Laba Harnesses PRNEWS.IO to Amplify Cross-Border Online Reach

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About our client 

Since 2015, Laba has been pioneering and transforming adult education in Ukraine and beyond. With a presence in Budapest, Warsaw, Istanbul, Bucharest, and Prague, Laba is a business school that unites and supports ambitious individuals who seek to develop their professional lives.

“Laba is a business school where we support and give people confidence in their business and career decisions,” the company’s purpose statement reflects.


Laba, an education business mainly operated in Ukraine, had to build its online presence and visibility across new markets, such as Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

As a leading provider of business education, Laba needed to find an effective solution to secure high-quality article placements on reputable websites in each of its target regions.


To overcome this challenge, Laba turned to PRNEWS.IO, a trusted partner in the field of online content distribution and PR. The Laba team worked closely with PRNEWS.IO to develop a comprehensive strategy that addressed their specific goals and requirements.

Specifically, PRNEWS.IO helped Laba publish 

  • 23 articles in Turkey
  • 30 articles in Czech Republic (CZ)
  • 29 articles in Hungary (HU)
  • 15 articles in Ukraine (UA)
  • 22 articles in Romania ( RO)
  • 21 articles in Poland (PL)

“PRNEWS.IO has been instrumental in helping us find the right websites to place our articles and increase our online visibility across all the countries where we operate,” said Illia Belanenko, SEO Team Lead at Laba.

Laba Harnesses PRNEWS to Amplify Cross-Border Online Reach


The partnership with PRNEWS.IO has yielded impressive results for Laba. The company’s organic traffic and search engine rankings have consistently grown in all its target markets, thanks to the high-quality article placements secured through PRNEWS.IO’s extensive network of media partners.

“Our organic traffic in all regions has only continued to grow, and PRNEWS.IO has played a significant role in this success,” Belanenko added.

Looking Ahead

Laba’s ambition is to become the leading EdTech company in the world. To achieve this goal, the company plans to continue expanding its reach and leveraging the services of partners like PRNEWS.IO to maintain its strong online visibility and growth trajectory.

“We are constantly working with PRNEWS.IO, and they have always met our expectations in terms of timing, quality, and convenience,” Belanenko concluded.

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