What Happened in PRNEWS.io in 2017

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For 12 years, we have been working on a B2Blogger.com platform in a narrow segment, distributing press releases of companies on the Russian Internet. With time, our clients began needing more functions, and we changed the platform. Since April of 2017, we fully switched to PRNEWS.io. Here’s what came out of it.

Our Numbers Have Grown

It is impossible to count the number of resumes that our HR looked through. 95 people agreed to a face-to-face meeting in a phone conversation. 45 of them came for an interview, and 9 of them passed probation and stayed to work with us. The company acquired new developers, editors, and content-managers.

What It Means

Convenient Interface. Previously, we would send a brief to your email and provide the complete text in Google Docs. We added briefs to the user account. Now, it is possible to assign tasks for writing texts and receive the resulting material in one window.

You will be able to implement your PR campaign more effectively. We developed an estimator, a calculator of unique views. It will calculate the number of possible views of a sponsored article with high accuracy and make your PR-campaign even more effective.

It is easier to choose a website for a publication. We added new filters to the media catalog so that you could make up a media plan in three minutes. You can filter websites according to SEO metrics, topics, location, language, and many other characteristics.

Allows to Solve Virtually Any Task

4,798 online news publishers joined the project. Now, they are 7,179, and it allows clients to organize large PR campaigns within a matter of hours. We added hundreds of cryptocurrency and gambling websites and solved practical issues for the clients from Africa, Europe, and Asia.

We make selections of website on popular topics. You can pick one of 10 websites for ICO campaign promotion or any cryptocurrency website.

What It Means

This year, we increased to 150 the number of countries whose media we cooperate with. Now, you can arrange a PR campaign in Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belorussia, Egypt, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Cyprus, or any other country from the media catalog. PRNEWS.io is a convenient tool to take your business to the international level, increase brand awareness, and acquire new clients from different countries.

Optimized workflows

We established contacts with professional writers from different countries. We had to work with texts in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Slovak.

What It Means

Exotic languages and countries are no longer an obstacle. Translations, copywritten and rewritten texts are prepared by native speakers. You do not have to know the language of the country, where you are publishing your text: PRNEWS.io will prepare high-quality material.

We Learnt How to Go to Conferences

Our editors took a course in copywriting, storytelling, ‘Fish’ creative writing, while our sales managers visited the iForum, one of the most significant conferences in the IT market.

What It Means

We expanded the list of formats, we can prepare and publish an advertising article, an advertorial, an interview, a column, news, a review, a press release, or a native advertisement.

New contacts we make at such events help us to reduce the prices for publications for our clients, accelerate the processes, and improve the quality of texts.

A Few More Facts

In 2017, the executive editor of PRNEWS.io proofread and edited 25 million characters. It is ten times more than Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’.

We added payments in Bitcoins: now you can pay for your order in actually any possible way.

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