3 Differences Between An Article And A Press Release

People who are relatively new to the two concepts might feel that these two vehicles of marketing are extremely similar, if not the same. However, you should know that there are significant differences between the two. The reason why confusion between the two occurs is that both of these include SEO benefits and they both use a particular submission process.

However, if you want to enhance your benefits from these individual tools, you might as well know the differences between the two:

Time Sensitivity

Press releases usually include information that is time sensitive, is newsworthy, and typically makes some kind of an announcement. Article content, on the other hand, should ideally be educational and not time bound.

Journalistic Versus Educational

A press release will always announce some kind of news related to your business. This means that even if you write your own press release, you will take on a journalistic approach to report something. In articles, however, you cannot mention your business or products that you sell in the body. Articles are usually educational in nature and not sales oriented. If you do end up mentioning your business in an article, you will make it more self serving or promotional.

Speed And Endurance

Since a press release is bound by time in most of the cases, the burst of links or traffic usually gets limited to a short time span in this case. An article, on the other hand, is a long-term strategy where traffic is expected to increase over time. The benefit of a press release is that they receive multiple exposures as compared to articles.

With the advancement in ideas, press releases and articles are always evolving. However, their core attributes tend to remain the same and you cannot mix the two up whenever you feel the need to. If you have to break some news out into the public in third person, then a press release would suit your needs in the best manner possible. If you wish to educate your consumers regarding any aspect, then you should write an article.

There is a particular structure to a press release that you should ideally follow if you wish to write a great one and attract attention immediately. These were some of the main differences between the two and they should be sufficient to get you started on the two avenues.

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