How Good Brand Awareness Can Skyrocket a Small Business

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Has your label reached the eponym stage? If you’re here, then chances are you only strive to do that. Do you want to get recognition for your mark? Although brand awareness sounds too high for you, it’s not rocket science. The key is to create a unique selling point that distinguishes you from the other labels in the market. Although reaching a proprietary eponym stage for a small business is a dream, you can still do a lot more for your brand. You can still make a memorable impression in your industry.

No matter the niche, a brand that builds a stronger market position wins the battle for attention. And that could be a real roller coaster in today’s dynamic and constantly changing market. Think that it’s a guessing game? Think again. Below you’ll find a list of tried and proven tactics that can help you well on your way to becoming an iconic label. Getting superiority in the market is challenging yet possible.

Odds are, you won’t become a familiar brand overnight, yet you can kickstart your journey of becoming a label that customers will remember.

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Brand Awareness Definition

The level of how familiar your potential customers are with your game means brand recognition. It includes every tiny detail such as a slogan, tagline, or catchphrase associated with your output. For a small business, customers who know who you are, what you do, and what your game is known for also matter. Do your customers recognize your color scheme? Or do they spread your brand name through word of mouth? Whatever they do, they get familiar.  

Why Is Brand Awareness Important for a Small Business?

What is the difference between a successful business and one that is destined to fail? Success doesn’t depend on your product or service’s quality. Neither it’s a subject to how much reach you get on social media. Instead, things like your brand name, logo, color, or slogan make up the essence for your brand perception. Therefore, if you polish your label, you build trust. As a result, you build more familiarity toward your goal of an eponym.

Brand Awareness Tactics You Should Try 

#1 Add a Humor Taste to Your Brand Unique Identity

Nothing can set you apart from the digital ‘noise’ better than good old-fashioned humor. Audiences like to be entertained, so try to turn to humor to promote your product or service. The better you can tie it to your brand identity, the higher the level of recognition you can get. Thus, entertaining content could be a good reason to follow your label.

#2 Consistency is the key

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it’s a matter of consistency and hard work. After all, it takes five-seven impressions before someone remembers your brand. To keep people on track of your business, make sure your logo, colors, fonts, and copy standards follow a style guide. Think of the Coca-Cola brand, for example. How much has it changed since its establishment? Well, not all that much.

Who said the rebranding is bad? Of course, it’s a good idea to give your brand image a change. Yet, it should be recognizable throughout the years. When you focus on new aspects of your business, you can reach new customers and create new growth in an ever-evolving market. Thus, at a time when rebranding can have many benefits, it can also bring risks. So, make sure you are well prepared to manage those risks.

#3 Social Focus

Although there are many social media platforms available for small businesses, there’s a trick. Not all of those are compatible with yours. So do a bit of exploring to find several that work for you and dedicate time to all of them equally. Thus, if you deal a lot with photos, Instagram is right up your alley. If you focus on writing, then Tumblr and Facebook will be a great choice. Those who are into the listicles, go for Pinterest best. So, what is your hook?

Of course, you shouldn’t abandon the other platforms. There is a pool of potential customers to work with, so go there and win their attention. Your brand awareness strategy might involve not only regular posting. Host a social media contest is a great way to engage new audiences. Go just beyond a plain page for your business. A paid social media ad campaign is also a great way to encourage your audience to interact. As the latest report states, targeted advertising can help small businesses break into new markets.  

#4 Combine Influencer Marketing with PR

There was a time when influencers were only used by clothing and makeup brands. Today things have changed a lot. There are many thought leaders in other niches that could work well with yours. But you don’t need to work with all of those. The thing is that you should find a complementary business that will endorse you, not compete with you. If you are in the sports business, any public influencer from a charity niche will suit you. Getting your brand out around festivals or events will also do big things for you. Such a mutual partnership is a win-win way towards brand perception.

PR is a powerful way to get your small business noticed. Big brands pay big money for being namechecked in major media outlets. If you need guidance in creating a good PR strategy, get in touch with PRNEWS.IO. Save months while searching for effective media contacts. 

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According to Amra Beganovich, founder of Amra & Elma and Colorful Socks brand, receiving positive media mentions allows brands boost credibility, popularity, and in turn conversions. Media mentions act like a third party brand endorsement by lending their already established brand voice to a new and upcoming company. 

#5 Measure Brand Success

What can’t be measured can’t be managed. That is the mantra for every business, no matter large or small. How can you determine the level of customers’ satisfaction with your brand if you don’t control it? Today the choice of tools to accurately measure the impact of your marketing efforts has no end in sight. Aside from that, you can track brand mentions through hashtags, use online surveys, measure web traffic, track linking to your brand’s website, to name a few. Just because you use different perception tactics, the result you get might vary and much. To stay in the know which one tactic works best for you, control it. There’s always room for improvement; you need to open the right door for that.

Brand Awareness FAQ Section

How to measure brand awareness?

You can’t measure it in the traditional sense. Yet, the choice of tools available today is huge. The best thing is that everything is right at your fingertips. Social engagement and site traffic numbers are also very important and can affect familiarity with your brand a lot. You need to review and adjust.

What is brand awareness?

This is the level of how well your target audience recognizes your brand. That’s all about how people perceive it and why. Think of it as a motivation to deal with you and make decisions about your product or service.

How to increase brand awareness?

Different tired and proven tactics can work well for your brand perception. You don’t need to use them all at once. Each business is unique, and no one knows it better than you. So do a bit of exploring to decide where you should invest all your time & effort to get noticed.

Why is brand awareness important?

No matter the niche, doing business is not a matter of profit only. You can’t do a successful business by only selling output. It’s a bad way to go. Instead, you need to create a unique selling point through emotional connections with your audiences. This bond will help you build repeat business.

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