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eTalk is a burgeoning online language learning platform, specializing in personalized one-on-one English language classes for both adults and children. Founded by Vyacheslav Zhiradkov, eTalk is on a mission to deliver top-tier language education through remote instruction.


 In April 2022, Vyacheslav Zhiradkov, the founder of eTalk, was gearing up to participate in the prestigious Alpha Wolves Summit conference. This event, renowned for its ability to bring together influential investors and startups from Central and Eastern Europe, presented a golden networking opportunity. Vyacheslav recognized the immense potential of LinkedIn as a potent platform for networking and brand promotion. 

However, a glaring issue surfaced during their preparations: Vyacheslav’s LinkedIn profile lacked recent publications in the “Featured” section.

The thing about LinkedIn is that, unlike other social networks, you can’t see where people are spending their vacations or eating dinner. But LinkedIn allows you to establish a network made up of your connections and your connections’ connections, automatically linking you to thousands of business professionals.  The importance of LinkedIn is hard to overestimate. 

Keeping your profile up to date is one of the most impactful ways to improve your contact rate. It’s not just your brand that your audience is interacting with. People do business with other people, so profiles matter. 


Fully cognizant of the pivotal role a well-maintained LinkedIn profile plays in forging meaningful connections, Vyacheslav formulated a strategic plan to bridge this gap. Rather than resorting to traditional approaches, such as crafting articles and courting media outlets, which would have devoured significant time and resources, he made a daring decision to harness the innovative online platform, PRNEWS.IO. This specialized platform excels in placing articles and interviews across various media outlets.

Vyacheslav seized the opportunity to narrate eTalk’s inspiring journey and mission, a tale that resonated deeply with media editors. The result? Swift publication. With PRNEWS.IO’s assistance, eTalk rapidly secured media coverage, enriching Vyacheslav’s LinkedIn profile. This proactive step allowed eTalk to disseminate its story to a professional community and potential partners at the Alpha Wolves Summit Forum, significantly elevating the brand’s presence.


The strategic deployment of PRNEWS.IO yielded remarkable outcomes for Vyacheslav and eTalk. They secured prompt and efficient media coverage, with Vyacheslav successfully conveying eTalk’s creation story, which subsequently found its way into the pages of Forbes Poland and Business Review. This proactive approach made eTalk’s story readily accessible to professionals and potential partners.

Vyacheslav’s proactive approach to leveraging online PR publications showcased benefits extending beyond immediate reach and visibility. It substantially enhanced the credibility of his LinkedIn profile, capturing substantial interest from numerous potential venture capital partners and investors during an industry Edu-tech conference.

“With the help of PRNEWS.IO, we got our company media coverage quickly and efficiently. My business story became publicly available to the professional community and future partners at the Alpha Wolves Summit Forum and beyond.  So share your projects, make your story public, and prepare content in advance without waiting for a mega-important event.  

Very often, young entrepreneurs and startups do not realize what to write about themselves on social networks. As a result, there are no mentions in the media about the company. It is harmful to business networking and brand promotion. Start talking about yourself from the early days of your company,”

recommends Vyacheslav Zhiradkov

In summary, eTalk’s success story vividly illustrates the potency of strategic online PR in augmenting brand visibility and networking capabilities on LinkedIn. It underscores the importance of proactive content dissemination and the utilization of innovative platforms to achieve impactful results in today’s digital landscape.

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Nastya Zelenovskaya

Content marketing manager at PRNEWS.IO.
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