Must-Follow Education Blogs To Boost Your Professional Skills 

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Following all new education methods, trends, and technological innovations is challenging. If you work in the education sector, you have to face this monumental task on a daily basis. All education professionals, students, and parents need a sort of assistance. If you do not conduct in-depth research, it becomes pretty hard to find out where to look for the most valuable and up-to-date information. As an educator, it is essential to keep on shaping your teaching method and providing the best tools to support your students and help them achieve success in their studies and later on in life. 

How To Choose The Best Education Blogs?

We are lucky, there are a lot of education blogs, that focus specifically on assisting educators and making education news and new trends accessible. We have prepared a list of the most followed education blogs with easily digestible information for educators, students, parents, and experts just like you. Nowadays, you can find thousands of education blogs that are available across the internet. If you do not have enough free time to explore them by yourself, we’ve chosen a list of the most reliable, accessible, and highly followed due to their content quality and popularity among education professionals.

Here is the list of the most trendy education blogs you should follow in 2024:

  1. ASCD Blog

ASCD blog is run by a passionate community, which consists of talented and devoted educators. If you work in the education sector, ASCD blog is the right place where you can meet other educators, share your ideas, offer efficient solutions, and read the most accurate education news. This blog has a lot of posts written by a talented team of educators and professional writers. You will find posts that cover the following topics: school leadership, statistics, leadership, equity among students, instructional resources, and in-depth research on many subjects.

  1. Class Tech Tips Blog

Class Tech Tips is a popular blog and passionate edtech community. This education blog was created by Monica Burns, who was a classroom teacher but now she dedicated her life to spreading vulnerable information online. You will read about edtech tips, modern strategies, and fun activity ideas on how to make technology integration much easier. Posts are written every week, where Monica shares information on fresh lesson ideas, edtech tools, and efficient ways to implement technology in your classroom.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Cool Cat Teacher Blog has been created by Vicki Davis, who is a passionate teacher. The purpose of the blog and podcast is to help both teachers and their students. You get access to efficient tools that make your education journey easier and lead you to bright success. The education blog is mainly focused on news, edtech, trends, tools, and creative lesson plans to support educators and make their way of teaching more enjoyable, interactive, and fun. The blog aims to help teachers, students, parents, librarians, and administrators understand technology and ways to use it to open up all abilities of your students.

  1. Dangerously Irrelevant Blog

The creator of the Dangerously Irrelevant blog is Scott McLeod, who is a widely recognized professor of education leadership. He is the leading expert on P-12 school leadership, education innovation, deeper learning, and technology. His interesting and unique education blog shares valuable information about leadership, young people’s empowerment, innovation, and edtech. Many educators from all around the world follow Dangerously Irrelevant Blog and find it helpful when it comes to technology leadership with equity in mind.

  1. Free Technology for Teachers Blog

The purpose of the Free Technology for Teachers Blog is to share important information about available resources that educators can use in their classrooms free of charge. The blog was created by Richard Byrne, who is an experienced computer science teacher. Followers of the blog will find a lot of practical edtech tools and step-by-step guidance on how to support teachers across all grade levels.

  1. ISTE Blog

We recommend the ISTE blog for all educators as it contains creative ideas, high quality content, and unique resources for teachers, librarians, IT professionals. You will always be well-informed about edtech trends, fresh news, the newest innovations, and interesting ideas from the edtech industry and worldwide community.

  1. The Washington Post Answer Sheet Blog

Answer Sheet is an excellent education blog written by Valerie Strauss. You will find all the relevant information about the US education system. Many posts are dedicated to events that affect the education system of today. Many posts are supported by the well-known News Literacy Project in order to provide unique programs/resources for the educators and students to become smarter, more active and engaged people in a democracy.


These education blogs are followed by thousands of people across the country and even worldwide. Educators, parents, and edtech experts find daily inspiration and information to grow as educators. We have included education blogs that offer high-quality content, educational news, and efficient tools to support educators. Follow these blogs to gain new knowledge and find the needed inspiration to guide your students! 

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