Alexander Storozhuk, PRNEWS board member participated in a meeting with the President of Estonia on the topic of e-Residency digital identification

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The event took place on Tuesday 17 May in Tallinn at the presidential residence in Kadriorg. The event brought together an international group of journalists from different countries, including Brazil and Germany.

The media representatives asked about the specifics of the digital country, the war in Ukraine and the personal preferences of the Estonian President in the field of multimedia applications and Ukrainian music.

The President also spoke with Ukrainian electronic residents. Despite the hostilities in Ukraine, they continue to actively develop and scale their business with the help of digital solutions and e-Residence e-citizenship programme capabilities. The Estonian state compensates Ukrainian e-residents with state levies if they decide to open a company in Estonia as e-residents.

Estonia is positioning itself as an e-government and in 2014 was the first country to introduce e-Residence, a digital (virtual) residence programme. More than 92,000 e-residents have already used its services.

Alexander Storozhuk, founder at PRNEWS and e-Resident, took part in the meeting.

Summing up the meeting, the founder of PRNEWS highlighted the value of digital identity for access to all public services in Estonia, without the paperwork.

There is a demand in the Ukrainian business community to sell goods and services not only in the European Union, but also on global markets, he said. Access to the payment infrastructure helps them support their employees and their families during the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine.

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