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Halloween PR. The holidays are always a time for new and creative solutions that can help your business make a name for itself, take it to the next level, and get more clients. The holiday season is about to begin, so your team will soon be busy. In the midst of the festive rush, a major challenge for many companies is personalizing their sales. How to attract the customers’ attention? How to stand out from the others? What marketing tools to use? Of course, it is recommended to develop strategies for direct marketing and apply an individual approach to each client. Let your imagination take flight creatively.

Experiment, create projects, come up with ideas that will surprise everyone who comes to your office, store, or enters the page on social networks. Your priority is to get the clients in the holiday spirit and amaze them with unique and extraordinary offerings from your brand. Anyone who has ever created a celebratory social media and offline campaign knows that finding inspiration is an important part of the process. And sometimes, it is easier to find inspiration by looking back on what has been done, knowing what works and what has not. So, today we present to you the 10 best PR and marketing Halloween strategies that are sure to work and surprise clients and your employees. Hurry over to our fresh selection of amazing ideas, apply them and create an extraordinary atmosphere on the spooky and horrible Halloween holiday!

Horribly Fascinating Competitions

Contests are the very first thing that comes to mind for engaging the customers. It is an extremely effective way to engage clients and get them interested in your brand exactly. You can run a scale campaign, giving away gifts and discounts on the projects and products. To make this process more interesting, you can launch a contest. It is a great way to engage people and reach a wider social media audience. You get two in one: user-generated content and brand recognition. Everyone loves contests and prizes. If you sell a product, have a contest and raffle it off! It is another great way to engage users and get new customers at the same time. Humor is not out of place here. Offer to tell your customers about the ridiculous situations on Halloween. It is very simple but can involve more audience, especially if the prize is quite interesting. Remember, the competition requires instructions and a description of the prize to immediately clear to people what they need to do to participate. Do not forget to design the competition in a corporate style and place the logo prominent.

You can also come up with an activity like a photo contest. Yes, this trick is trivial, but it is still effective. For many, taking pictures is the main purpose of Halloween celebrations in general. After all, at this time, social media is replete with eye-catching, out-of-the-ordinary, and stylish photos. Most people want to come up with the most awesome outfits, look for decorations, and think about their makeup down to the smallest detail. You can make a contest for the best look, etc. Your imagination is not limited here.

Stylish Holiday Symbolism

Add Halloween elements to your branding. After all, this holiday is almost the only day of the year when you can free yourself from restrictions and fully apply your creativity. Because Halloween is not Christmas when you have to stick to certain symbols, among other elements, Halloween is a great chance to make changes to the logo and even your brand identity in honor of the holiday. Also, we recommend you upgrade your social media. Remember how on Valentine’s Day, everything is decorated with angels, hearts, and lovebirds. Take action in that direction. Celebrate this October holiday with a themed cover for all your social media accounts. Develop an extraordinary design that will match the holiday topic and remind you that this is YOU. You can also use unusual Facebook covers and make awesome Instagram stories.

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Thematic Event in Halloween PR

Do you want to do something on a large scale? Any holiday is an occasion to please not only the customers but your co-workers as well. A themed event is the best solution if you want to stand out and be remembered. Here, it all depends on the type of business, but you may use this fun holiday to arrange a special themed party, which will match the spirit of your brand. So, what is the goal? Besides having fun, it will bring your company closer together and be a good opportunity to connect with customers. Organize a costume party, order delicious Halloween brownies, go on a scary quest, etc. You can make any idea come true here. If you do not have any ideas, then use the event agencies of your city. Professionals will definitely help you create an atmospheric holiday.  

Limited Edition Goods in Halloween PR

Every brand lover picks out certain products that they adore and are willing to buy forever. And often this list includes goods that have been sold at one time or another. Halloween may also be a source of ideas for interesting marketing of the products. Depending on the type of business you are in, a limited edition Halloween items line is an idea that can bring in a lot of popularity. Create a series of cosmetics, jewelry, treats, etc. First, it will help to understand what exactly can be upgraded in the product collection. Secondly, it will get more clients due to the fact that the product is new. It also applies to services that you may offer exclusively on holiday. You have to work with customers, engaging them in holiday shopping as much as possible. You can put ideas on the site for tips on what to get and to whom, a thematic selection of goods, a list of must-have pre-holiday tasks, etc. And immediately provide links to your solutions to show that you have an offer and a decision. You can unobtrusively lead the customer to the purchase, adjusting the actions depending on their preferences. Work with the marketer to develop different scenarios of client behavioral lines and find the right solution that will lead to a purchase.

