How PRNEWS.IO Helped Tickets Travel Network Achieve Its SEO Goals

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About the Client

Tickets Travel Network is a leading travel aggregator that provides convenient access to a wide range of air, rail, and bus passenger transportation options. Operating under brands like tickets, kissandfly, travelfrom, mytickets, and alrehlat across over 20 countries, TTN aims to create a seamless and efficient environment for travel planning, offering users the ability to choose the best ticket options from all major carriers and airlines. –› Ukraine –› Germany –› France –› Poland –› Spain –› Italy –› Austria –› Netherlands –› Moldova –› Romania –› Estonia –› Latvia –› Lithuania –› Turkey –› Nigeria –› UAE –› Saudi Arabia –› USA –› Kazakhstan –› Azerbaijan –› Armenia –› Kyrgyzstan –› Uzbekistan –› Georgia

Their mission, encapsulated in the motto “Travel Awaits!”, is to be a reliable bridge between passengers and travel providers during the often stressful journey planning process.

The Challenge

Tickets Travel Network faced two key challenges that prompted them to use PRNEWS.IO’s services:

Vendor Documentation Requirements

As an accredited member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), TTN is obligated to maintain comprehensive documentation for all business dealings, including with independent web publishers for link-building purposes. Collaborating with bloggers and website owners who are not legal entities poses difficulties in meeting these stringent reporting requirements.

Achieving Link-Building Goals

TTN needed an efficient way to secure the planned volume of high-quality backlinks required to improve their search engine visibility across multiple geographic markets. They needed a way to:

  • Find high-quality websites to place backlinks on
  • Work with webmasters to get their content published
  • Track the results of their link-building campaigns

The Solution

PRNEWS.IO provided Tickets Travel Network with a streamlined solution to meet their link building needs while ensuring proper documentation for compliance purposes. By utilizing PRNEWS.IO’s platform, TTN could collaborate with individual web publishers without the hassles of contracting with non-legal entities directly.

The Result

The PRNEWS.IO partnership allowed TTN to achieve their link building goals, leading to improved rankings and organic traffic growth as evidenced by their performance graphs. Vasylchenko Oleg, Head of SEO, affirmed, “We are completely fulfilling our goals. We started receiving some results right from the first few months, and some more recently.”

While generally satisfied, TTN did experience some challenges like publisher delays, frequent price increases, and link limits per publication. However, Oleg confirmed, “We will certainly approach the PRNEWS.IO team with new assignments! There is still a vast scope of work for you.”

Looking ahead, TTN plans to sustain their link-building momentum and market leadership across regions by continuing their successful collaboration with PRNEWS.IO.

In Oleg’s words, “PRNEWS.IO has lived up to expectations! You are doing a great job reacting quickly, solving any issues, constantly evolving, expanding your database and geographic reach, and improving website functionality. Well done and thank you for the interview!”

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