Top 10+ Farm Magazines for a Bountiful Agricultural Journey

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Despite the fact that many people consider print magazines to be a medium that is slowly fading, there are still numerous successful industries that prefer not to break with tradition and utilize print media publications. If you are a passionate farmer, you should consider farm magazines as the primary means of disseminating modern trends.

Such farm magazines can be an excellent way to share your own story of successful farming experiences, reach an interested audience, and share tips with others.

Farm Magazines Listing

Are you ready to devote some of your free time to reading interesting and highly informative farm magazines? We have selected the best media publications that focus on farming and homesteading subjects. Please check the following listing and choose the most interesting publications for yourself. Each of them is unique in its own way and is worth your time. If it aligns with your interests, do not hesitate to subscribe!

Mother Earth News

Nourish Your Knowledge: Explore the Top 10+ Farm Magazines for a Flourishing Farming Experience

Mother Earth News is a classic-looking farm magazine that has been providing a wealth of news and information related to farming for decades. While you can access a variety of content online, we recommend getting the printed version of this farm magazine, as it delivers the most updated information. You will enjoy its gorgeous and motivational photos, as well as incredibly informative articles. When you open this magazine, you get the sensation that you are having a friendly conversation with an experienced farmer who is happy to share their knowledge and passion for farming. The content is mainly focused on homesteading tips that you should not hesitate to apply to your daily life.


Plow into Excellence: Top 10+ Farm Magazines to Transform Your Agricultural Journey

Grit is one of the best farm magazines globally, boasting a long history, a positive reputation, and a substantial readership worldwide. Nowadays, this media publication primarily focuses on rural lifestyles in various forms. You’ll discover a plethora of recommendations and information on homesteading, farming as a hobby, or running a private farming business. Enjoy reading detailed how-to articles that can be easily applied in daily farming life. This magazine is brimming with wisdom and real-life experiences from farmers. You can access its online version where numerous experienced bloggers contribute high-quality content. If you feel inclined to share your story and experience, you can even become a blog writer for Grit.

Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Green Thumbs Up! Discover the Top 10+ Farm Magazines to Supercharge Your Farming Insight

If you are seeking farming-related information, Countryside & Small Stock Journal can provide you with a wealth of interesting articles. You will not find a better farm magazine with such an extensive collection of articles, guides, and tips on farming, gardening, homesteading, and self-sufficiency. All these topics are highly relevant today. You have a unique opportunity to change your life and get closer to the natural environment. It is time to experiment, make foie gras, build a root cellar, and read real stories from experienced farmers.

The Progressive Farmer

The first issue of Progressive Farmer magazine was published more than 130 years ago. It is a well-known agriculture magazine that focuses on farming, homesteading, and self-sufficiency. You will enjoy reading fresh agricultural news, which you can find on the homepage. If you prefer to use the online version of the magazine, it will not disappoint you, as it is loaded with tons of relevant information on farming markets, livestock, current local weather, crops, and many other farming tricks. The print magazine provides more in-depth information on various farming-related topics, such as raising successful livestock, providing alternative power to your farm, and managing land in a smart way.

Small Farm Today

You should subscribe to Small Farm Today if you are a passionate farmer. Every issue of this farm magazine focuses on several topics, including livestock, wool, fiber, farm marketing, top equipment, natural herbs, and detailed guides on how to make greenhouses. Readers appreciate the how-to guides, which concentrate on small-scale farmers. You will find all the needed information and recommendations on how to transform your farm into a healthy environment for yourself and your family. Small Farm Today is an excellent magazine to read.

Hobby Farms

The Hobby Farms magazine is for people who view farming as a hobby. In this media publication, there are tons of interesting articles, handy recipes, and how-to guides, making it a perfect choice for small-scale farmers. If you do not consider farming your profession or private business, you should check the “Livestock & Pets” category, which provides information and spreads the message that not all residents of a typical farm should end up on the dinner table. The magazine also features articles about marketing, farming management, crafts, and do-it-yourself workshops.

Successful Farming

Seeds of Success: Uncover the Top 10+ Farm Magazines to Elevate Your Agricultural Expertise

Successful Farming is a reputable agriculture magazine that covers a wide spectrum of topics, including crop farming, livestock, machinery, and farm management. With a focus on practical insights and industry trends, it provides valuable information to farmers, making it a go-to resource for those involved in various aspects of agriculture.

Farm Journal

Rooted Wisdom: Subscribe to the Best - Top 10+ Farm Magazines for Every Avid Farmer

Farm Journal is a comprehensive agriculture magazine that offers insights into crop and livestock production, as well as farm business management. With a longstanding history, it provides farmers with practical advice, market information, and the latest industry news. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or new to the field, Farm Journal serves as a valuable resource for staying informed and successful in the ever-evolving world of agriculture.


AgWeb is a prominent online platform that delivers a wealth of information related to agriculture. It covers a wide range of topics, including agricultural news, market analysis, and farm management tips. With its user-friendly interface and up-to-date content, AgWeb is a go-to resource for farmers and industry professionals seeking timely insights and valuable perspectives in the dynamic field of agriculture.


The presented listing of the best farm magazines aims to help you find the needed information about farming, whether as a profession or a small hobby. Each media publication contains a solid amount of useful information and professional advice from experienced farmers from around the world. You will find the inspiration and motivation to become a farmer and leave behind your past urban setting. Farm magazines aim to encourage as many urban citizens as possible to live closer to nature and to respect our Mother Earth.

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