Tempe Public Relations Agencies: Make the Right Investment in Your Brand Recognition

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Tempe is an American city where there are a lot of PR agencies. When you plan to launch a public relations campaign, you want to be sure the result will be fruitful. To make your choice easier, we have conducted in-depth research and collected the top 10 Tempe PR agencies for your convenience.

Top 10 Tempe PR agencies

Let’s see the results of the PR market investigation.


ReputationDefender by Norton is one of the best Tempe public relations agencies. It is the leader when it comes to PR, marketing communication, online reputation management, or digital privacy space. The company was created in 2006 as a pioneer in the industry. Till now, the company remains to be the largest and the most trusted public relations company in the region.

The team believes that every company has the right to be empowered online. It is important to make corporate information appear prominently in search engine results. It is a way for a business to put its best foot forward or remove negative information from people’ eyes.

Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC is a reliable Tempe public relations firm for entrepreneurs and investors. The team is pretty small but very passionate. The goal is to assist inventors and entrepreneurs spread the message to the right target audience and tell about their products and services in detail.

The founder succeeded to create a non-traditional public relation strategy into the foundation and found a special way to deliver public relations services for affordable price and with top-notch results. The team stays updated with the fast-changing landscape by dealing with social media platforms, influencer engagement, and marketing communication support.

Zion & Zion

Zion & Zion is an excellent full-service marketing communication, advertising, PR, and interactive social media promotion agency. The office is located in Tempe, which deals with clients from all around the country and even from abroad (Europe, Canada, etc.).

Clients from various industries order PR services: Home Improvement, NGO, Health, Wellness, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Real Estate, Technology, etc.

Torres Consulting & Law Group

Torres Consulting and Law Group is a well-known company with a lot of partners and clients. The team helps companies to achieve a unique set of goals and business needs throughout the United States. The dynamic and passionate team has more than 100 years of experience in the following sectors: government relations, public relations, grassroots outreach, etc. Thanks to valuable resources, clients receive the best results.

Decibel Blue

Decibel Blue is one of the best full-service creative public relations and marketing communication agencies. The team has developed a unique system to assist clients from the US and abroad. This exclusive approach, combined with fresh ideas is the guarantee for your business growth. It is a smart investment to deal with Decibel Blue. The agency was created in 2005, and since then the company has opened several offices in Phoenix, Tempe, and Denver. Decibel Blue is a member of Public Relations Boutiques International, which specializes in retail, restaurant business, health, wellness, and real estate.

AWE Collective

AWE Collective is a reliable team, which helps clients solve issues with brand recognition, crisis management, public relations, and marketing. Any kind of problem with reputation can be solved within a short time frame. AWE Collective cooperates with reliable media representatives and social media influencers to keep updated with what is happening in the modern world. The team is able to provide the best public relations services for affordable prices. You can order the following services: PR and marketing campaigns, brand design, targeted audience strategy, plan events, etc.


WilcoMedia knows how to build your reputation. It is one of the best Tempe public relations firms, which provides digital marketing services to a lot of clients from the US and worldwide. If you want to make your brand known, you should not hesitate a minute to order its services.

Crossbow Communications

Crossbow Communications is an experienced Tempe PR firm with clients from all around the world. You can delegate your public relations strategy and be sure of a fruitful outcome. Its award-winning team has been working with a lot of influential organizations from all around the world: governmental institutions, NGOs, private companies, etc.  

J. Lauren PR

J. Lauren caters to assisting brands and bringing awareness to a lot of companies. The team deals with the following sectors: fashion, lifestyle, restaurant, hospitality, beauty, entertainment, banking, consumer product, etc. J. Lauren is a unique firm with an exclusive 360-degree approach. It permits launching innovative campaigns, building brands’ awareness, and securing social awareness. He team will build a solid foundation in the market for its clients.

Marketing Forte

Marketing Forte is a unique organization, which specializes in public relations, digital marketing, and social media advertising. The main goal of the team is to have a positive return on clients’ investments. The founder of the company is Joe Forte, who is a well-known and talented CEO and entrepreneur.

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How to use PRNEWS.IO to promote your local business in Tempe, USA

To use PRNEWS.IO to promote your local business in Tempe, USA, you can follow these steps:

  1. Register an Account: Visit the PRNEWS.IO website and create an account by providing the necessary information. Ensure you select the option that suits your business needs, such as a local business account.
  2. Identify Relevant Local Publications: Use PRNEWS.IO’s search feature to find local publications in Tempe or nearby cities. Look for newspapers, online magazines, or blogs that cater to your target audience and have a strong readership in the area.
  3. Analyze Publication Options: Review the publication options available within PRNEWS.IO. Consider factors like readership, audience demographics, pricing, and the type of content they publish. Look for publications that align with your business’s values, target market, and promotional goals.
  4. Craft a Newsworthy Press Release: Create a press release that highlights the unique aspects of your business, such as a new product or service, an event, a community initiative, or a significant achievement. Ensure the press release is well-written, concise, and engaging.
  5. Submit and Schedule: Upload your press release to PRNEWS.IO and select the publication(s) you wish to target. Follow the instructions provided by PRNEWS.IO to finalize the submission process. Specify the desired publication date or schedule the release for optimal timing.
  6. Review and Confirm: Carefully review all the details, including publication options, pricing, and the press release itself, before confirming the submission. Double-check for any errors or inconsistencies that may affect the credibility or impact of your press release.
  7. Monitor Results: After the press release is published, monitor the results and track the performance of your campaign. PRNEWS.IO may provide metrics such as the number of impressions, clicks, or shares your press release receives. Use this data to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotion and make necessary adjustments for future campaigns.

Remember, PRNEWS.IO is just one tool in your promotional strategy. Consider integrating it with other marketing channels, such as social media, local directories, and community engagement, to maximize the visibility and impact of your local business in Tempe, USA.


We have just revealed the best public relations and marketing firms in Tempe. Now is the right time to make the choice and start cooperation. You will see that by investing into professional PR services you invest in your brand reputation, recognition, and future prosperity.

Is your business in need of a PR makeover?

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  • Watch as your recognition soars.

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