The Top 10 Technology Journalists to Follow

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We know how long and hard it can be for start-ups to find technology journalists for press coverage of their products. It is especially hard to find media outlets that have millions of readers. To do so, you need to follow and engage relevant reporters that would be interested in reviewing your product.

We all know that building an effective contact list of reporters is an important step in gaining excellent press coverage. But that is only half of the difficulties. The other half (the more important part) is building relationships with journalists and pitching them. Without further ado, enjoy my list of the tech journalists to follow. 

Top 10 Technology Journalists by

Drew Prindle 

Senior Features Editor at Digital Trends
Senior Features Editor at Digital Trends

He works as the senior features editor at Digital Trends, an independent premium technology media. His passion for technology started with his talent for writing to create interesting, informative, and amusing stories. 

Drew is a tech columnist who likes to write about the latest technology innovations. He is an award-winning writer, editor, and storyteller. His work covers a broad range of topics but generally leans toward science, innovations, emerging technology, and future systems. He has exclusive, traction-worthy yet quick-to-consume stories. And all his content describes the topic with utmost care and precision. He hooks and delights his audience with many posts from various tech communities.

He’s also technically a cyborg because he’s been living with microchips in his hands since 2016. 

Alex Hern

Technology Editor at The Guardian
Technology Editor at The Guardian

Alex Hern works as the Technology Editor at the UK-based The Guardian, creating some of the most famous tech articles released by this publication. A relatively new addition to the Guardian tech team, his post about the TikTok fiasco and the growing disagreement between Apple and Fortnite creator Epic Games has been both insightful and unprejudiced.

His writing style is succinct, and whilst most of his articles are created with co-writers, it’s clear Alex’s skills as an editor has influenced how clean and precise the Guardian’s recent technology output has been in these recent months.

Erin Griffith

Journalist at the New York Times
Journalist at the New York Times

After gaining much experience as a writer at WIRED and Fortune, Adweek, and, Erin Griffith now works as a New York Times columnist, where she mainly writes about tech start-ups and Venture Capital. Her column in Fortune magazine, “Boom with a View” won a SABEW award for Commentary/Opinion writing in 2017 and a National Headliner award in 2016. This thought influencer is a creative and highly opinionated reporter who has covered a plethora of topics from self-driving cars to industry insights. 

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, minors in Philosophy and English, and a Women’s Studies certificate from Ohio University.

Dan Seifert

Deputy Editor at The Verge (Vox Media)
Deputy Editor at The Verge (Vox Media)

As Deputy Editor of the Vox Media’s tech news giant The Verge, Dan Seifert has quickly earned a name of a veteran in mobile tech journalism. He’s reviewing and covers the latest new gadgets and devices, offering a unique opinion on brand new products, and he gives his trusted verdict in every article.

A recent post that really caught the attention of many people was his review of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Whilst other journalists gave their bog-standard reviews to Samsung’s new premium smartwatch, Seifert dared to conclude the lack of innovation in smart wearables, commenting on its lackluster virtual assistant and its less than ideal app library. That’s what we appreciate in Dan’s work: he’s highlighting realistic positives and flaws to every product he reviews, making his work incredibly reliable and grounded in reality.

Joanna Stern

WSJ Senior Personal Technology Columnist

A distinguished writer at WSJ, Joanna Stern, specializes in covering the news of bleeding-edge tech. Her recent posts include looking at the slow rollout of 5G cell networks and her insightful piece on how TikTok has found itself at the center of a massive geopolitical fight.

Joanna Stern is acting more like an everyday bastion of technology news than other WSJ journalists who focus on hard-hitting business news, and that makes her content a whole lot more accessible. Her tech instructions, like how to deal with FaceID with a mask on, have proven supportive and professional in this strange world of ours. Followers appreciate Joanna’s dedication to the craft of simple-worded tech journalism written in an easy for understanding way, not just tech or business enthusiasts.

Christopher Mims

Technology Columnist – The Wall Street Journal

Previously holding the editor position for Quartz until 2014, Christopher Mims is a mainstay in the tech and innovation journalism world. As a technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Christopher has consistently proved mature and informative insights into tech and how it impacts our world.

His recent post on how Covid-19 is dividing the American Worker relating to how remote working and automation will carry on American inequality was incredibly interesting and worth reading.

Dieter Bohn

Executive Editor, The Verge

Dieter Bohn works as the Executive Editor for The Verge and one of the founding editors. Previously, he created and was the Editor in Chief for the Mobile Nations websites, including iMore and Android Central. Dieter earned a BA in English and Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and was a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Minnesota. He worked at MSNBC, CNN, and NPR. 

He writes the Processor email newsletter, creates the Processor videos on YouTube, and co-hosts the popular Vergecast podcast. He’s really obsessed with smartphones and has been since the VisorPhone. He has created, fostered, and led technology communities for more than a decade.

Casey Newton

Founder & writer at Platforma

He gained his degree in journalism and English from Northwestern University in 2002.

Newton, who started his career at The Verge in 2013, has published more than 570 issues of The Interface since it launched in October 2017. The newsletter, that he’s creating currently boasts more than 20,000 subscribers. The Interface usually follows the themes of content moderation, disinformation, and the negative influence of social media on society. The focus is frequently on the all-pervasive and ever-controversial Facebook, but the newsletter also covers brands like TikTok, Apple, Google, Amazon, and more.

During The Interface’s run, Casey also posted multiple investigative articles about the working conditions for platform content moderators, two of which were nominated for ASME awards.

Lauren Goode

Senior Editor, The Verge

Before becoming Senior Editor at The Verge, Lauren was Managing Editor of consumer tech coverage at Re/code and worked as a senior tech reviewer at She started her career working from the ground up at A&E Television Network and ESPN in New York. Prior to this, she worked as a multimedia producer and journalist at the Wall Street Journal Digital Network from 2008 to 2011. There she helped launch its live-streaming video programming and created and co-hosted the “Digits” technology show. 

Lauren received her undergraduate degree in English from Clark University in Worcester, Mass., and also earned a master’s in communications from Stanford University.

Peter Rubin

Journalist at Wired
Peter Rubin Technology Journalists

Peter Rubin is a reporter and critic with more than 20 years of experience covering culture, technology, and their intersection. Most recently, he worked as the founding executive editor of LEVEL, a Medium-owned media for and about Black and Brown men. He continues to carries on frequently for WIRED, where he spent eight years overseeing culture coverage in the magazine and online. Also, he leads the brand’s editorial efforts on emerging digital platforms, hosting video series and podcasts, and writing features. 

Prior to joining WIRED, Rubin worked as a feature writer and editor for more than a decade, penning cover stories for Elle, Details, GQ, Good, and other media. He gained a master’s degree from Columbia University and graduated from Williams College.

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Wrapping Up: Technology Journalists

No matter what job you do, you should always approach a journalist who actually covers the topic you’re interested in. If you need help in pitching tech journalists, contact PRnews, a reliable service, which will create, pitch technology journalists, and distribute these articles at a fixed price for publication. 

And if you’re not in the business of creating new tech and don’t need to pitch them your content follow them anyway. They have some amazing reviews into the latest gadgets, hardware, and software developments.

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