The Difference Between Good PR and Bad PR (Public Relations)

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Bad PR is illogical since there is no plan, strategy, or even purpose in it. It doesn’t provide anyone with a coherent image of a company as well as its products and services. 

But we come across a point of what is bad PR that is known quite seldom nowadays. It’s usually popular among start-ups or low-budget companies, which suppose that bad public relations are better than nothing. Unfortunately, it’s not true. 

Actually, a badly-written press release can hurt a company’s reputation. Some people can consider the company as incompetent or even a loser after a failed press release. 

It would be less dreadful not to have any image than to have a negative one. 

Meanwhile, good PR can be priceless. It provides your company with a positive image, which is capable of attracting new clients. And everybody knows your company’s values as well as what to expect from your product. 

A positive image also carries weight in the business industry. It proves that your company is reliable and investors don’t waste their time and money on it. 

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The Importance of Choosing a Good PR Firm

The success of PR action directly depends on the PR firm. A good PR firm should think about upcoming events and things like that in advance. It should constantly think over new ideas and opportunities. Such opportunities can be presented as speaking engagements, interviews, or even some real-life events. 

So what is good PR? Successful PR-projects are capable of projecting a positive image of each and every company, even if its product seems to be useless for an ordinary customer. It establishes the company as a certain force in the industry. It can also make customers choose your company over a huge amount of other ones. It’s just as good as an oral recommendation. An example of good PR can be a British billionaire Richard Branson who has set a number of world records on behalf of his Virgin brand. He crossed the Atlantic in a 74,000 cc hot air balloon. m. at a speed of 392 km / h, and by an amphibious vehicle crossed the English Channel in just 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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It’s crystal clear that there are other advantages of good PR, but, first of all, you should be sure that your PR firm is one of the best in the market. And it’s common knowledge that a PR crisis can completely ruin your business. 

A PR Crisis is Not a Verdict

But even if a PR crisis happens, you can avoid a business disaster. 

At first, you have to understand the nature of this challenge and limit the damage to your business. A detailed analysis of your business will strengthen it. 

Every small business should remember about public relations. Its concept is extremely vital when it comes to your business’ success because you have to deal with different people who can recommend your company to their friends and neighbors or, vice versa, spread dreadful rumors about your business. 

Bad PR

The majority of businesses face a public relations crisis one day. It can be in the form of negative reviews or even huge scandals. A negative event can seriously damage a company’s reputation. It’s just impossible to have a perfect business because we are all humans, not robots. 

When it comes to a public relations crisis, you should realize that you can’t somehow control its outcome. But you can also try to use it as an advantage because due to this crisis, your business’s image is likely to be in the minds of your customers. 

We observe bad PR examples even among huge American companies like Facebook or Uber face this form of crisis now and then. For example, Facebook was accused of neglecting data privacy, but later the company managed to prove that the accusations were false. Anyway, this incident can be a good lesson for small businesses. 

Think About Your Future

Although the PR crisis might seem intangible, it can affect your business in the long run because everyone wants to work with trustworthy companies. Any mild accident can jeopardize your company’s trust. And therefore, the PR crisis can become a major issue.

Every business should have a plan to handle the PR crisis. So, you should prepare a response team long before the crisis starts. You should react fast when an emergency happens. And it will be the key to success. 

Bad PR

How to Prepare for the Crisis? 

It would also be wise to make your team of both in-house specialists and external experts. Such a versatile team can see a problem from different angles. 

This team should gather all the facts about your crisis’s roots and have a clear view of how to act next instead of placing external blame. You should admit your mistakes and never repeat them. As soon as you eliminate your problem, people will give up trashing you in social networks and kitchens. 

But there is no doubt that in some instances, it is much better to avoid any statements, and patience is much more important because a press release can’t slow down the blowback from the story. 

Don’t forget to identify everyone who needs to know all the facts about the story. It can be your business partners, employees, or, perhaps, stakeholders. 

If you want to assess your company’s image, you should monitor the situation. It will prepare you even for the most unexpected events. Pay attention to what people write about your company on the Internet. One negative article can significantly damage your business. 

Don’t relax when the crisis is over. You should remember that it can repeat, so conduct a post-crisis review. Think about the advantages of your employees and what you should have done differently. 

When the crisis arises, avoid lashing out. Your emotions can only worsen the situation. And when you need to respond to the situation as quickly as possible, don’t hurry up, but don’t be too slow at the same time. Time can be your enemy in this war. 

To Sum Up

Don’t forget that the news cycle is rather short. And people will turn their attention to something else soon. Your path to success cannot always be smooth. And “bad” press will occur from time to time. It can distract you from the desired result but be strong and patient, and it will lead you and your business to success. Good taste and manner can create miracles. 

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