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This is a powerful and accessible tool for companies, organizations and individuals to promote a business or personal brand. Advanced filters for media, full access to marketplaces catalogue, priority support, and more.

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Bulk Site Checker

Analyzed your competitors for backlinks and placement in the media.

With Bulk Site Checker, immediately get the prices for the placements on this or that publication, audience size, and SEO characteristics of the resource. The PRNEWS.IO PRO will save you from the need to contact the editorial office of each separate media platform and will save a lot of time.

More PRO Benefits

Export the media list to .XLS

Perform marketplaces exporting in .XLS with all the characteristics and use this for working on your tasks convenient tabular view and in an environment that you are familiar with.

News Outlets for 'delicate' tasks

Get access to marketplaces advanced catalogue, including websites that work with delicate tasks and topics and that offer services, which are available only by personal request.


Put into blacklists those media, which you are not going to use for making the publications. All you need to do for putting the marketplace into blacklist is to click the button.

Selected media lists

Save the selected media into separate lists and use them in your projects at the appropriate time.

Advanced filters for media

Standard set is supplemented with domain zone filtering, websites without specification 'For advertising purposes' and websites that make publications 'behindhand'.

More information about media

Media advanced data including: IP-address, domain age, Alexa Traffic Rank, Ahrefs DR and other characteristics, which are not presented in standard media card.

PRO-caring support

PRO version also includes, in addition to regular email support, the priority support by chatting or by telephone.

With care for nature

PRNEWS.IO It’s a platform which is built on the love for nature. When nature has a place to grow, the people and animals will have a place to live too. That’s why company donate to plant trees in the world and publish materials from Eco Companies.

Eco-Friendly Business

PRNEWS.IO were born as an online marketplace, saving time and resources with our digital contract, and saving trees from printing contracts. No paper wasted on marketing materials.

Publishing “Green” Clients

It is a great source of pride to to publish materials from Eco Companies, on very flexible terms. Among them are — satellite imagery and processing of space and earth data to solve problems in agro, forestry and minerals. Relief — production of paper from dried fallen leaves.

PRNEWS.IO Planting trees

Let's take care of the planet together and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why every PRO user can be proud to take part in tree planting.

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Fixed the subscription price from January 1, 2023

By choosing this plan, you save 20% of your funds


Fixed the subscription price from January 1, 2023

Your Advantage

With PRO features, you'll gain an edge over the competition, find yourself in the right campaign, and green the planet.

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QA specialists answer the most frequently asked questions

What is the key value of the PRO compared to the public version of the catalogue?

The PRO account includes:

  • lists of sites that put meta tags, past date, political sites;
  • list of sites for betting/dating/CBD and other niches;
  • Dump sites in csv with all their characteristics (marking ads, type of ads, type of text, etc.), so you can work on tasks in a convenient, tabular format in a familiar environment.
  • A new tool is Bulk Site Checker. This is a tool for mass checking links against our directory.

If I have paid for the PRO for 1 month, will there be an automatic renewal after the subscription expires?

A few days before your subscription expires, we will remind you of the due date and you can pay for the next month's subscription if necessary. There is no automatic renewal.

How to export sites from catalogue and how to work with CSV format?

A CSV file is generated, you can re-save in Excel or import into Google Sheets If you want to upload more than 10,000 sites, we recommend splitting it into batches of 10,000 sites.

How to choose the sites that are willing to put "delicate topics"? Will there be a surcharge for these topics?

For choosing the sites that are willing to put "delicate topics" you need to use filters. Some sites may have a surcharge for the subject (politics, crypto, gambling, etc.), then you can see it in the additional pricing offers, there will also be a column of additional offers.

What is the difference between support in the PRO version and support in the public version of the platform?

PRO support requests are processed on a priority bases, so you can see how it could benefit for your business.

What additional filters in the catalogue are available in the PRO version?

In PRO you can filter editions according to the following criteria, publishing topics: Alcohol, Backdated, Betting, CBD, Dating, Gambling, Meta Tags, Politics News, Tracking Pixel

How to export the list of websites?

The option to export websites is available only in our PRO account setup.
You can download an entire database of websites or individually according to the filters provided within the PRO account

Can I unsubscribe from a PRO account?

The PRO account is a prepaid service. In order to cancel it you simply need to discontinue payment for the service.
A PRO account subscription gives access to additional media data from the PRNEWS.IO catalog.
In the case a paid subscription is renewed, access to the PRO account information will be restored to the account holder.

Will I lose my data if I cancel my subscription to the PRO account?

The PRO account gives access to additional media informational data from the PRNEWS.IO catalog.
This access is denied if the PRO account subscription is not paid within the payment due date. If and when you desire to continue your PRO subscription, all features and informational data will be restored to your account.

To be continued...

Every day PRNEWS.IO work to improve the quality of service for customers. We improve the stability of the platform and services, work on the development of personalized communications, carefully build technical support services and customer service.

API methods for exporting

API methods for exporting the media, getting the metrics, authentication, ordering, receiving reports.

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Demographic data and filtering

Demographic data and filtering for meda audience. API methods for exporting the media, getting the metrics, authentication, ordering, receiving reports.

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Tracking the virality of articles in social networks

The ability to track mentions of targeted keywords in news around the world. Possibility to monitor the information noise of your competitors and adjust your communications to stay on top.

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