Top 15 German Media: Online Magazines, German Newspapers & News Websites

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Try these great German media that help you get a reputation, tell more about your goods and services, share a story of your success and present strong points of the trade to readers and possibly find more investors. 

You desire to become famous and gain public awareness in your region or go to the international market; then there is nothing more powerful than publications in the best German newspapers.  

Rated German Media List

We know how hard it can be to choose where to place an article; that is why we have made a special list of top media in the segment:


The paper has a wide geographical range; it is read in Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Ireland. It is visited by 78.5 K. It presents a tech online blog where you can find articles about modern devices, popular platforms like Android and Linux. It is a great spot for advertising.

Radio Gong

The great media to share the latest news. It also can tell about local and international events and is widely read in the United States, Germany, and Spain.


It is another rated webspace that publishes news of the German town and makes reviews world events. A piece about your startup can be published via a contributor.


Online sports events are one of the most interesting topics; this public media tells about betting, online gambling, and current news. It is read mostly in Germany, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. The guest author will place a piece for the paper.

Heimspiel-Online.De the best german newspapers

The website places much news about sporting events. You can order an article through a contributor who will write about your company. Here is a perfect spot to be featured if you offer services connected to the sphere or sell fine products.

Essencebioresearch the best german newspapers

It has many sections where your article can be presented, from lifestyle to pet section. The media is well known in India and Germany. Tricky beauty tips or hair advice, money management, and special occasions can bring new customers or interested people to your company.


It is a website about football and other types of sporting occasions. The article can be published within 14 days via contributor.

Eishockey-Magazin.De the best german newspapers

An excellent place to publish a piece. It tells about international and local hockey. Trendy winter entertainment always has great ratings and involvement among users, so you will surely be noticed.

Xgadget.D German Media

The portal about software and mobile devices. People from Germany, United Kingdom, and Austria prefer to read it. You can be featured here via a contributor.

 Kreuzfahrt-Praxis.De German Media

The website about cruises, travels, and investments. Your story can be pitched here through a guest author. 

Yagaloo.Com German Media

One of the most popular websites with various topics to discuss, from fashion to lifestyle. The publication highlights world culture events, place fun facts about traveling, and has a fitness page.

Spam-Info.De German Media

The resource posts news and the latest gossip. It is mostly viewed in Germany and Austria, has great visit rates. You can be featured here by guest authors.

Raptastisch.Net German Media

The best place to leave an article and tell your story. Our contributors will pitch the material. You can be presented in some sections.

Vangardist.Com German Media

It is a modern magazine about design and cultural events. It is a trendy space with creative photos. Everybody connected to art will be happy to appear on its website. 

Tft-Mag.Com German Media

best german newspapers

If you develop a travel agency or building your brand, you will gladly choose this magazine about trips and journeys. Readers in European countries prefer to check the material it publishes. The visitors’ ratings are high, which can be great for more public awareness.

The list of best German media is prepared the way each sphere can be included. We understand the importance of finding the right group of target followers, so we selected the most frequently viewed publications and performed an analysis to support our statement.

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Why Should You Pick these Media? Best German Newspapers

It is easy to get confused in so many magazines and papers. If you have a small budget would like to publish materials on a certain topic, the list can help you to choose the media that are the best in the area. After your article is written and placed online, future customers can find your company’s name among the searched results and get to know more about it. Such publications can be done via our talented guest authors who write pieces regularly or via sponsored and advertorial posting. Describe the information you wish to make public and coordinate with our experts to create a story that will look like native advertising. We make it appealing and add some facts. Enjoy the opportunity to appear in top web resources and find your customers.

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