Strategies for a Successful Enterprise SEO

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Gaining high visibility on search engines, increasing awareness, and boosting brand authority are at the top of the priorities that large enterprises have worldwide. 

Enterprise SEO has proved to be one of the most effective strategies for effectively achieving these goals. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how Enterprise SEO can positively impact your large organization and the best practices you can implement to build processes and get immediate results. 

What Is Enterprise SEO?

An advanced digital marketing strategy that involves different activities to optimize a large website and improve its visibility on search engines is called Enterprise SEO. 

In order to implement this strategy, a company must use highly advanced tools and techniques to handle a large website’s complex structures and design it in a way that reflects on the customers overall needs. 

Since large companies and organizations are the ones implementing Enterprise SEO techniques into their strategies, it is important to build processes for effective collaboration between different departments to ensure information accuracy and consistency of an organization’s online presence. 

It is a well-known fact that search engine algorithms tend to change and update their policies from time to time. This means that enterprises must also consider regular website maintenance to reflect on those updates and ensure the steady growth of organic traffic through search engines at all times. 

The Most Important Factors to Keep in Mind for Enterprise SEO

While the overall tactics and principles of Enterprise SEO strategy might be similar to the regular SEO practices, there are lots of components that differentiate these approaches. 

Large organizations typically have lots of moving parts, traffic is higher, and there are lots of stakeholders to align on certain changes. But when it comes to specific factors of how enterprises execute their SEO strategy, the biggest factors include: 

  • Scale 

Unlike smaller websites that have a couple pages to optimize, enterprises have to think of a large scale when taking care of SEO. 

Typically, big organizations have thousands of pages on their website, which need good UX, proper internal linking, and user-friendly structure. 

  • Centralized management  

In order to ensure high-level consistency of information throughout the whole website, it is important that every department is aligned on processes of SEO strategy. 

Usually, centralized management is the one who orchestrates these steps and ensures that every department plays their specific role in optimizing the whole website. 

  • Geographic considerations    

The bigger the organization gets, the more important it is to customize your website for certain locations and address the linguistic diversity of the traffic on your enterprise website. 

For that, you must understand what practices work on your priority locations and offer different language options for global visitors. 

Top 5 Practices for Enterprises to Level up Their SEO Game

There are many different practices that enterprises can use to improve their SEO strategy and reach more people organically worldwide. However, the exact steps and activities heavily depend on the nature of the business itself. 

Let’s take a look at the SEO practices that have a high impact on getting relevant traffic on various pages and increasing brand awareness among your global audience: 

Define Objectives and Identify KPIs 

    In order to properly set the business processes, it is important to identify objectives and KPIs for a specific project. 

    Especially in the case of boosting SEO of your enterprise website – the strategy involves a huge variety of activities and identifying your objectives will help you understand which activities are important to invest your time from the beginning. 

    Objectives include increasing organic traffic, improving conversions, getting better keyword rankings on search engines, creating a better user experience, and more. 

    However, before getting into working on reaching those goals, you should first assess the current state of your website by conducting a thorough Enterprise SEO Audit and evaluating the state on-page elements, technical aspects, content, and backlinks. 

    Once you have set your objectives through the research, you can think about identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success and understand how well the project is progressing over time. 

    Create and Update Content on Your Enterprise Website

      In order to make sure that your website Domain Rating (DR) is growing over time, you need to start producing insightful content that aligns to your audience’s search intent and positions your company as an expert in the field. 

      Most enterprises usually skip top-of-the-funnel, educational pieces of content, which leaves a lot of space for their competitors to gain authority in their field. 

      If you want to avoid that, you must start producing pieces of content that will potentially rank for keywords that your audience is searching for, helping you to capture the market and become the go-to source in your field. 

      Use Enterprise SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to identify keywords and queries that your audience is searching for, answer their questions by conducting interviews with industry experts, and share insights to build trust with your online visitors. 

      At the same time, you should be constantly conducting content audits, which involves refreshing the existing content on your enterprise website. Make sure they contain up-to-date information and are aligned with your audience’s search intent. 

      Think about Your Link Building Strategy

        Generally, enterprise-level companies are involved in lots of activities, such as corporate partnerships, TV commercials, events, influencer endorsements, affiliate programs, paid advertising, and more. 

        All of these activities can be seen as an opportunity to enhance your website’s link-building strategy. It all comes down to how many other websites link to your website as a reference point for the information they publish. 

        One of the most common practices for link building on enterprise level include working with big news publications and getting placements on their platform in exchange of unique content you provide. 

        If you manage to get placements in publications like Forbes or Business Insider, search engines will see you as an authority in your field and boost your rankings for specific keywords. 

        Another powerful way to ensure higher rankings is by taking care of your internal linking structures. 

        It is essential to put together a process within your enterprise to improve internal linking between different pages on your website and improve the user experience of your online visitors to get better placements from search engines. 

        Take Care of Your Enterprise Technical SEO

          Enterprise websites are known to have complex infrastructures and systems in place. That’s why it is important to have regular maintenance and ensure that your website’s technical SEO is all taken care of. 

          In this case, you should think about indexing, redirects, broken links, and page speed, as well as optimizing on-page elements such as titles, headings, meta descriptions, image descriptions, and links. 

          For that, it would help if you had an Enterprise SEO platform that shows you sitemaps and data points that give you analysis of what are the components that need to be fixed on your enterprise website. 

          This kind of setup also allows your marketing team to properly set up A/B tests and understand user behavior better to make improvements over time.  

          Collect Data and Measure Success

            Measuring success is one of the most important components of defining your Enterprise SEO strategy. 

            For that, you must track a couple of metrics to understand which practices work and which don’t. Those metrics include organic traffic growth, keyword rankings, and conversion rate. 

            Based on the results, you can adjust the strategy according to your business needs and easily identify areas of improvement. 

            For example, the state of keyword rankings will help you understand if your content is working. Organic traffic measurements will show you if your audience is actually engaging with the content that is ranking. The conversion rate will show you if the visitors actually find the content helpful. 

            This way, you can inform different stakeholders about the success of your strategy and make improvements if needed to generate better results. 


            How to Do an Enterprise SEO Audit?

            There are a couple of steps to conducting a proper audit for your Enterprise SEO: checking indexing issues, running a site crawl, analyzing your internal links and backlinks, optimizing pages, making improvements, and monitoring results. 

            How Much Does Enterprise SEO Cost?

            Enterprise SEO services differ from case to case. Depending on the current state of your website and business needs the price of this service can go up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. 

            How Will Enterprise SEO Help Your Business? 

            Investing your resources into improving your Enterprise SEO will help your business build awareness, get more quality leads on the website, and sell more products and services at scale. 

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