.

Si14 Global Communications

Si14 Global Communications, a prestigious PR agency, is an international full-service PR and content marketing firm with a stellar track record in media relations and content development for high-tech companies. Recently crowned Boutique PR Agency of the Year, Si14 celebrates a decade of excellence in building brand awareness and global recognition for high-tech clients. Their name, inspired by silicon’s periodic element, reflects deep Silicon Valley roots. Expertise spans cybersecurity, AI, robotics, SaaS, agtech, fashion tech, medtech, foodtech, and more. Senior strategists drive accounts proactively, staying atop news cycles. With staff across continents, their expert storytellers cultivate deep journalist relationships, ensuring the client’s company is in the very best hands.

JMarie Media Firm LLC

JMarie Media Firm LLC, a standout PR agency, operates with a heartfelt mantra: to provide exceptional customer service with passion, love, respect, and integrity. What makes them unique is their blend of phenomenal media services, including effective public relations, marketing, brand representation, client retention, social media marketing, and business plan startups. Their primary goal is to help clients attract more leads and convert them into revenue-generating customers. With great pleasure and gratitude, JMarie creates targeted marketing campaigns for businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Public Relations specializes in brand startups and expansion, making them the go-to agency for those looking to launch or grow their brand with a touch of genuine care.


BIG FISH PR provides award-winning PR services for innovative B2B, B2B2C, and B2C brands. Specializing in thoughtful storytelling and strategic campaigns, BIG FISH PR integrates traditional PR with corporate communications and digital media relations to capture greater mindshare and market share for clients. Their expertise spans Consumer Electronics, Travel, SaaS, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Social Impact, Sustainability, Safety, Security, Drones, Robotics, and AI. Managing U.S. national tech PR, lifestyle PR, enterprise PR, and consumer PR programs, BIG FISH PR serves clients across the U.S., Europe, and APAC, helping them redefine industries through impactful communication.

Bookmark Content and Communications

Bookmark is a global content and communications company born from the merger of Forward Worldwide and Spafax Content Marketing. With a combined 60 years of experience, Bookmark operates out of offices in Chicago, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toronto. They create content that effectively communicates with consumers and sparks action. Brands love them for enhancing brand value, engagement, loyalty, and sales. Consumers love them for enriching their lives with great stories and memorable experiences. Bookmark produces high-quality content for leading brands, particularly in the travel, retail, hospitality, luxury, and lifestyle sectors. Their content reaches over 180 countries in 40 languages, reflecting their respect for local cultures while maintaining a global vision. They help clients connect with their customers through engaging content across all platforms.

Mannfolk PR

Mannfolk PR is an established and driven agency specializing in luxury lifestyle, design, fashion, beauty, and health and wellness. With a focus on delivering results, they secure consistent media coverage, outstanding product placements, collaborations with leading influencers, and special events to spotlight your business. Mannfolk PR provides integrated communications campaigns tailored to the client’s market, offering a one-stop solution for all your communications needs.

Press Kitchen

Press Kitchen is a woman-owned PR boutique specializing in creative strategy to elevate brands and drive business development. Positioned at the intersection of advertising, technology, and entertainment, this bicoastal agency empowers companies to achieve heightened growth, visibility, and prestige. Press Kitchen’s team is dedicated to cultivating robust media relationships and uncovering impactful ways to narrate client stories. 

Forza Migliozzi

Forza Migliozzi, a Los Angeles-based advertising and brand content agency established in 2007, thrives on defying expectations. Their approach  is unleashing “street-smart” creativity that stretches budgets to unimaginable ROIs. Their laser-focused strategies and media expertise ensure client messages reach the exact audience they crave, fostering an undeniable sense of desire.


KYNE tackles unmet health needs with a unique approach. This LA-based organization fosters collaboration between government agencies, non-profits, and businesses. Their expertise lies in crafting win-win partnerships and impactful communication that drives positive change in public health. 

Cerrell Associates

A legacy of excellence since 1966, Cerrell Associates is a top independent PR firm navigating the complexities of public affairs. Their comprehensive services cater to a diverse clientele, from corporations to environmental groups. Their clients can expect sound strategies, impactful messaging, and a blend of traditional and cutting-edge tactics to achieve their goals.


Good Kids, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency, is here to shake things up with their social media-first approach. They’re the whiz kids who understand the power of attention-grabbing content. They mix captivating visuals, seductive copywriting, and immersive experiences that go beyond the screen. Likewise, they don’t just create content; they craft connections. Each element they design is meticulously crafted to amplify the client’s brand message and spark meaningful engagement with the target audience. Good Kids believes that social media is all about keeping things fresh, fun, and, most importantly, shareable. Their work is designed to inspire, entertain, and, of course, elicit those coveted social media shares—the lifeblood of viral success.


