3 platforms in 3 minutes: how to make up a media plan with PRNEWS.IO

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There are thousands of the news websites from around the world represented on the PRNEWS.IO. Want to know how to choose several platforms to post your article on? Read below.

The PRNews.io service will provide a publication of your material in any of thousands of media of the different countries of the world. But if the immediate enslavement of the Universe doesn’t stay in your plan, and the budget demands to limit appetites and confine yourself to only several websites, you can make up a media plan quickly with our mass media catalog.

Country and language of the publication

If the company provides services in several regions, it is possible to choose local, regional media: they often cost cheaper than national. However, the audience of the federal websites is bigger and it also includes readers from the necessary regions. Besides, the journalists of local mass media often look for materials for their articles on the national platforms.

After choosing the country in the mass media catalog, national platforms will be chosen by default. Also, it is possible to choose a particular city, for example, Moscow. At the same time, it is necessary to consider, that national mass media editions are everywhere based in the capitals or the large cities. So, if you need exclusively Moscow city media, it is necessary to specify not only the city but also enter “the regional websites” in the field “Type”.

The option of language choice is convenient if your audience is, for example, Russian-speaking readers in Germany.

Platform’s subject

As for the selection of the websites depending on the subject (“Category” in the mass media catalog), we offer two approaches. The first – the exact – offer the platforms of a narrow profile, which are devoted to the exclusively chosen subject. The second – the general – include the websites which have suitable thematic sections.

With subject – a category of media – everything works approximately the same. It is possible to take the highly specialized platform, but its audience will be much smaller, than at any platform in the category “World News”. At the same time, the websites of the narrow subject can refuse the publication, if they consider that your material does not correspond to the readers’ interests.

If you need big coverage, choose the category “World News” and the federal websites. If only the involved audience is needed, choose a platform of a narrow profile or a regional one.

Publication type

We work with such types of publications as advertorial, interview, native advertising, news, review, press release and article (and also advertising article).

If the text is already prepared, start from it when it comes to the choice of platform and publication type. An article is a universal option, it can be published almost everywhere. The requirement for news and press releases is higher, but the journalists of specialized editions will read them more likely. As a rule, the editorial department is engaged in the preparation of advertorials, native advertising, and reviews.

Platform type

We have blogs, news agencies, news websites, various portals, regional websites, services for the publication of press releases and social media among our partners.

If you have good news, which is related to the interests of a wide range of readers, pay attention to the news agencies and news websites. The press release can be published by news agencies and press release services. They will hardly take an article, but it can be directed to the news websites, portals, blogs, and social media. However, you understand that the article for social media and the article for the blog are two totally different things.

Mark about advertising, announcement on the main page, and aggregators

Some websites publish the paid texts only with a mark about advertising, though it does not play an essential role. The experience of large media shows that the Internet audience is ready to read useful and well-written materials, even when they know that it is advertising. But boring text would still be boring even without the advertising mark.

The announcement will guarantee that your material will appear in a news feed of a platform or in a separate column on the main page of a website. It will increase the number of views. When it comes to choosing the publication with an announcement on the main page, the short clickable heading in a format of the chosen website is important.

Also, getting in the news aggregators such as Google News and Yandex News will increase the number of views. However, you should consider that aggregators will still eliminate the advertising articles.

References and efficiency of publication

Platforms, which publish without references will be suitable for those, who advertise the personality or organization that has no website. If you need to receive references from the qualitative ‘donors’, choose the platforms which guarantee the links opened for indexation.

To provide an urgent publication, pick the websites which publish materials within 24 hours. If there are several days in a stock – choose those which publish during 3 days.

Precise settings: audience, traffic, SEO metrics

To proceed to the precise settings of publishing, find an icon in the right top corner. Here you will be able to set up columns independently, having sorted platforms by the cost, audience size, traffic features (direct, search, from social networks, referral). SEO-specialists and advanced marketing specialists can check the SEO metrics – trust-factor on CheckTrust, spam quantity, and a stream of citing, find out indicators of Majestic Trust Flow, Alexa Traffic Rank, Alexa Reputation Rank, Yandex of tITs, and MOZ Domain Authority.

By means of such results sorting it is also possible to pick up the platforms, which publish long-reads and allow inserting up to 20 references.

Determine the average cost of the platform, which you are able to afford proceeding from the budget – and choose three ones, taking the most important factors into account.

What to do if…

– I tried but got stuck at some stage and I cannot understand what to do next.

Contact the online support, and we will come to help you at any time.

We are still working on the mass media catalog. Therefore, if something in this section seemed illogical, inconvenient, or inefficient to you, contact us at [email protected]

– All the same, nothing is working out.

We have the package offers, so you can order the suitable one. Everything will be quick, effective, and strictly within the budget.

Or make a request for the individual solution – and we will prepare the media plan taking all features of your business into account.

Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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