Best PR Agencies in London 2022

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Top 15 of the Best PR Agencies in London.

PR agency London. If you’re launching your own company in London you’ll need more than manager skills and high-quality products to be a success. PR is crucial for spreading the word about your brand, and an experienced PR agency London – based can successfully manage this task for you. When you may focus on running your business and improving your product or service. 

PR agencies can create and distribute press releases to give your brand fame and a good reputation, manage your social media campaigns, organize online and offline events, and respond to media inquiries. But if you are a startup or want to make some part of the PR jobs yourself, check out the PRNEWS.IO. This service will help you create and distribute brand content to the relevant publication. Whether you’re looking for a way to write press releases or articles and publish the content in credible media outlets, will get you covered. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the reputable PR agencies in London you might be dealing with. 

Best London PR Agencies


Best London PR Agencies  CCgroup.

Website | Twitter

CCgroup is a technology PR agency with a headquarter in London. Those campaigns are entirely commercially centered. It uses messaging, perceptive content and media, analysts, and digital resources to boost awareness, generate sales leads, build value, and if needed, position for exit.

This agency is a member of GlobalCom – a worldwide network of more than 60 independent PR agencies in more than 70 countries.

They worked with Mistertango, CDNetworks, Huddle, InterDigital, eBuilder, and Syniverse.

Specialist Areas: They have experience in the mobile & telecom, fin-tech, cleantech, and business technology fields. Additionally, it has a sister brand, called Escapade PR, that focuses on consumer lifestyle and consumer technology public relations.

The Ideas Network

The Ideas Network  London PR Agency.


The Ideas Network works with the likes of Amazon and Vodafone and has been around for over 23 years, building up a reputation for Consumer PR. 

Alongside traditional PR, they use multiple channels to get brands noticed and sophisticated systems to ensure it stays that way. The Ideas Network has all the skills of a large agency while being small, fast, and flexible. 

They steer clear of corporate schmoozing and focus all our attention on achieving great coverage for clients.

Clarity PR 

Website | Twitter

Clarity PR specializes in collaborating with technology companies from around the world, with clients from early-stage tech start-ups through to large multinational brands. With offices in three of the world’s major tech hubs – London, New York, and Berlin – Clarity has serviced many technology companies since 2003 and has a unique comprehension of the specific PR requirements for businesses in the technology industry.

Clarity PR distinguishes itself by hiring senior PR experts alongside former journalists from major media outlets. This gives them unique insider insight into how the media runs, what journalists are paying attention and how best to successfully pitch a story.

Specialist Areas: Technology startups and B2B tech companies.

Hope and Glory

Website | Twitter

Having existed for over 10 years, Hope and Glory grew in one of the best PR agencies in London. With a team of over 70 people, the agency consistently wins awards, most recently being named the 2019 Creative Agency of the Year at the Sabre Awards. 

The Hackney-based agency collaborates with a wide range of industries, from entertainment and sports to food and drinks. Being one of the biggest PR firms in London and in the whole of the UK, Hope and Glory collaborates with some of the biggest household brands in the country, like Adidas, Ikea, O2, and Red Bull. 

Increasing year on year, the company has an annual yearly of around £7M, and they offer every format of modern PR, from social and digital solutions through to traditional press engagement. 

Specialist Areas: different industries, including entertainment and sports to food and drinks.

Harvard Public Relations 

Website | Twitter

Harvard Public Relations is a prize-winning communications agency for big and small tech companies. This PR agency was the first specialist technology agency in the UK, founded in 1979. Everyone that works there does so because they have a passion for the technology industry. 

They serve both B2B and B2C businesses and gladly help start-ups to enterprises. They divided their work into five groups: planning and strategy, creative, PR and AR, digital engagement, and demand generation. 

In terms of PR, they realize that everyone has a story to tell, but how you tell it, and to whom can make all the difference in the world.

Specialist areas: tech companies and startups.

Rooster PR

Website | Twitter

Rooster offers PR and digital communications services to a long list of brands in the technology, consumer, corporate, and travel areas. It services clients in the UK and globally. The feature that makes Rooster different from other PR agencies is providing payment-by-results PR services through Results PR.

Specialist areas: digital communications and global media coverage.


Website | Twitter

Hanover presents itself to be Europe’s leading independent strategic communications PR agency that advises international companies and businesses on reputation and public relations.

Its offices are located in London, Dublin, Brussels, and Dubai. Everything this PR agency does is supported by accurate research and robust measurement practices to ensure that it will make outstanding returns for its clients. Its team believes that being independent means it is both agile enough to coordinate tactical actions in a crisis, and clever enough to create strategies for long-term success.

Specialist areas: FMCG, energy, technology, financial services, healthcare, industrial, aerospace & defense, and education sectors.

Ascendant Communications

Website | Twitter

Ascendant Communications is a London-based Business Communications agency centered on supporting technology and services B2B clients. It helps B2B businesses gain awareness, traction, and sales in the market through a mix of PR, AR, strategic communication, content, and online social media services.

