PRNEWS.IO Will Discontinue its Press Room Feature Starting From August 1, 2022

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Starting from August 1, 2022, there will be no way to add free press releases to PRNEWS.IO-hosted press rooms.

On September 1, 2022, all press rooms and press releases will not be available.

PRNEWS.IO is focusing on its main service — sponsored content marketplace. We are adding new publications every day and have a lot of useful updates coming next month.

If you still need Press Room hosting service, please use solutions from the following vendors: 

You can ask for the export of your data via Customer Support.

Alex Nigmatulin

Chief Marketing Officer - PRNEWS.IO. Coordinating sales and marketing for more than 10 years (with interruptions for product design, getting the team together and partner management).

I went along with B2Blogger | PRNEWS.IO from the blog with press releases to the global marketplace of sponsored posts and native ads.

Believes that only useful advertising will survive.

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