360viewPR, a distinguished PR agency, began in hospitality and tourism—a domain they still dominate—but their true prowess lies in the persuasive art of swaying disposable income spend. Whether it’s consumer goods, luxury items, or travel, they expertly create need and drive desire using public relations and social media. Their specialty? Persuading people to want what their clients offer. At 360viewPR, PR is more than news coverage; it’s a revenue-driving tool. They take a holistic, 360-degree view of the client’s business, pinpointing unique strengths that set it apart. Services span media relations, influencer outreach, crisis management, content creation, social media management, and thought leadership. They craft comprehensive PR strategies aligned with clients goals, maximizing ROI.


Sequel, a premier Los Angeles PR agency, is the next chapter of THINK, a bi-coastal communications firm established in 2002. Now led by Elaine Drebot-Hutchins and Tracey Manner, Sequel specializes in fashion, hospitality, beauty, and wellness, continuing a two-decade legacy of shaping cultural conversations. Whether the client is established, emerging, or innovative, Sequel restores confidence in brand marketing by bringing it back to human connection. Their philosophy is: think before acting, and act before others think. Services span Media Relations, Celebrity and Influencer Management, Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Talent Procurement, Immersive Events, Affiliate Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships.

Buzztilt Crowdfunding PR

Buzztilt Crowdfunding PR is the world’s leading Crowdfunding PR and Marketing firm. Their specialty is ensuring client’s crowdfunding campaigns capture the attention of over 5,000 reporters from every major publication. No other crowdfunding PR firm can match their expertise or reach, thanks to years of Public Relations and Marketing experience working with some of the world’s largest consumer brands. 


August is a strategic communications firm that specializes in guiding clients through their most critical inflection points. In the dynamic world of business, where change is the only constant, August stands as a beacon of stability and strategic insight. They understand that every company faces pivotal moments—be it a product launch, leadership transition, market expansion, or crisis—that can define their future trajectory. With their deep expertise in strategic communication, August helps clients navigate these crucial junctures with finesse, ensuring that every message, action, and decision aligns perfectly with long-term goals. 


Sagon-Phior is a pioneering digital branding and marketing agency specializing in evolving legacy brands and cultivating new ones by fostering human connections between a brand and its audience. They recognize that successful brands transcend mere utility; they tap into unspoken desires, forging emotional bonds with their customers. By deeply understanding customer behavior, needs, and motivations, Sagon-Phior creates captivating brand experiences through compelling stories, content, and technology, accelerating engagement, conversions, and revenue. They believe in the continual evolution of a brand to remain relevant and are passionate about helping organizations communicate their vision in unexpected ways through creativity, stories, content, and experiences. Sagon-Phior understands that a brand’s aesthetic must effectively convey its outcomes and value while meeting customer expectations. In the digital realm, where first impressions are fleeting, they strive to deliver ideas, messages, and content that evoke immediate, visceral responses, aiming to establish a lasting, positive impression that sparks a profound connection between the brand and its audience.

Public Haus Agency

Public Haus Agency is a nationally recognized marketing, public relations, and digital media agency that rejects buzzwords in favor of tangible results. If phrases like “disrupt your vertical” or “engage key stakeholders” leave you feeling uninspired, then Public Haus might be the perfect fit for you. Focused on helping brands grow exponentially, Public Haus implements ideas and strategies that cut through the noise, attract more customers, increase influence, and drive revenue. Specializing in brand communications, they excel at digital campaigns that skyrocket engagement, securing massive media coverage for heightened awareness and credibility. Additionally, their film and video production services transform brands into aspirational content studios, while influencer campaigns deliver ROI that would thrill any CFO.

Murphy O’Brien

Murphy O’Brien is a premier independent public relations and social media firm dedicated to securing impactful media coverage that positively impacts clients’ reputations and financial success. From dynamic social media campaigns to strategic partnerships, influencer programs, and events, Murphy O’Brien offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to elevate brands to new heights. Their commitment extends beyond client success to the professional development of their team members. With a culture that values mentorship, collaboration, individuality, and ingenuity, Murphy O’Brien fosters an environment where employees thrive and contribute their best work. 

Fifteen Minutes Public Relations

Fifteen Minutes Public Relations stands as a premier Los Angeles-based agency specializing in public relations and strategic communications, uniquely positioned at the crossroads of brands and entertainment. Committed to delivering the utmost in strategic, innovative, and results-driven PR services, Fifteen Minutes operates on the foundation of impeccable communications practices and an unwavering passion for their craft. In today’s lightning-quick news cycle, the agency seizes the opportunity to make an impact, offering clients a platform for heightened visibility and influence. 

Berbay Marketing & Public Relations

Berbay Marketing & Public Relations is a distinguished firm specializing in crafting visibility and credibility to drive revenue growth for law, finance, and real estate firms. With over two decades of experience, Berbay has a proven track record of implementing marketing programs that propel clients towards achieving their annual business development, communication, and public relations objectives. 