They provide a set of integrated business communication services, all purposed at driving your credibility and recognition in key markets and territories. That covers building your social media strategy, so a client could create a good reputation in the online world of blogs, forums, and social media. They help with media relations, influencer & analysis relations, messaging, copywriting, events, and social media.

Specialist areas: technology and services B2B businesses.

Gosh PR 

Website | Twitter

Gosh PR is one of the famous PR agencies in London, focusing on PR boost for travel and tourism businesses. Founded in 2005, this PR agency has steadily developed to provide its clients with traditional PR services, social media management, and marketing communications. 

Based in Southwark, Gosh PR has a small crew of fewer than twenty people, allowing them to be incredibly reactive and productive. As one of the most famous agencies in London, Gosh keeps being an industry leader with innovative campaigns and PR solutions. 

Specialist areas: travel industry.

Prescription PR

Website | Twitter

When it comes to music PR companies, Prescription PR is one of the most honored and famous in the UK. They have worked with some of the biggest names in music, including the likes of REM, Paul Weller, and The Rolling Stones, alongside some of the hottest new bands such as Fontaines DC, IDLES, and The Murder Capital. 

Although their headquarters are located in London, this PR company also has offices in Cambridge and Manchester. The agency focuses on three core areas of music PR: promoting new bands, publicizing heritage artists, and promoting curated music events and festivals. 

Alongside traditional PR, Prescription also provides clients with a host of additional services such as creating a website, copywriting, biography writing, and digital marketing. 

Specialist areas: musicians, bands,

City Press

Website | Twitter

City Press is one of the fastest-rising PR firms in London. It also has additional offices in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.

Established in 1961, City Press now has over 90 consultants working across its four offices, and over the years. They have won countless awards, including Best Place to Work, PR Agency of the Year, and Consultancy of the Year. They served such huge brands, as Lloyds Bank, SunLife, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland. 

Specialist areas: financial companies.

Lily Pad PR

pr agency london Lily Pad PR.

Website | Twitter

Lily Pad PR is a virtual PR company with senior PR experts and journalists in the team. Their strategy is to work as a seamless extension of the internal team of their clients. This reputable PR agency focuses on serving start-ups, retailers, disruptive digital businesses, and consumer brands. The team focuses primarily on results – their goal is to build a strategy to achieve wider business goals in addition to column inches. They worked with Fabletics by Kate Hudson, Stanford’s travel bookshop in Covent Garden, Sativa Wellness Group, Rabble, MyBuilder, and Voucher Codes. Lily Pad works with companies from all over the world, From Bristol to Berlin and London to LA.

Specialist areas: lifestyle, property, retail, health and fitness, travel, personal finance.

Transmission Private

Transmission Private pr agency london.

Website | Twitter

Transmission Private is an award-winning firm that specializes in working with successful persons, such as entrepreneurs, senior executives, investors, business owners, and other high-net-worth individuals. It has also experienced in the PR services of private families, including family offices, foundations and trusts, and family businesses.

Their client list, which involves many members of The Sunday Times Rich List, is confidential. Transmission Private is a full-service agency. Their services include reputation management, crisis communications, media liaison, as well as advisory around succession, family disputes, and philanthropy.

Specialist areas: High-net-worth persons media liaison, CEOs, entrepreneurs, family businesses, digital reputation, and strategic consultation.

Seven Hills

pr agency london Seven Hills.

Website | Twitter

Seven Hills services with world-leading CEOs, founders, and destinations-empowering inspirational individuals, and companies. All of their campaigns are about leadership, people, and brands that want to make a difference. Seven Hills work with entrepreneurs and fast-growth companies building their media image, reputation protection, and major events. They have built companies’ identities and influenced culture change through inspirational and entrepreneurial spirit.

Specialist areas: Campaigning and business PR.


pr agency london Ballou.

Website | Twitter

Another credible tech PR agency, Ballou, was created in Paris in 2002 but now has its headquarters in Holborn. The agency works with a host of international brands, focusing mainly on high-growth companies such as Shopify, Trivago, Zendesk, and Samsung. 

With just under 50 persons across its offices, the company was named in the top 250 PR Agencies in the world in the 2019 Holmes Report and recently won two SABRE awards for their campaigns. 

Although pure PR and media liaison is still their primary focus, Ballou also now offers to its growing client list additional services such as social media management, SEO optimization, Graphic Design, and video creation.

Specialist areas: technology companies.

Calacus PR 

pr agency london Calacus PR.

Website | Twitter

There are lots of sports PR companies in London, but Calacus PR is amongst the most well-known. Calacus PR is located in the center of the city and works with clients across the globe, helping to boost sport and athletes to More people. 

Their team has experience collaborating with regional, national and international media. They provide clients with a range of services, including consultancy, media communication, event management, crisis management, and internal communications. 

Specialist areas: sports organizations.

Final Words

If you’re looking to grow your business and build your brand reputation, good PR is often necessary and of course, finding the right PR agency or relevant service is crucial. As you can see, there are lots of highly skilled PR firms in London to help with your communications needs. Should I add my list with another PR agency? Feel free to leave it in a comment.

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