Breaking PR Boundaries: Nataliia Storozhuk’s Journey in the Ever-Evolving Media Landscape

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In the enthralling universe of public relations, women are carving out their niches, steering the industry with finesse and innovation. In our exclusive series, “Her PR Journey,” we shine a spotlight on the exceptional women shaping the world of PR.

Today, we sit down with Nataliia Storozhuk, the Head of customer onboarding at PRNEWS.IO, unraveling her journey, insights, and experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of public relations.

As a key figure in the industry, Nataliia brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the table. Join us as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned throughout her career, shedding light on the invaluable contributions of women like her to the dynamic landscape of public relations.

Nataliia Storozhuk on Crafting Effective PR Strategies for Media Coverage

Pioneering PR: Natalia Storozhuk's Odyssey Through the Shifting Media Horizon

PRNEWS.IO: Can you share your journey and how you entered the field of Public Relations?

Nataliia Storozhuk: Yes, of course. Before PRNEWS.IO, I worked at It’s a company from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. They are the industry leader and the biggest collection of HTML templates, WordPress, and e-commerce themes, web graphics, and elements online. That allowed me to gain experience working with clients from the US and overseas. After 3.5 years there, I started at (a previous project of Alexander Storozhuk), then at PRNEWS.IO.

PRNEWS.IO: Throughout your career, how has the landscape of media coverage evolved, and how have you adapted to these changes?

Nataliia Storozhuk: I think we adapt at least once a year 🙂 There’s a crisis or new updates to search algorithms. It used to be very popular to send press releases to 300 media outlets and get a huge report with reprints. It worked and was in demand; we ourselves offered such services on However, with the changes in the algorithm, no one needs non-unique text in 300 media outlets anymore. Every media outlet wants to publish only unique content that fits their style and location. That’s what we’re promoting in the media PR marketplace: one good text per relevant site.

PRNEWS.IO: As the Head of Customers Onboarding at PRNEWS.IO, can you elaborate on your role and the challenges you’ve faced in ensuring a smooth transition for new customers?

Nataliia Storozhuk: The difficulty before was that no one knew about us, and we had to convince clients that we were doing a great job and could be trusted. Over the last 4 years, PRNEWS.IO has grown a lot, becoming popular in many countries and with a certain circle of clients. We are recommended, clients come back to us, and we are recognized at TOP conferences all over the world. Now the main task for me is to tell the client why he needs articles in the media in simple language, to show all the advantages of PR in general and to make him fall in love with our platform.

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PRNEWS.IO: For PR professionals looking to get media coverage, what key strategies or tips would you offer based on your experience?

Nataliia Storozhuk: I think the most valuable thing you can publish is expert content, or insider insights from your client’s case study, or your failures and the conclusions you drew afterward. Nothing pleases the reader’s eye more than when an expert admits their mistake and is honest with the audience.

Unveiling PR Frontiers: The Dynamic Journey of Natalia Storozhuk in Media's Constant Flux

PRNEWS.IO: How do you approach building and expanding a business in Estonia, and what unique opportunities or challenges does the Estonian market present?

Nataliia Storozhuk: I moved to Estonia 4.5 years ago, and the most valuable thing in this whole story is that I had no expectations. That’s why there is no disappointment now. The Estonian market is very different from the Ukrainian market, but like everywhere else, you do business by negotiating with people personally. The impression you make on them, the examples you show – that’s all that matters. Estonia has the advantage of a small market; you instantly become popular in small circles. Plus, the fact that I do PR increases the chances of finding clients here.

PRNEWS.IO: Given your experience, could you shed light on the benefits and challenges of E-residency, both from a personal and business perspective?

Nataliia Storozhuk: Yes, of course. First of all, all the individuals developing this program are truly impressive. Big respect to the whole team who are making history with their own hands. They say “yes” to all the great ideas of the e-residents, go out of their way to organize events for us, pay attention to each e-resident, and introduce everyone to each other. The primary motivation is to conduct business remotely from an Estonian company, but the secondary motive is to create synergy among all e-residents and their businesses and to highlight the uniqueness of this community. After all, everyone wants to belong to a group of people, and E-Residency does everything to promote and support this idea.

Navigating the Media Maze: Natalia Storozhuk's Trailblazing PR Expedition

Source: E-residency press office

PRNEWS.IO: Being a woman in the PR industry and business, have you faced specific challenges or opportunities unique to your gender?

Nataliia Storozhuk: Maybe so, but I try not to pay attention to it. I don’t want to think that people don’t trust me or my opinion just because I’m a woman. At the very least, it just doesn’t fit in my head, and at the very most, we live in the 21st century. That’s why I launched the wonderful project HER PR JOURNEY. It was created not to prove to anyone that women are professionals, that sometimes we know better how it should be 🙂 It was created to praise the expertise of women in PR and business, to once again highlight the fact that women really do hold high positions, that women really do solve a lot of “invisible” tasks, and that women really can anticipate ahead of all the pros and cons of any situation. That’s what this project is about.

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PRNEWS.IO: HER PR JOURNEY. How do you see the future of this project?

Nataliia Storozhuk: I have big ambitions for this project. Currently, I am delighted to attract women PR professionals from different countries to share their PR journey. Even if I don’t personally reach out, our project has already resonated with other women whom I haven’t met. Some saw our posts on LinkedIn, others through a friend’s repost, and women started reaching out to express their interest in participating, mentioning that the idea resonates with them. You see, when you send your thoughts into space and think positively, everything falls into place. I envision this project growing into a conference where I can gather hundreds of women in the PR industry or a website where each of us can share expert stories. I believe this project has a great future.

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