Top 12 Best Cyber Security News Sites

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Cyber security news sites: Cybersecurity is a constant hot topic, especially for those involved in data protection. With technological advances, more people create malicious programs, hacking into company systems, causing widespread damage. Cybersecurity, akin to offline security, aims to safeguard users and their computer systems. Unlike securing physical windows, online protection is more complex. Courses offer basic self-defense methods, and various resources provide insights. Explore our curated list of essential cybersecurity news sites for up-to-date information and potential guest post opportunities. Join us in navigating the world of cybersecurity.

5+ Best Cyber Security News Sites for Guest Posting

There is a great service to be published in cyber security media or other credible newspapers ready to publish your articles. On the PRNEWS.IO platform, you can find many digital cyber security publications.

PRNEWS.IO is a platform that will help you place your guest posts on expert news sites. You can use it to attract a targeted audience and spread the word about yourself.

Dark Reading

Website | Twitter

This is a platform where you can learn lots of interesting information about security and web networks. The articles are published for 5 days. So, you can reach a targeted audience in the shortest possible time.

  • Language: English
  • Leading countries: United States, India, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Brazil


Website | Twitter

Информационный портал по безопасности.

With this website, you can publish an ad post for 14 days on data protection, business, software, and technology. Also, SecurityLab is available on different social networks where you can place a post as well.

  • Language: Russian
  • Leading countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, United States


Marketing, PR, Internet, technologies, and cyber security are the topics where this resource is the best. Techusefull places interesting and useful articles that teach how to protect yourself in the big world of the Internet.

Language: English

Leading countries: United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Ukraine, Zimbabwe

Data Security Breach

Website | Twitter

Actualités sur la sécurité informatique pour PME/PMI.

This online resource is a great way to publish your cyber security news post within 10 days. You can also find more useful posts on the official pages of Data Security Breach on social networks.

Language: French

Leading countries: France, Germany, Cote D’ivoire, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam


Website | LinkedIn

It is a popular news site among German-speaking countries. There you can find helpful content about science, data protection, technology, and health.

Language: German

Leading countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Australia

Security Management

Website | Twitter

Cyber Security News Sites

This is one more website about data protection, politics, logistics, technology, etc. Your post will be published on the platform within 10 days. You may also find more details about the news portal on their social networks. 

  • Language: Dutch
  • Leading countries: Netherlands, Germany

5+ Useful Cyber Security News Sites

And now we will provide you with some of the most popular news sites about cyber security. Here you may find detailed information about protecting the data and preventing fraudsters from attacking, at least on a minimal level. Want to know more about hacking? Don’t know what the consequences of attacks can be? Looking for the best protection you can get? Find it out at the news sites below.

TechTarget News

Website | Twitter

Technology, cyber security, and software are the leading topics on this platform. TechTarget provides news to target audiences from different countries, so you can choose different language versions of the website. The platform also has a blog, useful presentations about these topics.

  • Language: English
  • Leading countries: United States, France, Germany

Security Weekly | Cyber Security News Sites

Website | Twitter

This company has been working since 2005 and is actively developing in the field of data protection. Here, besides news, you may also listen to podcasts, watch videos and shows. The platform also has pages on social networks.

  • Language: English
  • Leading countries: United States

CSO Online | Cyber Security News Sites

Website | Twitter

CSO Online is a platform that has been in the news business for over 18 years. It is the leading service in analytics, risk, and data protection. You can also subscribe to CSO social networking pages and follow the latest news there.

  • Language: English
  • Leading countries: United States, Austria, India, United Kingdom, Germany.

Infosecurity Magazine

Website | Twitter

It is one of the most popular online cyber security magazines in Europe. Infosecurity has won numerous awards for the most engaging content. The platform is also filled with training videos and tutorials.

  • Language: English
  • Leading Countries: United Kingdom

The State of Security – Tripwire

Website | Twitter

It is a fantastic cyber security news website that posts articles about technology, cyber-attacks, digital data protection, etc. Here you can listen to podcasts on security-related topics.

  • Language: English
  • Top countries: United States

Cyber Magazine | Cyber Security News Sites

Website | Twitter

Cyber Magazine is a very thematic resource dedicated to cyber security. You can feel it by visiting the platform. Here you will find many interesting articles about different types of security (networking, applications, operating system, technology).

  • Language: English
  • Leading countries: United Kingdom

So, security and privacy attacks are increasingly hitting us. And unfortunately, more often than not, we are not protected from it. Cyber attacks are difficult to anticipate, and the consequences are sometimes impossible to deal with. 

It does not take much effort to make your devices, online identities, and other activities more safe. Some of the tips on what you can do to be more protective online you already have. Keep reading helpful articles, reviewing the latest news, and keeping yourself safe in the online environment. Other than that, do not forget that by having interesting information, you can share it with everyone by using trusted and high-quality resources.

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