Most Important SEO Metrics: How to Choose a Publication and not Make a Mistake

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Most Important SEO Metrics. Publishing articles is a great way to increase the credibility of the company, establish yourself as a professional and attract the attention of as many readers as possible, which means potential customers. SEO promotion is an additional positive effect of article distribution. Links from reliable, authoritative resources will help you to get on Google top easily.

Most Important SEO Metrics

Usually, to find out the site’s parameters, you need to spend a lot of time, go through several circles of hell and often pay decent money for additional marketing tools. The PRNEWS.IO catalog for each publication already indicates their SEO metrics. This saves time, effort, and money.

Most Important SEO Metrics
Most Important SEO Metrics from catalog

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank indicates the traffic and user behavior on the site. This is a rating of all sites on the Internet. Therefore, the figure indicates the position of the site among all sites in the world.

How to Increase Alexa Rank?

Ahrefs Domain Rating

An indicator of the “authority” of a website in terms of SEO from the Ahrefs service. Based on the backlinks of the domain. It can take values from 0 to 100. The more the better. It can make a difference when comparing multiple domains in terms of the value of links for SEO.

Semrush rank

SemRush rating is provided by a service that fully analyzes the site in Google and Bing. It is based on organic traffic that comes from the top 100 Google search results. This is the rating by the number of visitors who come from the first top 20 search results. The smaller the SemRush score, the better.

What is Semrush Rank?

Moz Domain Authority

Moz Domain Authority (Domain Authority, DA) is a search engine ranking developed by Moz, which predicts how well a site will be ranked on search engine results pages (SERP). DA scores range from one to 100. The higher the better. It is calculated based on a combination of factors, including the number of links, the credibility of each of the pages, origin of the links, and many others. The highest scores in the Domain Authority rating are given to the sites with a large number of high-quality external links (Wikipedia or Google).


Majestic Сitation flow & Trust Flow

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are the indicators of the Majestic marketing search engine and the essential indicators of the link quality. The first measures the level of trust by navigating through web pages. The second allows determines how important the URL is, based on the number of sites that link to it. Both indicators are measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more reliable the site.

Citation Flow shows how much link juice this website receives dew to Majestic service.

Trust Flow shows the quality of backlinks this website receives due to Majestic service.

Majestic incoming domains

The indicator of the number of domains with backlinks to the analyzed website known by Majestic service. The more the better.

Majestic Inbound Links

The number of known by Majestic backlinks to the analyzed website. The more the better.

Trust Rank

A synthetic indicator that shows the quality of the backlinks. Allows determining the presence of backlinks from reputable websites in the backlink environment. It can take values from 0 to 100. The more the better.


Linkpad Incoming Domains

Linkpad is a service that analyzes backlinks on websites. The number of incoming domains shows how many different domains referred to the website you check. The higher the better.

Linkpad Inbound Links

Linkpad is a service that analyzes backlinks on websites. Inbound links show how many different pages of websites have backlinks to the website you check. The higher the better.

Linkpad Outcoming Domains

Linkpad is a service that analyzes backlinks on websites. The number of outcoming domains shows how many different domains recipient the backlinks from the website you check. The lower the better. The number of incoming domains should be higher than the outcoming ones.

Linkpad Outbound Links

Linkpad is a service that analyzes backlinks on websites. Outbound links show how many different pages get backlinks from the website you check. The lower the better.


Over-spam by CheckTrust

Total domain Over-spam. It can be within the range from 0 to 100. The lower the better. 0-7 is a great domain. 7-12 — acceptable domain. You should skip the domain with a 12+ over-spam rate for the quality backlink.

Spam score indicates the amount of spam on the site. When accounting for this metric, CheckTrust considers the total number of outbound links, the number of links to unique domains, the number of indexed pages, the total number of backlinks, and the number of backlinks from unique hosts. The smaller this figure, the cleaner the site.

Donor Assessment SPAM

  • Excellent donor between 0 and 7
  • Good donor between 7.01 and 12
  • Objectionable donor between 12.01 and 100

Where is it better to make a publication: on a trusted site with high spam content, or on a new clean site, but without a trust? CheckTrust specialists themselves prefer spam score, considering it the main one when analyzing the site.

Trust by CheckTrust

The total indicator of the quality of backlinks of the website. It can be in the range from 0 to 100. The higher the better. 51-100 is a great domain. 31-50 acceptable domain. Domains with poor quality for SEO have less than 30 trust rates.


Yandex Filter

AGS is a filter from Yandex that indicates penalties for poor website quality or for attempts to manipulate search results. If the filter has already been removed, then most likely the website can be trusted. But do it at your own risk. Most likely this link is much less valuable in terms of SEO. In addition, the filter can be reapplied, and the website will lose organic traffic from Yandex.


Yandex has detected attempts to spread malware through this website. This may be the result of hacking or fraud actions of the owner. We recommend staying away from such websites, at least until the removal of suspicion.

Yandex Filters

Shows whether there are sanctions imposed from the Yandex search engine. Absence is a good sign, but pay attention also to the indicator “Was under AGS”

Yandex SQI

Site Quality Index (SQI) is an indicator from Yandex that characterizes the usefulness of a website for visitors. The exact formula of Yandex IKS is not disclosed, but it is based on the size of the audience, the website`s trust level, and some other parameters. SQI is a complex indicator that takes into account not only the number of users but also their satisfaction. SQI shows how useful is the site for users in the eyes of Yandex. 

Yandex Catalog is a thematic rubricator of high-quality online resources. For a long time, website owners and SEO specialists considered getting into the Catalog prestigious. But since 2017, Yandex’s activity started to fade. So did TIC. This metric has become obsolete and irrelevant. 

Most Important SEO Metrics for PR promotion?

Ideal profile of a site suitable for PR promotion:

  • The site is referred to by others, trusted, and considered reliable in professional sources.
  • Trust rate is from 40-50 and more for useful backlinks.
  • Low spam level – from 0 to 7.
  • The number of inbound domains and links exceeds the number of outbound.
  • High indexation by Yandex or Google.

When placing material, you should pay more attention to Alexa Traffic Rank, inbound domains and links, Trust Flow, Google Indexing, and the SemRush rating.

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Conclusion: Most Important SEO Metrics

These are the main metrics that you should pay attention to when choosing a site.

There are already more than 13 thousand online media in the catalog. Each media outlet has its own metrics: the number of referring domains and backlinks, trust and citation indicators, SemRush rating, etc.

We have already collected all the necessary information about the sites. Demographics, the geography of visits, traffic sources, forecast on visits – there will not be a single blank spot before the publication of your article. Now you just need to follow the link, select the publication and publish the article.

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