Effective Email Pitches: How to Get the Media’s Attention in Professional Way

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Have you ever thought about some special tricks that can make reporters read and publish your news story?

Everyone knows that it’s rather difficult to get your press release noticed by the media and break through the wall of disregard. But if you know some inside hooks, you can turn the corner. In our previously published post, we have reviewed the most common ways how to find journalists’ emails and send your press release into the right hands. In today’s blog entry we are going to flesh out the main and most effective pitches’ suggestions which help you to attract the media’s attention and get some assurance that your press release will come out.

The most important thing is to catch the journalist’s eye by creating a personalized email pitch that has to be written ineffective and professional PR manner. Without further ado, we are offering to look through some proven advice that helps you to pitch journalists and publish your press release successfully:

  • Subject line is always important
  • Get personal
  • Keep it brief and straightforward
  • Provide reviews and giveaways
  • Avoid any attachments

Additionally, include a link to your press release in case a reporter wants to read the whole news story. Don’t forget to provide him/her with social media links to your company’s accounts, so a journalist can find out more about your business. Have your Pressroom up-to-date, so other people can visit and trace your publishing history as well as find your contacts and other back-up information.

Is your Instagram account ready for verification?

Using PRNEWS.io service just will take you few moments to set your own Pressroom and organize all your stuff to be ready to successfully publish your press releases. Once you have taken advantage of the listed suggestions, double-check your press release before sending it and make sure it corresponds to all the pitch rules.

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Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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