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The Best Time to Distribute and Publish Your Press Release

In previous blog entries, we’ve been talking about different aspects and stages of creating press release, from basic requirements and useful tips to composing relevant ideas and emailing press releases to journalists.

No doubt, the news hook and story writing play the most important part in your press release success, but still, such a little trifle as timing can also influence its realization.

The main target of press release is to get noticed by news media. Here comes the question about scheduling and planning, because if you send out your press release in the wrong time - there’s no chance of success. You need to determine what type of news you have and what you aim to achieve by distributing it. Take into account that each business company has its own specifications and marketing tactics. Coming from these factors, you can find your “perfect time” for a press release.

Nevertheless, having researched different sources, we singled out one general rule: it’s better to send out press releases from Tuesday to Thursday and, preferably, in the morning hours. But again, remember that “one man's meat is another man's poison”.

Timing is rather tricky question, because on one hand you need to reach your targeted audience and on the other hand you have competitors who are also thinking along these lines. That’s why the most important thing is not to be lost in this busy and ever-boiling media world. Therefore newsworthy information comes first.

Keep abreast of the recent events in business world as well as news media, check the metrics and write quality content. Do what makes most sense to you and publish those news which have an impact on your business.
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Every day the online media receive hundreds of press releases. At alone we help to distribute over 2,000 press releases every month. Journalists should obtain information quickly and decide what press releases to publish and which ones are not noteworthy. It’s no wonder that many press releases fall into oblivion.


Imagine that our PR kitchen has turned into a real kitchen where we’re to cook a dainty dish called “Press Release.” If we select the right ingredients and stick to the recipe, the dish will appeal to the taste of a professional taster — the journalist. And finally, the journalist will treat the readers — your potential target audience — with it.