Intriguing Email Newsletter

Of course, it is necessary to remember email marketing in any promotion of the offerings, even during the holidays. Holiday emails have become a good tradition. After all, in addition to the fact that you can quickly send letters to many customers with an automated newsletter, the volume of the email message allows you to tell them about special offers and discounts and show the product’s appearance. But there is one problem: most often, people ignore messages with various offers in the email. And there is a solution here as well. You need to make such a letter that no one can get past. So, take care of a branded template. Make it with your company logo, nice and easy to understand, with clear to the average person the terms of the action and, of course, festively decorated. Add interesting pictures. These can even be humorous images. Make it a rule to send a letter to customers that you would like to receive yourself. 

Instead of overwhelming customers with tons of emails, send just a couple. Do you know why this is a good idea? Every company goes out of its way to get more clients into its stores. It gets tiresome, and often customers think everyone is like that. We suggest that you send one early email notifying you of interesting new promotions. And one more on the day of the promotion with holiday wishes and a final email for those who put off shopping until the last minute.

It is also important to fill the text with emotion. Make people laugh to tears at your funny and witty promotions. Emotions lead to action, which means you may use emotion to your advantage and get creative with your writing. 

Pay attention to the lens from which you talk about your campaigns, write letters or post on social media. What you say and how you say it will significantly impact your customers’ decision to buy or not buy your goods.

Popularization in Social Networks

Social media is one of the most effective ways of Halloween PR promotion. If you do not have a page there, then quickly create it. You may also hire specialists to help you promote the page properly without attracting a so-called “non-real” audience. Let the social networks talk about you. Some of the things that can benefit your brand, in the long run, don’t really cost you anything. The holiday season is a good time to reach out to the readers and start a discussion. Ask the audience about the best Halloween celebration, the most memorable gifts, favorite holiday foods, etc. It is always good to know that real people on the other side of the screen are trying to interact with the customers and want to hear their opinions. There are a million ways to do this, but first, think about your company and what you can publish at this time of year to interest and engage your readers.

Instagram Ads in Halloween Public Relations

We all know that Instagram is a social network that is flooded with advertisements. So, you can take advantage of it to promote your brand. During the holidays, we think your marketing efforts should also extend to all social media accounts. Again, people are more likely to find out about the company through organically integrated Instagram ads because they will search for gift ideas. So, treat them to some fun holiday advertising. Set aside a budget and create an extraordinary promotional pitch. The Halloween holiday season can be a good reason to switch to a business account because it makes it easier for new customers to reach you.

Useful Content in Halloween PR

Even a lazy person can advertise the product and offer holiday discounts. However, the primary mission of any brand is to benefit customers. Think about what useful information you can share with the audience at the Halloween celebration. The key is to make sure that the content is of interest to your subscribers. Primarily, of course, it is an article or post. Make a selection of scary places in the city, share gift ideas and shopper scares, give makeup and costume tips, or prepare instructions for decorating the home. These things will maximize customer engagement because you have a working solution that is easy to use.

You may also use infographics. Any helpful content can be presented in the form of charts, diagrams, and unusual schemes. This way, the information is easier to understand and more convenient to share with others.

You can also stop at video content. Nowadays, it is the most popular type of content. Therefore, in addition to the text, prepare short videos with useful tips.

Halloween, like any other holiday, can play into the hands of attracting customers. And modern digital printing, which allows you to create products in small editions, will be an excellent solution for producing seasonal goods in the form of invitations, banners, souvenirs, stationery, and clothing. It is also useful because there is a buyer for every product. 

Memes in Halloween PR

Ha-ha-ha. Are you ready to entertain your clients and make your employees laugh at the same time? Then take the initiative into your own hands. Post funny pictures, cool pics with captions, and jokes that will amuse everyone. Search for content online, create your own memes. That way, you can turn your feed into a full-fledged photo album. It is also a great idea to have a contest for the best meme, the funniest comment, etc. First, it will encourage your audience to show their creativity. Second, you can entertain yourself, your team, and your community.

Holiday Instructions in Halloween PR

Halloween is a holiday during which you need to take care not only of eye-catching page design, outfit but also think about safety. This festive night, when the boundaries between the real world and the netherworld are blurred, restless souls begin to wander around the houses and half-empty streets. From behind every corner, some evil creatures lookout. People who are too immersed in the atmosphere of this holiday look for different ways to protect themselves. And, of course, sometimes comes to funny and stupid decisions. So that Halloween does not turn into a waking nightmare for your brand’s subscribers, familiarize them with the rules of safe celebration in advance. A few days before the holiday, run instructions telling the audience how to avoid being rude when asking for sweets. You can also talk about how to avoid consequences from small pranks, protect yourself from evil spirits, and what to do if Frankenstein tells you “trick-or-treating.” Make these instructions interesting. It will be amazing and useful.

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Let’s summarize Halloween PR: use our tips, stand out from the crowd, and do not forget to have fun. Try to find your own special approach to holiday marketing campaigns. Ideas are just swarming in the air. You just need to sit down with your team and have a real brainstorming session. We hope that our selection will help you save time thinking about it.

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