The Laura Ingraham Factor: Prime Time Influence and Inflammatory Rhetoric

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Laura Ingraham is one of Fox News’ most recognizable faces. Laura Ingraham is a conservative American television host. She is well-known for her show on Fox News Channel, called “The Ingraham Angle.”  

She hosts “The Ingraham Angle,” a prime-time show that delves into political issues, culture, and current events. Ingraham is known for her conservative viewpoints and her ability to tackle contentious topics with a straightforward and often provocative style. Before her television career, she was a speechwriter in the Reagan administration and a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Ingraham’s influence extends beyond television; she is also a bestselling author and a frequent speaker at conservative events.


Fox News Career

Laura Ingraham joined Fox News as a contributor in 2007 after establishing herself as a popular conservative radio host. In 2017, she was given her own prime time show called “The Ingraham Angle.”

The Ingraham Angle airs weeknights at 10pm ET and features Ingraham’s take on the latest political news and events. The show has become one of the most-watched programs on Fox News.

On her program, Ingraham provides commentary from a strong conservative perspective, defending Republican policies and fiercely criticizing Democrats and liberal ideas. She has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Though her provocative style has sparked controversies at times, Ingraham has solidified herself as one of the most prominent personalities on Fox News’ lineup of opinion shows.

In addition to hosting her nightly show, Ingraham frequently appears on other Fox News programs to provide analysis and opinion on the day’s top stories from her conservative vantage point.

With her long tenure at Fox News and her prime time platform, Ingraham has become one of the most influential voices in conservative media over the past decade and a half.

Ingraham’s Long History of PR Crises

Laura Ingraham has been involved in several public relations scandals and controversies over the years, including:

Parkland Shooting Comments (2018)

  • After the Parkland school shooting, Ingraham mocked one of the student survivors, David Hogg, for not getting accepted to some colleges.
  • This sparked a major advertiser boycott of her show, with companies like Nutrish, TripAdvisor, and Wayfair pulling ads.
  • Ingraham eventually apologized amid the backlash.

Immigration Comments (2018)

  • In 2018, Ingraham made controversial comments about immigration, stating: “Because in some parts of the country, it does seem like the America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore.”
  • This was criticized as pushing a racist and anti-immigrant agenda.
  • Companies like Bayer, Slimfast, and John Deere pulled advertising from her show.

Nipple-Level Comments (2021)

  • In 2021, Ingraham mocked reports that the Biden administration was considering restarting a Trump-era policy of sending asylum seekers to Mexico.
  • She said, “Since migrant facilities are overcrowded…processing centers are putting up intake tents. Pretty awesome, right? Whoa, and you won’t be surprised…”
  • She then showed imagery of facilities appearing to be at “nipple-level” which drew criticism.

Other Controversies

  • Comments perceived as mocking Mexicans and Latinos
  • Defending the “very fine people” comments by Trump about Charlottesville rally
  • Reportedly described as a “white supremacist” by her own brother

So while her provocative rhetoric appeals to her conservative base, it has repeatedly sparked backlash, advertiser boycotts, and accusations of bigotry over the years. Covering these kinds of PR crises could be included in a profile about her.

Teflon Pundit: How Ingraham Overcomes Controversy

Here are some of the ways Laura Ingraham has been able to weather the PR scandals she has become embroiled in:

Unwavering Support from Fox News
Despite the scandals, Fox News has continued to stand by Ingraham and keep her in prominent roles. This powerful media platform has helped her maintain a high profile and loyal audience base.

Steadfastness of Her Conservative Audience
The scandals have rarely alienated Ingraham’s core conservative audience. Her supporters have tended to forgive her controversial comments as examples of straight talk.

Public Apologies and Walking Back
In several instances, Ingraham has publicly apologized for comments that provoked severe backlash. While critics saw these apologies as insufficient, they helped quell the storms.

Changing the Subject and Pivoting
After major blowups, Ingraham has often pivoted to different topics, rebooting her messaging and discourses. This has prevented her from being stuck on one scandal.

Brazening It Out and Shrugging Off Criticism
Ingraham has rarely appeared cowed or diminished by the criticism leveled at her. Instead, she has maintained a defiant, above-it-all stance while continuing her provocative opinions.

Using Scandals to Boost Her Popularity
In some cases, Ingraham has even seemed to wield the scandals to boost her popularity with conservative viewers by tapping into their sense of persecution by the mainstream media.

So through Fox’s backing, her unflinching fan base, and her own brazenly unapologetic attitude, Ingraham has managed to persevere through numerous scandals and retain her influential position in conservative media.

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