Miller Ink

Miller Ink agency is based in Los Angeles, where an experienced team provides services in marketing communications and PR. The goal is to help business owners, executives, and startups amplify their online presence and advance their business goals using compelling web content. Miller Ink can break down any barriers and obstacles thanks to the various tools it uses. The team is ready to get your PR campaign done within the tightest deadlines. There are no complex or challenging issues for the team. This is what attracts many companies to use the services of this PR agency over and over again.

Bastion Amplify

Bastion Amplify is considered to be one of the best Marketing and PR agencies in Los Angeles. It has an experienced team in the media, social media, digital, and web development sectors. According to the Orange County Business Journal, the agency is ranked among the top 10 public relations firms. It provides a full range of PR/marketing services. Recently, the team started expanding into web development, social media, and paid media. Many business owners hire experts to delegate SEO, corporate communications, media outreach, product reviews/launches, press releases, branding, social influencer campaigns, etc. Bastion Amplify has big ideas, a creative approach, and the right approach to attract the best clients.

Evolve Activation

Evolve Activation is an experiential marketing and PR agency that drives ROI. The team is ready to provide its client with the most efficient and customized support in building marketing strategy, PR campaigns, project development, business event organization, shipping, retail activation, product/service demonstrations, sampling, business reporting, tours, corporate event compliance, and efficient staffing. Many business owners choose Evolve Activation because the team is efficient, creative, flexible, and always client-focused. Clients can discuss all the details, set the budget, and be 100% sure that the campaign will bring positive results.

The Pollack Group

The Pollack Group is famous for its efficient brand engagement, relevance, and loyalty to clients. It works as a creative marketing and PR agency in Los Angeles, where the competition is enormous. The team consists of psychologists, behavior analysts, data researchers, web developers, and talented communicators. You can hire this team to create truly meaningful and long-lasting brand experiences. It is your chance to drive relevance and build lasting loyalty with your clients. The agency has already helped 500+ businesses save their reputations and make their brands known all around the world. 


9thWonder is a reliable PR agency with an ambitious and client-oriented team. Every member of the team is committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients and seeing them over and over again. 9th Wonder can reveal all marketing and public relations opportunities to create a unique campaign for your brand to stand the test of time and win the competition race. Clients get access to the following services: marketing communication, full-range public relations campaigns, social media promotion, content writing, etc.

Avaans Media PR

Avaans Media PR is one of the best agencies in Los Angeles for ambitious brands. The team consists of exceptional experts with vast experience. Cooperating with such an agency will be the smartest solution. The agency can help your business build an efficient and personalized public relations campaign. The agency does its best to combine intelligence with a strategy to enhance its reputation and brand credibility. The team consists of experts who pay attention to detail. Clients are offered the most efficient ways for protecting their brand reputation, secure press coverage, and take advantage of the maximum number of advantages to achieve success, recognition, and profitability in any business.

Tribe Builder Media

Tribe Builder Media is a well-known agency in Los Angeles that has been ranked as the Top5 Entrepreneurial Company in the USA. Because of the fierce competition in this industry, it is a huge accomplishment for a public relations firm. A lot of CEOs, celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, and companies trust their marketing and PR campaigns to this agency. Tribe Builder Media knows how to build efficient media relations. Their unique strategy combined old-school tools with AI-based software to achieve the most impressive results. The team members have profound backgrounds in digital marketing, journalism, and linguistics. Tribe Builder Media uses the most advanced AI software for a better understanding of the ROI of paid media with the highest level of accuracy.

AMP Agency

AMP Agency is a full-service marketing and PR company with a customer-oriented office in Los Angeles. The team focuses on bringing both small and giant brands closer to their ambitious plans. AMP agency helps clients design and activate much better client journeys. The agency works hard to solve complex PR challenges to meet the needs of the modern business world and the high demands of clients. The team offers high-quality experience management tools to grow businesses. Clients can order the following services: brand analytics/strategy, digital services/products, integrated/performance media, etc.


SENSIS is a reliable cross-cultural public relations and marketing agency with a wonderful office in Los Angeles. The agency focuses on connecting brands with clients via efficient marketing and meaningful PR campaigns. The goal is to build demand and sincere interest. The agency helps clients find the most cost-efficient business solutions. Sensis has a lot of experience building PR campaigns for the healthcare, energy, finance, CPG, and education sectors. The agency is proud to cooperate with such clients as AT&T, AltaMed, the U.S. Army, Texas Tech University, Calbright College, and many other well-known organizations and brands in the USA and all around the globe.

Website Depot Inc.

Website Depot Inc. helps many businesses grow. They have many clients for whom the agency provides high-quality marketing and PR services. The team has accomplished many successful campaigns by applying search engine optimization, online reputation management, social media, and other tactics. A business owner needs to keep growing and building up the brand’s reputation, as well as the client’s database. Websites Depot focuses on understanding the market, niche, and target audience before developing a well-structured strategy. The PR team uses traditional forms of promotion while mixing them with the latest PR/marketing trends to build brand identity.

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