Ensuring Security and Trust: PRNEWS.IO’s New KYC Process

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In the dynamic world of online commerce and communication, safeguarding financial transactions and maintaining a secure online environment is of vital importance. At PRNEWS.IO, we understand the significance of these principles, which is why we have implemented a new Know Your Customer (KYC) process for our publishers. In this article, we’ll delve into why this KYC process is essential for both our platform and our valued users.

Why Do I Need to Get Verified?

At PRNEWS.IO, safety and compliance are our top priorities. Our KYC process, short for Know Your Customer, is a fundamental component of maintaining a secure community and adhering to financial regulations in the countries where we operate. This process also ensures that all publishers in our marketplace align with our Privacy Policy.

By collecting and processing official documents such as ID cards and business registries, we aim to create a trustworthy marketplace and community while reinforcing our Terms of Service. As a platform that facilitates financial transactions between clients and publishers, we must have a clear understanding of who utilizes our services.

Beyond its role in combating money laundering, our KYC process is designed to enhance security by preventing identity theft, providing an extra layer of protection for our valued publishers. Additionally, KYC procedures help safeguard the assets of all users, assuring that their funds remain safe and free from unauthorized access.

How We Use Your Data

Your data is a sensitive asset, and we treat it with the utmost care and security. Rest assured that your identification card and additional documents are not used for marketing purposes or shared with other users. We retain this information only for as long as necessary and exclusively for the purposes outlined above.

Our commitment to your data security is unwavering, and we employ stringent measures to protect it. For a more detailed overview of our approach to data security, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Our KYC process serves various essential purposes:

  • Enhancing Trust in the Marketplace: Verified users contribute to a more trustworthy community.
  • Preventing Fraud: Verification helps us identify and prevent fraudulent activities, such as misleading publishers.
  • Account Recovery: In case of account hijacking, the KYC process assists in ensuring the rightful ownership of publishers’ accounts.
  • Enforcing Terms of Service: KYC helps us enforce our platform’s Terms of Service and maintain a secure environment.
  • Age Verification: We use KYC to confirm that users are above 18 years of age and in compliance with applicable laws.

Streamlining Identity Verification with Veriff

We understand that trust is the core of successful online marketplaces. High levels of trust not only reassure customers but also instill confidence in conducting business in the virtual realm. However, we are aware that the process of identity verification, a crucial element of our KYC procedure, can sometimes introduce friction into the customer journey, potentially causing frustration and dropouts during onboarding.

To address these challenges, we’ve partnered with Veriff, a leading identity verification solution provider. Veriff’s innovative technology allows us to verify customer identities swiftly and seamlessly. Individuals can complete the standard KYC process by providing essential details like their name, address, and government-issued ID. Veriff then takes the reins, conducting a fast and efficient identity verification, by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Veriff’s solutions ensure that we meet all regulatory requirements without compromising the efficiency of our onboarding process. This means we can maintain strict compliance while providing a seamless experience for new publishers and ensuring the security of our marketplace.

Your Security, Our Priority

In conclusion, PRNEWS.IO’s KYC process for publishers is an essential step toward ensuring the security, trustworthiness, and compliance of our platform. We appreciate your cooperation in this mission and remain committed to providing a secure environment for all our users.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to our comprehensive FAQ page or contact our support team for assistance. Your security and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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