Always Have at Hand: Useful Free Tools for Your PR Kit

Whether you are a beginner and require some help with your PR campaign or you have a limited budget and you’re looking for free online resources, today’s post will definitely meet your needs.

PR is a perfect way for most to promote products or services as well as get more attention and, as a result, drive more customers. Learning some robust online tools allows you to achieve your marketing targets with your own efforts. Listed below are tools which can help you to manage and organize your workflow in accordance with your PR strategy.

So have a look and find the most suitable ones for your business:

  • HARO — It stands for Help A Reporter Out and is one of the most popular PR services around. HARO reaches more than 475,000 sources and 45,000 journalists, making it a vital tool for brands and reporters alike. You will need to sign up and then you сan receive emails of press queries which can be organized by industry or interest.
  • Google Alerts — By creating a Google Alert, you can get email notifications any time Google finds new results (by using keywords) on a topic that interests you. All you need to do is to set up your preferences and you will receive an email with a link to the source. It’s really great and helpful tool for your business.
  • Hootsuite — Staying connected with over 35 popular social networks, Hootsuite lets you do more with social media and manage your working process in an easy way. The Hootsuite free plan includes basic analytics, message scheduling, access to basic Apps, three social profiles, two RSS feeds and SSL security. Hootsuite also offers Pro and Enterprise paid plans to get more from your experience.
  • SumAll — This analytics tool helps to compare data (social media, advertising, e-commerce, email and traffic) across networks in order to give you a complete picture of your activity on the web. SumAll includes both free and premium plans.
  • TagBoard — Using a free version of this service, you can monitor your hashtags across different networks and track your social activity.
  • iWebTool — This service allows you to check your website’s backlinks and PageRank, monitor your search engine positions in Google, read webmaster articles and tutorials and much more.
  • AutoCrit — This manuscript tool is specially made for writers and for all people who needs some help in strengthening their writing skills. You can self-edit your work anytime and simply control the editing process.

These great tools will help to take your business to the next level as well as grow and engage your audience. You should add them to your arsenal immediately and start to implement each in your workflow. Once you get some experience, you can go forward and choose some other tools — there are plenty of them on the web. Most of the time the paid plans available with these tools include more options, making them a clever business solution.

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