Stars of Jazz Journalism: Top Jazz Journalists 2023

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There are many directions in music journalism. Among them, there is serious jazz journalism, which is intended primarily for musicians, music critics, artists, in general, creative people. We will tell you about the most famous of them.

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Top Jazz Journalists 2023

Allen Morrison


Allen Morrison is a music journalist, jazz critic, teacher, and musician. He has interviewed many leading jazz and pop musicians. A regular columnist for DownBeat and Jazz Times magazines, Allen covers festivals around the world, including the Toronto Jazz Festival in Canada and the MIMO Festival in Brazil. His articles on music have appeared in The Guardian, Jazziz, Departures, and American Songwriter.

Allen has lectured on the history of jazz aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 as part of the Cunard Insights outreach program and has performed at public libraries and other venues.

Allen combines his music knowledge with extensive experience in journalism, public relations, and communications management to work in the private, public sector, and non-profit organizations. He was a magazine editor and music critic during his career and wrote articles for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsday. A skilled pianist, Allen has a passion for American popular music. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all its genres: pop, rock, jazz, country, blues, or any other kind of music. 

Marek Romanski 


Marek studied at the University of Warsaw. Journalist, music critic, since 2000 editor of the Jazz Forum magazine, author of radio programs. The promoter, host of cultural events, music lover without genre boundaries, collector of records.

In 2019 in the Polish city of Szczecin, the first showcase in the history of the Polish jazz scene (from the English showcase, “showcase”) took place – that is, a festival whose purpose is not to attract a wide audience but to present a certain set of musicians to music industry professionals who are invited to such an event especially, including from abroad.

Eight young teams took part, none of which was born earlier than the first half of this decade. They were selected for participation by a strict jury, which included the staff of the Jazz Forum magazine, including the editor of the magazine Marek Romanski.

Matt Fripp


Matt Fripp is the Head of a concert agency, creator of the Jazzfuel blog. After graduating from the Guildhall School of Music with a degree in Jazz, Matt Fripp became involved in the organization of performances and management. For the first 6 years, he worked for a London agency and then founded his own company. During all this time, he has organized over 1000 international concerts for a number of artists.

In addition to organizing, Matt runs, where he shares professional advice with jazz musicians around the world – the site provides free articles and recommendations, interviews with industry leaders, and a range of professional services such as media awareness campaigns consulting, and online courses.

Gary Giddins

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He is an American jazz critic and writer who has been making articles for The Village Voice since 1973. His column “Weather Bird” ended in 2003. In 1986, Gary Giddins and John Lewis formed the American Jazz Orchestra, which performed concerts using a jazz repertoire with musicians such as Tony Bennett. Giddins was a musician; thus, writing some materials about his trade made him one of the greatest authors of the field.

Jim DeRogatis  


He is a popular American music critic and co-host of the Sound Opinions radio show. DeRogatis has written articles for magazines such as Spin, Guitar World, and Modern Drummer and is a pop music critic for the Chicago Sun for fifteen years. -Times. However, he is not musically educated. He gained experience from work and taking multiple interviews with popular singers and performers.

Alex Ross


He is a “New Yorker” journalist. In 2007, he released the first book called “The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century” It was dedicated to the history of musical culture since 1900. It joined the New York Times Top 10 Book of 2007 and won National Book Critics Circle Award and Pulitzer Prize nominations. Three years later, he released his second book called “Listen to This.”

Leslie Conway Bangs


He was an American music critic and a journalist who has written articles for “Rolling Stone” and Creem magazines. He started his career by creating a negative review and sending it to “Rolling Stone.” He requested to explain the reason in case the magazine refused to publish materials. From early years he was interested in jazz musicians like John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Bangs’ criticism was filled with cultural references, not just rock music but also literature and philosophy. He was known for his radical and critical style of work.

Robert Christgau


He is the oldest American publicist and music, journalist. He writes articles and reviews about jazz and rock bands and compositions. From 1972 he worked as a music critic for “Newsday,” and in 1974 he returned to “The Village Voice” as music director. Christgau has occasionally written for Playboy, Spin magazine, and Creem. He also started jazz while in college but returned to rock after graduation. However, he started his career as a sports journalist but later decided to move closer to music. In 1967 he topped the music column for “Esquire” magazine. But the most famous he became because of his column “Consumers guide.” There he created an evaluation system for each music album. It has been published monthly in “The Village Voice” since 1969.

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Significance of Journalists Work

Jazz journalism includes many famous people in the music world. These are people who have their own opinion in the analysis and assessment of the development of world jazz.

The opinion of these people is especially valuable, as they have a broad professional outlook and can judge all trends in the musical world very competently.

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