Gleb Kulyk Used PRNEWS.IO to Boost Turnover of an eCommerce Project by 200% in the First Year

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PRNEWS.IO cooperates not only with large corporations, but its clients are also small studios, agencies, and freelancers. Today’s case is a story about how our client Gleb Kulyk successfully promotes eCommerce projects with the help of PRNEWS.IO.

About the client

Gleb Kulyk is an international full-stack WordPress developer who is also engaged in the SEO promotion of his client’s projects. Moreover, in the last two years, he has almost completely refused clients for project development and is actively working in the niche of SEO and digital marketing.

Hleb’s main clients are eCommerce projects, but also, he promotes service companies and even brands.

“I am personally interested in boosting online stores. I have my own eСommerce project, and some experience and the process brings me a lot of pleasure. That is why, first I work with online stores on the solvent market, in highly competitive niches.”

Gleb Kulyk

Gleb mainly works with clients from the USA, Poland, Germany, and Spain. He also has several Ukrainian projects.

“I have a rather unique approach, which does not leave the customer indifferent, and for several years I haven’t been looking for clients – word of mouth works for me. There are no plans to expand the team, I plan to continue working alone.”

Gleb Kulyk

Problem: Link building in the international market. How to spread brand stories effectively?

Gleb Kulyk shares the opinion that link building is the main and decisive factor in the ranking of sites in Google. When entering the international market, Hleb faced the problem of the lack of services that would help distribute high-quality content about the project. He was even forced to stop practicing SEO for a while.

“From my point of view, SEO doesn’t work without link building, and I believe that it is currently the main and decisive factor in the ranking of sites in Google. Previously, I practiced link building for Ukrainian projects with the help of gogetlinks and miralinks, but when I entered the international market, I did not find analogs and had to work using the outreach method. The cost of the method disappointed me and I suspended the practice of SEO for several years until I accidentally found PRNEWS.IO and immediately got a project in Poland.”

Gleb Kulyk

Link building is one of the key elements of the SEO strategy, which plays a significant role in the promotion of eCommerce projects. This process consists in collecting external links to the site from other resources, which increases its authority in the eyes of search engines.

In modern Internet marketing, link building is a necessary component of success for businesses, especially for eCommerce projects. The number and quality of external links to the site is a significant factor that affects the placement of the site in search results. The more high-quality links a site has, the more likely it is that its pages will appear on the first page of a search engine.

Also, link building helps to increase traffic to the site and increase conversion. This is due to the fact that external links lead to more traffic to the site, as well as improve the reputation and trust of customers in the brand.

So, link building is an important component of the SEO strategy for eCommerce projects, which increases the authority and reputation of the site, increases traffic, and improves conversion.

Solution: PRNEWS.IO for content distribution in international markets

Working in the local market, where you have a lot of contacts, is one thing. However, promoting the project on the international market can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. Working in the international market, it is important to have the right strategy, to be able to adapt to cultural differences, and to understand local characteristics. In addition, knowledge of the language and local legal framework can be a decisive factor in the implementation of successful business operations.

This is why the tasks of link-building and outreach in the international market can be quite difficult.

Almost by accident, Gleb Kulyk found out about the content marketing service PRNEWS.IO, started cooperating, and almost immediately took a project from Poland to try it out.

“PRNEWS.IO is a great database of quality donors with a good filter and user-friendly interface. I drew attention to the fact that the owners of donor sites directly sell placement at a much higher price. As a result, I work with PRNEWS.IO in connection with Serpstat (I use domain rank to evaluate the donor).”

Gleb Kulyk

The result: turnover growth of 200% in the first year, and 40% every six months

To date, Hleb has several projects at work. But we will tell you about the first project in Poland, which the freelancer took on immediately after starting cooperation with PRNEWS.IO.

“The first project I took on for SEO in Poland is TortynaBema, I can’t announce exact sales and amount of traffic, but I will give some introductory results. The main SEO goals of this project have already been achieved, and now we are in the mode of maintaining the site’s positions. In the first year, the turnover of the store grew by 200% every six months, then the pace decreased and now it is +40% every six months. 250 people visit the site per month due to the brand demand.”

Gleb Kulyk

PRNEWS.IO is an effective tool for SEO freelancers who want to increase the quality of backlinks for their projects. Cooperation with PRNEWS.IO allows freelancers to attract a large audience to their projects by promoting quality content about clients and their brands. This method of building connections between brands and journalists allows you to raise the level of trust in the project and attract the target audience. 

Ready to repeat the success of

PRNEWS.IO helps freelancers find the most effective PR channels and place unique content on them, which increases the chances of promoting the project and attracting new clients. In addition, PRNEWS.IO provides a steady stream of backlinks to the site, which ensures a steady growth in search engine rankings. In general, cooperation with PRNEWS.IO is a great opportunity for SEO freelancers to attract new clients and increase the quality of backlinks for their projects.

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