The Best Fashion Magazines & Fashion News Sites 2023

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Traditionally, fashion journals have been the ultimate fashion guide. Today they still hold a big influence on everyone’s fashion choices even on an equal basis with social media and influencers. That’s why it is worth being published in and collaborating with these best fashion magazines that continue to deliver all of the new trends, tendencies, and last-minute news in fashion daily. So, check out this post to explore the best 19 of the top most popular fashion magazines. Happy reading!

List of the Best Fashion Magazines

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

After over 150 years of performance, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine holds the position of one of the best fashion titles. This fashion issue rounds up photographers, artists, designers, and journalists to provide perspectives into the world of fashion, beauty, and popular culture on a monthly basis.

Elle Magazine 

Elle Magazine provides a mix of the latest fashion trends and coverage of important women’s issues, with both inclusive and innovative posts. For the past 70 years, readers have had access to colorful photos of clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are trending all over the world. Elle also offers content on health and entertainment news, politics, and advice on professional growth and relationship issues, making it a must-read.

Vogue Magazine

The ultimate women’s fashion magazine, Vogue Magazine, has a unique and huge impact on new fashion trends that are emerging. Combining high fashion and culture together, Vogue provides profiles, tendencies, advice, and updates to readers. 


First issued in 1886, Cosmopolitan is an American fashion and entertainment journal. Being famous as one of the best-selling fashion media, its chief editor is Jessica Pels. Often called Cosmo, its content covers posts discussing relationships, sex, health, professional growth, self-improvement, fashion, celebrities, horoscopes, and beauty.

Allure Magazine

Allure Magazine covers insider tips and advice on the latest tendencies. Providing content about skin and hair care, makeup, clothes, and more, you may find recommendations for every skin type, face shape, and personality there. Allure is the most popular magazine for beauty info, ranging from expert hair advice to celebrity beauty tips. 

GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine helps men look sharp and live smart. GQ is a magazine for the fashion-forward man. Featuring content about everything a guy wants to know, it offers a wide variety of topics.

Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine is the savvy lifestyle handbook for the modern man as well. Their authors bring men the best in every aspect, from the latest designer works and fashion trends to the best furniture and designs for the home. Each issue also contains posts on business, health, fitness, sports, and more.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is a journal of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs issued by Condé Nast in the United States. It is well-known as the best women’s magazine in the world, effortlessly combining fashion, high culture, and current affairs with beautifully written, intelligent posts.

Marie Claire

First published in France in 1937, Marie Claire is an international fashion journal for women. Marie Claire magazine is published in many countries and languages and includes health, beauty, and fashion topics.

LUCY’S Magazine

Covering fashion, beauty, influencers, and worldwide talents — LUCY’S Magazine is a submission-based online issue focused on highlighting top talent all over the world. It is considered an ever-evolving creative hub for fashion.

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How to Get Your Brand Published in Magazine

You know that the only way to make your fashion brand successful or lifted off the ground is to get featured in media. These top fashion magazines are not easily-reachable for beginners in the fashion industry. Fortunately, there is a vast number of magazines ready to publish your content. Today, you can find at least one magazine for any taste, interest, and budget. Thus, your brand or service on media pages will for sure reach more eyes and attract new followers. You just need to find in the PRNEWS.IO’s ready-made list of top fashion magazines, order the content and submit. There you may also find vintage fashion magazines, popular fashion magazines, and fashion media in some specific styles. The media is craving for new, unique, and never seen before ideas. By having said so, I would like to share some publications where you can get your brand published.

List of the Digital Top Fashion News Sites


ELLE Ukraine Fashion News Sites.
  • Estimated visits: 10.4 M
  • Bounce rate: 57.3%

ELLE is the most popular fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine. ELLE Russia is a modern multimedia product presented on different platforms: from glossy magazines to social networks and mobile applications. The total audience of the brand exceeds 10 million readers. The ELLE brand has unique content, exclusive protagonists, and an innovative presentation of the content.

