PRNEWS.IO Launches PRO Version of Marketplace

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April 1, 2019 Tallinn/Mykolaiv. — PRNEWS.IO platform, which allows brands to place sponsored articles on news sites around the world, launches its PRO mode to make its essential features for professionals available at their fingertips.

An Internet company founded in Eastern Europe helps brands to build online awareness through sponsored articles and PR content in a native format.

PRO mode will be a paid subscription feature (SaaS). It will combine several long-awaited opportunities, including work with lists and bookmarks, advanced data about sites, data exports, and a premium range of new media for sensitive tasks.

‘PRNEWS.IO solves one of the biggest problems faced by PR specialists in the digital environment — the speed of response to new challenges,’ said Alexander Storozhuk, the founder of the platform. ‘As the market grew, we realized the growing demand for complex tasks from entrepreneurs who require more information to make quick decisions. Thanks to PRO mode, getting published in global media will be even easier.’

The new feature launches on Monday April 1, 2019.


PRNEWS.IO operates in Eastern Europe and serves customers from 54 countries. The company was founded by an Internet entrepreneur from Ukraine in 2015. Being a bootstrap startup, the company demonstrated 100% growth for the second year in a row.

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