Infatica Used PRNEWS.IO to Gain Media Coverage and Attract Key Investors

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Igor Pakhomov, Marketing Director at Infatica – a residential proxy provider, explains how to use additional channels to generate leads to raise funds.

Challenge: Obtain Media Coverage of the Company’s Fundraising

Infatica is a leading provider of residential proxy services. The team was confronted with the formidable challenge of generating awareness for their product and capturing the attention of potential investors in an extremely competitive market. In this cutthroat industry, even the slightest delay could mean the loss of millions of dollars.

Infatica identified the following key objectives to achieve their fundraising goals:

  • Increasing visibility to potential investors
  • Informing funds and investors about their product
  • Expanding marketing and sales into new markets.

The company opted to lure investors through media coverage via press releases. The most challenging aspect of this undertaking was choosing the appropriate media outlets and identifying relevant contacts to disseminate the news.

“Infatica is doing expansion, so we are working on fundraising for the Seed round. We’re improving visibility on this track to inform funds and investing actors. We add PRNEWS.IO as an extra channel to get inbound leads on fundraising.”

Ihor Pakhomov, Chief Marketing Officer

Solution: Infatica’s Strategic Media Selection and Swift Publication Leads to Global Press Coverage

Infatica decided to use the PRNEWS.IO service to achieve their fundraising goals. PRNEWS.IO is a press release distribution platform that allows companies to distribute their news to journalists, bloggers, and media outlets across the globe in just a couple of clicks. Instead of outreaching journalists, pitching them with your proposals, and wasting time on negotiations, Infatica turned to PRNEWS.IO for help.

In just one hour Infatica’s press release was swiftly published on Bloomberg, one of the most reputable and highly circulated news outlets.

The press release gained significant attention from the media, resulting in it going viral and being reposted for free by renowned resources like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Financial Content, etc.

High-quality distribution of press releases in a world overflowing with information is not an easy task. For your news not to drown in the world of content and clickbait headlines, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Your news must be valuable, do not distribute press releases about anything.
  • The press release should be placed on a media your target audience is reading.

The strength of the PRNEWS.IO service is providing statistics on the media in which placement is planned. The client always knows exactly what he will receive for his investments.

“PRNEWS.IO offers an extensive catalog, making it effortless to find the most suitable media outlet to publish a press release. The platform eliminates all the work involved in the publishing process, ensuring a seamless experience for the user.”

Ihor Pakhomov, Chief Marketing Officer

Result: Infatica’s Press Release Published on Sites with a Combined Monthly Traffic of Over 510 Million Readers

Following the press release publication on Bloomberg, the real PR magic kicked in as the material went viral and was reposted for free by several prominent publications, including Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News, among others.

Infatica received significant coverage and free publications in several prestigious international publications, thanks to their competent selection of the appropriate media and the exceptional speed with which PRNEWS.IO completed the task. These publications include:

Collectively, these sites have a readership of over 510 million per month!

Overall, the use of PRNEWS.IO was a cost-effective and efficient way for Infatica to achieve their fundraising goals. The press release generated significant interest and visibility, informed potential investors and funds, and expanded marketing and sales in new markets.

About Infatica

Infatica is an ethical residential proxies provider. Residential proxies are fundamental infrastructure for web scraping, data mining, competitors intelligence, marketplaces analytics, and competitive intelligence, etc. Infatica has a presence in Asia, Europe, N. America and now is expanding to LatAm. We’re a small, but efficient team of 9 people, delivering the same amount of services as a large corporation. The “remote first company” with employees from Brazil to Kazakhstan.

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