FashionBeans Fashion News Sites.
  • Estimated visits: 773.6 K
  • Bounce rate: 70.8%

This digital magazine was published in 2007 by Ben Herbert. The blog includes a wide range of men’s styles, the quality and big range of the content will engage and guide every man through do’s and don’t’s easy hacks, and what’s leading them to their personal stylish mecca. The jaded men’s style followers will get all the excitement to go back to the old days. The magazine presents new collections of leather jackets.

Ege Haber

EgeHaber Fashion News Sites.
  • Estimated visits: 37M
  • Bounce rate: 52.03%

Ege Haber posts national and global daily news, industry reports in the economy, tourism and information technologies, sports news, and celebrity interviews read by a large audience. Recommended especially to fashion, sports, finance, tourism, travel, IT, and beauty-oriented businesses, Ege Haber accepts and publishes every type of article submission related to your business domain, based on relevance with regulators of legality.

Men’s Health Germany

MEN'S HEALTH Germany Fashion News Sites.
  • Estimated visits: 1.7M
  • Bounce rate: 72.42%

When it comes to developing an effective fitness system and diet, a Men’s Health magazine subscription is the perfect place to begin. Each edition is packed with training guides and workout tips to help men get the most out of their time at the gym, plus buying guides for lots of things – from protein supplements to the latest training techniques.

You’ll find advice and guidance from the most famous celebrities and sportsmen, as well as expert tips from the best personal trainers in the industry. This issue will provide you with everything you need to perfect and maximize your workout, helping to keep your shape and healthy. Best Fashion Magazine.
  • Estimated visits: 4.4M
  • Bounce rate: 79.77%

If you are looking for topics interesting for women, you will immediately find their content. Millions of German women read every month and find all the topics that concern them in an entertaining and inspiring manner. The best tips and tendencies in fashion and beauty, from pregnancy to all the challenges of being a woman, about fitness and dieting – but above all for a healthy and happy self. Best Fashion Magazine.
  • Estimated visits: 516.1k
  • Bounce rate: 74.46% is a business marketplace for the Textile and Apparel industries that facilitates sourcing and marketing requirements. They handle media and research activities and provide first-hand content on various aspects of the textile, apparel, and fashion industry internationally. Fibre2Fashion offers print as well as online options for marketing. Their print media covers monthly magazines as well as the special issues and compendium whereas the online medium comprises Banners, Monthly e-Newsletter, and E-mailers.


Fashionunited UK Best
  • Estimated visits: 224.0 K
  • Bounce rate: 70.2%

FashionUnited is an international B2B fashion news site founded in 1999 by Lennard Minderhoud, current CEO of the publication. The platform offers fashion news, vacancies in fashion, the statistics of the industry, and a Fashion Education Network created in 2010. Fashion Week Web, created at the end of 2014, also is a part of FashionUnited and provides all the fashion week’s news around the world. The headquarter of FashionUnited is placed in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

INTERIA Menway Poland

  • Estimated visits: 3.4M
  • Bounce rate: 78.69%

INTERIA Menway is a digital magazine for real men. Sports (including extreme sports), the latest gadgets, news, men’s fashion, health, fitness, photography, music are the topics there. The issues also include photo galleries, articles, recipes for drinks, news from the world of men’s fashion, ways to tie a tie, and many other useful tips for every day.
  • Estimated visits: 3.9M
  • Bounce rate: 42.19%

Created by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013, is India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons site. With over 5 million registered users, CashKaro is a one-stop place for savings across 1500+ eCommerce sites like, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

It’s not a fashion magazine, but it’s a great source to distribute any offer. This platform offers coupons of various e-commerce brands as well as cashback on purchases made via CashKaro to a very large audience.

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for a magazine that brings you traffic and leads, check out this list to find more local, national, or international publications to promote your brand. I hope this article was useful for you, leave in the comments below your favorite fashion media if I’ve missed one.

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