Demystifying PR Jargon: Boilerplates and Press Releases

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What are the most important aspects of writing a good press release that gets you publicity in international media outlets? 

Yes, the story should be newsworthy for the journalists, but it won’t do too much if the document doesn’t include full information about what the company does, its mission, and the objectives it is trying to achieve. 

Boilerplate is a standardized text that helps you solve this problem. Follow along as we tell you everything you need to know about what makes a good boilerplate and how to use it properly to fulfill your press release documents. 

Understanding Boilerplates

We can define boilerplates as standard, reusable text about the company’s background, mission, and objectives. This kind of standardized text can be used in various different communication materials like press releases, internal documents, and contracts. 

Why is it necessary to have a standardized piece of content about your company, you ask? 

Well, this approach ensures information accuracy, consistency, and message delivery in a clear and concise way. 

For example, in the case of a press release, boilerplates are included at the end of the document, and it provides context to journalists and creates interest in the company by showcasing crucial information about the company’s background and purpose. 

Essential Elements of a Compelling Boilerplate

There are a couple of key elements that are absolutely essential to include in your Boilerplate, which is often used in Press Release and corporate communication documents:

  • Company background: what information would you give to the person who has no idea about what your company does? Here, it is important to include details like location, founding year, areas of operation, and primary products. 
  • Mission statement: what is your company’s fundamental purpose? Make sure to include a clear summary of the values and aims of the company, which will help readers get perspective about your goals and direction. 
  • Achievements: it is always fascinating to see the list of impressive achievements from companies, especially in the startup phase. So don’t forget to include your awards, recognitions, growth numbers, or any interesting metrics that you think are worth sharing to the public. 
  • Core values: what are the beliefs, values, and guiding principles that are fundamental to your company? Adding this element in the boilerplate will give insights to the readers about the culture of your company.  
  • Link to the website: this important, yet often forgotten, element must direct readers to the page on your website that aligns with your objectives. The link doesn’t necessarily need to be your homepage but some other landing page that provides more relevant information.  

Why Should You Have Boilerplate Ready?

Putting together a boilerplate text to use for different occasions comes with lots of benefits. Here are the most important reasons why this text is worth putting your time into: 

  • Reusable Material for Different Occasions 

You can reuse your boilerplate every time you write a press release, saving you time to focus on the actual content of the document. This helps you to be more consistent with the process and ensure the accuracy of the company information you are spreading. 

  • Provides Context About the Organization 

Boilerplates are also good for highlighting the company’s mission, vision, and accomplishments, bringing a higher credibility and improving the likelihood of prospects to work with you. 

  • Helps to Attract Attention From the Public 

Besides getting new partners, a well-written boilerplate is a good opportunity to attract potential customers and bring them to your website. People often use company information to decide if they want to learn more about your offering or not. 

  • Enhances Company’s Credibility 

If your company is serious about growth and development, it is important to think about your brand awareness as well. Having a good boilerplate is one of the fundamental steps to achieve that through different channels. 

Working Together: The Boilerplate-Press Release Connection

When it comes to creating a boilerplate for the press release, you must remember that this is the section that helps you promote your brand presence by giving the key details about your company to the reader (mostly journalists). 

Think of it as the “About” section at the end of your document – it should give readers proper background info about your company. 

In order to effectively achieve that, you can follow these simple steps to craft the boilerplate section that answers the questions that your press release readers might have: 

  • Think about the angle: who are the readers of this specific press release? What kind of information would be relevant for these readers? Make sure to highlight a specific piece of information that aligns with your business goals in this particular case. 
  • Describe your business: be clear and concise in describing the nature of the business you are in. What are you offering? Which problems are you solving? To whom?
  • Add Call to Action: conclude your boilerplate with a clear CTA that directs readers to your desired action. Here, you could ask readers to visit your website, follow your social media channels, book a call with you, or do anything else that benefits your business. 
  • Include your contact information: finally, make sure to include your contact information for journalists who are interested in learning more about your company and offering. 

The pre-written boilerplate template helps you to save time and ensure consistency in messaging. 

Oftentimes, it is important for journalists to have proper information about the company behind the news to craft the story that helps you spark interest from your audience. 

So, take your time, follow the given steps, and put together a template that is informative for journalists, giving you a higher chance of getting good publicity for your story. 

Alternatively, in case you don’t include your boilerplate in your press release, it automatically becomes harder for journalists to write a good story about you, which might simply lead to journalists not being interested in covering your company at all. 

With this in mind, well-written boilerplates contribute to a professional and well-rounded press release package that delivers good results and builds your authority in the eyes of journalists. 

Additional Uses for Boilerplates

Besides using boilerplates in Press Release documents to give background information to journalists about your company, there are a couple of other places where you can take advantage of this concept. 

The idea is to create a descriptive text that gives general information about your company, which would be applied to different places of your online presence. 

Some of the most common uses of boilerplates include: 

  • Media Kits

Media kit is a repository where you can include different brand assets like company overview, content information, logos and graphics, testimonials, media mentions, stats, and, of course, boilerplates. 

Having this kind of set of promotional materials helps you gain attention from the media, potential partners, or, most importantly, potential customers. 

Including a boilerplate in your media kit will only enhance this repository and give more clarity about your company to the viewers. 

  • Social Media Bios

Companies use their social media bios to introduce their mission, clarify their goals, or promote the new products and offerings they have. 

Incorporating boilerplates into their social media bios will give their online followers and subscribers more clarity on their company, helping them to gain more exposure and grow their accounts in an effective manner.  

  • Internal Communication

It is important to make sure that everyone on your team is aligned with the company’s vision, goals, and objectives. 

Using boilerplates in the internal communication channels will help you achieve exactly that, as it will help everyone within your company to have easy access to the basic information on the company’s background, achievements, and core values. 


What Is a Boilerplate?

Boilerplate is a standard pre-approved text about a company’s background information, mission, and objectives. It is used in many documents, which makes it generic. However, companies tend to slightly adjust this text to match with a specific purpose. 

What Is Boilerplate Language?

Boilerplate language refers to a standardized text that companies repeatedly use in different documents without changing the original version. It is a good practice to increase efficiency and consistency across different channels. 

How Can Help?

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