Top Coffee Blogs You Must Follow in 2024

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There are numerous coffee blogs, making it easy to feel overwhelmed. We’ve curated the top ones that offer intriguing insights into your favorite beverage. Some blogs are precise and technical, while others are crafted by individuals who simply love sharing their passion for this delightful drink with the world.

No matter your coffee preference, there are countless ways to brew it, and you’re about to explore them through the following coffee blogs.

The Most Loved Coffee Blogs 

There are various types of coffee blogs. Some focus primarily on preparation processes and various techniques, while others discuss popular coffee roasters and shops. By following technical blogs, you give yourself a chance to learn many new things and facts. Following coffee blogs for entertainment purposes is also enjoyable because you discover many new coffee places in your area and worldwide.

Let’s hope you will find the information you are looking for below!  

  1. Coffee Review

Coffee Review was created decades ago. By reading this blog, you will find everything about coffee. It will be your personal guide and a reliable reference to learn more about your favorite drink. The visual content deserves special attention; it is beautiful to look at! The author reviews new types of coffees every month. Every year, there is a detailed review of the best coffee brands in the world. If you want to discover more about coffee, it is the right blog to start with.

  1. Disney Coffee Blog

Surprisingly, the author of this blog succeeded in blending coffee and Disney. Many people follow this coffee blog. You will find fun blog posts about coffee spots in the Walt Disney World parks. So, if you plan to have a Disney adventure, you must check this blog out to not miss the best places that serve delicious coffee in the parks, resorts, and local areas.

  1. Pull & Pour

The creator of the Pull & Pour coffee blog is Andrew. He reviews different types and brands of coffees, focusing on brewing methods. You will be amazed to see how many tools the author uses to achieve the best results. Andrew’s content is free and truly awesome. You can feel his passion for this drink, which intuitively guides you to try new things. You will learn about many brands, unrelated to ads. Just subscribe to this blog to not miss new weekly posts.

  1. I Need Coffee

The I Need Coffee blog was created in 1999. It is a fun blog to follow if you enjoy coffee and drink it daily. You will find a lot of easy-to-follow recipes and detailed guides. The blog includes a few categories, such as “Coffee People,” “Coffee History,” and “Coffee Comics.” You will learn basic things, like roasting and brewing techniques, and, at the same time, you will discover a lot of interesting facts about your favorite drink

  1. Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish is a fabulous blog to follow, offering easy-to-follow information for practical use. You will find numerous step-by-step coffee recipes and independent buying guides for your convenience. The blog has all the potential to become your favorite, thanks to its visual and approachable content. The author loves simplicity in everything, and the art of making excellent coffee is no exception to this rule.

  1. Home Coffee Expert

Katie and Matt Woodburn-Simmons know a lot about coffee. The blog authors are passionate about coffee, and you can feel it right away. Reading this blog is pure joy and relaxation. It is loaded with tons of information for your home coffee brewing. They use a lot of infographics to make the content easy to follow.

  1. The Coffeetographer

Coffee combined with professional photography is something special. The Coffeetographer is a very creative blog fully dedicated to photography and coffee. You see your favorite drink through the lens of a professional and talented photographer. It is pure satisfaction to read and watch this blog. You will learn a lot about coffee and the culture around it. The blog opens a new perspective.

  1. Paulig Barista Institute

The Paulig Barista Institute is the perfect blog for professional baristas. The blog shares top coffee recipes, detailed guides, and insights on this hot beverage. The content includes technical and entertaining coffee information. The blog offers professional barista training in the Nordics and Baltics.

  1. Brian’s Coffee Spot

Brian’s Coffee Spot offers high-quality content about the best coffee shops in the USA, the UK, and many European cities too. Do not miss its Travel Spots and City Guides if you plan a journey and want to try new types of coffee on the way. 

  1. The Way to Coffee 

Resi runs a blog where she regularly posts high-quality content about coffee guides and reviews. She knows how to help coffee companies boost their business! Her experience and knowledge in coffee, marketing, and photography deserve your attention. 

Coffee Blog Comparison Table

Blog NameFocusUnique FeatureCommunity EngagementNoteworthy Content
SprudgeNews, Reviews, FeaturesGlobal coverage, industry interviewsActive social media communityIn-depth articles on emerging coffee trends and influential industry figures
Perfect Daily GrindComprehensive Coffee InfoExpert contributions, global coffee trendsForum for community discussionsEmphasis on sustainability and ethical practices in the coffee industry
The Coffee CompassCoffee and Travel BlendCoffee reviews paired with travel adventuresEngaging blog comments sectionAppeals to coffee lovers with a passion for exploration and discovery
BARISTA MagazineBarista LifestyleIndustry news, competition updates, barista profilesOnline forums and community eventsIdeal for those aspiring to become professional baristas
I Need CoffeeHome Brewing TipsPractical advice, product reviews, personal essaysReader-submitted contentFocus on enhancing the home coffee brewing experience with relatable content
StandartCoffee Culture MagazineArtistic visuals, intellectual articlesSocial media campaignsExplores the cultural and artistic aspects of coffee with a magazine format
CoffeeGeekEquipment Reviews & GuidesDetailed reviews, user-friendly contentActive forum communityExtensive guides on various coffee equipment and brewing methods
This table provides a quick overview of each blog’s focus, unique features, community engagement, and noteworthy content. Readers can use this table to find the blog that aligns best with their specific interests within the world of coffee.


The coffee blogs listed here deserve your attention. Choose your personal favorites and start following them. All are well-known and highly respected in the worldwide coffee community. No matter how skilled you are at making coffee, there’s always something new to discover and try in your life. Make your coffee time a fun activity!

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