Leveraging NFT Collections to Promote Cryptomedia: The Case of CP Media Millennials

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In recent years, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collections have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for promoting cryptomedia. One notable example is the CP Media Millennials NFT collection, a set of tokens created by the design department of CP Media, a media brand associated with CoinsPaid, a major international cryptocurrency payment provider. 

This article explores how the CP Media Millennials NFT collection became a successful marketing strategy, expanding the possibilities of marketing communications within the Web3 sphere.

The CP Media Millennials NFT collection is a collaboration between CP Media’s design department and three independent digital artists. The collection is dedicated to the pop culture of the late 90s and early 2000s. In total, 20 tokens were minted, each with 20 copies following the ERC-1155 standard. The collection is made available on the NFT marketplace Rarible.

What is Cryptomedia?

Cryptomedia refers to media content and platforms that are closely associated with the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It encompasses a wide range of digital media, including websites, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, social media channels, and more, that focus on topics related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other aspects of the digital asset space.

Cryptomedia plays a crucial role in disseminating information, news, analysis, and insights about the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It caters to both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those who are new to the industry, providing educational content, market updates, expert opinions, and discussions on various developments within the crypto space.

The content found in cryptomedia platforms covers a diverse array of subjects, such as cryptocurrency market trends, investment strategies, technological advancements, regulatory updates, blockchain use cases, tokenomics, and interviews with industry leaders and influencers. Cryptomedia acts as a bridge between the complex world of blockchain technology and the wider public, making the information more accessible and understandable for a broader audience.

Cryptomedia has gained significant traction alongside the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in various industries. As the crypto space continues to evolve and innovate, cryptomedia platforms will remain an essential resource for individuals and businesses seeking to stay informed and engaged in this rapidly changing landscape.

Advantages of NFT Collections for Cryptomedia Marketing

The CP Media Millennials NFT collection served multiple functions in the marketing strategy:

Attracting Target Audience

By offering exclusive and limited-edition NFTs, CP Media managed to capture the attention of its target audience, generating curiosity and interest in the brand.

Building Long-term Relationships

Owning an NFT from the collection became a way for CP Media to establish and maintain long-term relationships with its existing audience. NFT holders felt connected to the brand, and the scarcity of the tokens encouraged loyalty.

Demonstrating Expertise

Through the creation and promotion of the NFT collection, CP Media showcased its expertise in handling digital assets, reinforcing its position as a knowledgeable player in the Web3 industry.

Infoprovocation and Visibility

The launch of the NFT collection served as a significant infoprovocation, leading to increased mentions and discussions about CP Media, consequently elevating its visibility in the cryptomedia space.

Multi-Stage Promotion of CP Media Millennials NFT Collection

The marketing campaign for the CP Media Millennials NFT collection followed several stages, utilizing CP Media’s various resources:

Social Media and Website

The initial promotion was done through CP Media’s social media channels and website. Teasers, previews, and information about the upcoming NFT collection were shared to create anticipation.

Partner Platforms

CP Media collaborated with partner platforms and NFT influencers to widen the reach of the collection. This partnership helped attract a diverse set of collectors and investors.

iGB Live! Exhibition

The culmination of the marketing campaign was the presentation of the NFT collection at the prestigious iGB Live! exhibition in Amsterdam. This event provided an opportunity to showcase the collection to a wider audience and potential investors.

Instructional Website Content

A detailed guide on how to become an owner of an NFT from the CP Media Millennials collection was made available on the CP Media website, simplifying the process for interested individuals.


The CP Media Millennials NFT collection demonstrated how NFTs can be effectively utilized as a marketing instrument in the cryptomedia industry. By leveraging the power of exclusivity, scarcity, and digital art, CP Media succeeded in attracting and engaging its audience while showcasing its expertise in the Web3 domain. The success of this campaign serves as a blueprint for other cryptomedia brands looking to integrate NFT collections into their marketing strategies for heightened visibility and enhanced audience relations.

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